Always and Forever

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi! I have a request if you like it? “Have you been eating?” For either Winchester brother or both maybe. It could be that the reader has become depressed and withdrawn so they are concerned about her and ask or maybe they are concerned about a relapse with an eating disorder.. really whatever you come up with!

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Sam and Dean Winchester are both seated in the kitchen of the Bunker, both of them sipping on their coffee. Exhausted from a long night of endless research, they finally decided it was time to take a quick brake before returning to it later.

“I wish (Y/N) was there to help us” Dean sighed “you and her make the best research team ever and I could go get a freakin’ drink”.

“I wish she was there too” Sam agreed “but she isn’t feeling well”.

Dean nods in agreement while taking another sip of his drink.

“I wanted to talk to you about that” Dean started with a serious tone “I don’t know for you, but I feel that she is coming back to old habits”.

Sam sighs, looking down at his dark drink. He remembers this old ‘habit’ you had not even two years ago. It had been hard on all of you three Winchesters, you were depressed from the job and stopped eating. There was no reason, you were just not hungry. You were dehydrated and the boys had to bring you to the hospital where you got the help you needed.

“I say we talk to her” Sam finally said after a few seconds “we know how we can help her now. Let’s do it before it’s too late”.

“Let’s bring her something to eat at the same time” Dean said getting up “she hasn’t come out of her room since yesterday”.


Armed with food and two water bottles (keeping one for later because the boys knows that you are not going to come out of your room soon) they knock at your door. You grunt as a respond. Sam opens the doors and enters, followed by his oldest brother.

“Hey, we brought you some soup, since you’re not feeling well, we thought maybe a soup and water could help” Sam said walking to your bed.

He turns on your lamp, seeing you finally curled into bed, hidden under your pillows and your covers.

Dean sets everything on your nightstand to sit down beside you. He checks your forehead, just to make sure that you are not sick, but everything looks fine to him. He is almost disappointed that you aren’t, he would have preferred dealing with a fever for a few days instead of a depressed teenager for maybe a few months.

“Want to eat something?”

“Not hungry” you mumbled “go away”.

“Nop, not going anywhere till you eat at least half of this soup and drink this water” Dean said sitting on your bed.

“No” you whined your voice breaking.

“Hey, Sammy, can you –“

“Sure” Sam nods.

He turns around and gets out of the room, leaving the door half open to spy on his sibling.

“Come on kid” Dean sighs passing a hand in your hair “can you eat?”

“Not hungry”.


You don’t answer, instead you grip your covers tightly closing your eyes tight.

“There has to be a reason”.

“I don’t know” you honestly answered “I’m just not hungry”.

“Is it the same as last time?”

You shake your head, you do not want to admit that you a depressed and you feel as weak as the last time. You do not want your brothers to think that you are weak.

“Okay, kid, you need to talk to me, or Sammy if you want” Dean said “you know that it is important, right? You promised last time”.

Oh, you remember last time. You had broken down, sobbing on your brothers arms, where he made you promise to talk when you don’t feel good.

“I did” you confirmed “but…”

You stop talking, looking down at the food and then up at your oldest brother who looks more concerned than angry. You would have thought that he would be angry because you do not want to do what you are asked for.

Dean has always acted a little more like John Winchester. He tells you what to do, but the difference is that you do not call Dean ‘sir’ (sometimes as a joke).

“But?” Dean encourages you to continue.

“But it feels like if I wanna eat, it’s all gonna get out anyway”.


“I… just… I feel down”.

“We’ve noticed” Dean said “and we are here to help”.

Sam suddenly comes barging in the room with a huge smile on his face.

“Why don’t we travel?” He suggested “wherever you want (Y/N), we go and take a break from hunting, we all know how hunting brings you down”.

“Really?” You asked, tears in your eyes.

You sit up on your bed and stare at your brothers.

“But you eat first, than we can talk about it” Dean said pointing at the bowl of soup.

You nod and start eating, already feeling a lot better knowing that you can go travel. One of your biggest dream is to travel everywhere in the world.

“Thanks guys, I’m sorry”.

“It’s okay, kiddo” Sam assured “we always have our downs. But you have to –“

“Always Keep Fighting” you finished.

Always and forever.

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Pairing - Dean X Reader
Word Count - 680
Warnings -  Violence, slight kidnapping, Angst.
Summary - Shapeshifters are dicks, but even bigger dicks when they reveal a secret you’ve been keeping from Dean.
A/N -  Written as part of @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s SPN Hiatus Challenge 2017 week 5. Using the prompt Please refrain from shooting her, we need her for later.

In your hunting life you’d battled many shapeshifter, they were all dicks, every one of them, but this one took first prize.

It had taken on the form of Dean, which is how you’d ended up here. ‘Dean’ had shown up with a lead at the cafe you’d told him you were researching at. You’d followed him on foot to the warehouse.
As you stepped inside, a blow to the head knocked you out.

You’d fought hard when you came to, even though you were looking at Dean it wasn’t him.
At some point during your fight, you’d been knocked out once more, you kicked yourself at your own weakness.
Upon opening your eyes you saw yourself battered and bloody, yet this wasn’t you, it was the shifter.

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