Okay so here's the thing

Do you remember back in the hiatus between season 9 and 10, when everybody had all these Demon!dean headcanons? And they were all like really cute and funny and awesome and demon!dean was just seen as an advantage?

And now we all look back on that and see that we were huge. Bloody. Fools.

But now, I’m feeling the de ja vu. Right now, there are so many happy Dean and Mary reunion headcanons, and Sam and Mary reunion headcanons, and cas and Mary meeting headcanons, and everybody’s acting like its gonna be all fun and games.

Here’s a wake up call - it probably won’t.

Like, the chances are that Mary’s gonna die pretty quickly - or Dean or Sam or cas or anyone really. Or Mary’s not actually Mary. Or something else awful happens - I don’t know. I’m just saying - brace yourself. I kinda doubt that all these awesome headcanons (as heartwarming and well-written as they are) are gonna happen.

The worst things about rewatching supernatural

•watching the smile slowly fade from Sam and deans face
•watching castiel slowly lose meaning to his life
•watching how forced the jokes come out from deans mouth
•watching sams anger issues fade while deans grow
•watching Crowley realize the Winchesters don’t actually love him
•watching Charlie go from “don’t call me” to “I’m a hunter”
•all the death