One Fight and One Broken Nose (Sam x Reader)

Title: One Spat and One Broken Nose

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warning: Small injury, argument, cussing

Summary: Reader and Sam get into an argument and reader gets injured thanks to Sam (on accident)

Words: About 644 words

A/N: This was just something that popped into my head and I wrote it! I know its short but I do hope you like it! If you want you can request here~

"You were all over him, Y/N!" You scoff, Sam was being so dramatic.  

"I was flirting to get information! If I hadn’t we would be right where we started. Why are you getting so mad!?” He rolled his eyes and headed towards the room you and he shared.  

"Maybe if you didn’t flaunt your shit at every guy we meet I wouldn’t be so mad!" You followed him closely, fuming with anger.  

" I do not do that! Don’t walk away from me, Sam!!” He turned towards you and glared. He entered the room and before you could enter he slammed the door in your face. The sound echoing the bunker.  

"OW! Asshole!!" Tears prick your eyes as you rub your now bleeding nose. Dean groans as he enters the hallway where you were standing.  

"would you gu- holy shit Y/N, what happened?" Shaking your head, you run past him into the bathroom and take care of your bleeding nose. Dean sighs deeply and heads to the kitchen. As soon as you hear Dean’s footsteps head down the hall you burst into small sobs. Did you care if Sam heard you? Kind of I mean he hurt you badly, physically and mentally, he basically called you a whore! You did no such thing as flaunt your clevage at every guy you met yes you didn’t flirt with people lightly but only as a last resort.. You slammed your head against the wall and slid down.  

After what felt like hours but was really thirty minutes. You head out of the bathroom and walk to your room ,hesitating to knock. You raise your fist to knock but a voice stops you.  

" Sam, you were a big jackass back there.." You hear a groan and lean in closer to hear better.  

"Don’t start with me Dean I don’t want to hear it." Someone gets up and starts to pace. 

"I know you don’t Sammy but you hurt her! You called her a whore!"  

"I-I didn’t say that.." Dean sighs.  

"You kinda did dude. and you broke her nose with door." The pacing stops and your throat tightens.  

"What..?" It was silent for a little bit and you had a feeling that he nodded.  

"Where is she" 

"Last time I checked she was in the bathroom.. but she could have left when I wasn’t looking." You straighten and head back into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror you saw that your nose and under your eyes was already turning a purplish- red color and you winced. Make up should cover It but you aren’t hoping on it. A soft knock sounded from the door of the bathroom and your stomach turned slightly. Hesitating you open the door to see Sam with his head down. Your heart constricted and tears returned to your eyes at seeing Sam so dejected.  

"S-Sam?" He lifts his head and his eyes widen at the sight of your nose. Gently, he takes your face in his hands and tears cloud his beautiful almond eyes.  

"Im am so so so sorry Y/N!! I didn’t mean anything I said, your nothing even close to a whore or slut.. You’re beautiful Also I didn’t mean to hit you with the door so hard or even at all… I am just so sorry…I love you so so much. " You smile even though it was painful and kiss his nose.  

"I forgive you and I love you too. I shouldn’t have flirted back.. but I just want to be useful…” You look down, ashamed.  

"Hey, hey your useful. More than you can ever imagine. You’re an amazing researcher and one badass hunter in my eyes." You smile widely, wincing and kiss his cheek. He kissed your forehead.  

"We should get some ice on that huh?" You nod and intertwine your fingers together, following him to the kitchen.

headcanon that sam has been secretly raising a dog in the bunker for the past two years but it has to be a teeny dog because otherwise it would be hard to keep a secret. ergo sam winchester has a miniature yorkie that lives in the bottom drawer of his dresser (he knocked out the front part so she can crawl in) and her name is t-rex.