but while we’re at it

where are my halfie princes and princesses??

where’s my character who doesn’t know what they are because neither race wants to accept them????

where’s my princess who’s the product of two foreign kingdoms joining and she literally represents the social divide between the two races?? where she has to reconcile with her people and herself??

halfies man

we exist

so i’ve been seeing a lot of theories about how danny is more ghost than human and i’ve been thinking

danny’s transformation to half ghost is portrayed as being pretty much instant with no lasting effects (disregarding the whole ghost bit) meanwhile vlad spent literally years in the hospital with ecto-acne which suggests a much more gradual transformation into half ghost status so…

what if vlad was more human than ghost??



What the fuck makes it okay to ask someone what junk they fucking have?? Why is it any of your fucking business??

I need all of you to lay off with the, “are you a biological female?? I hope I’m not being too personal,” questions RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.

YES, YOU’RE BEING TOO PERSONAL. It’s, quite frankly, creepy to see so many people ask Trip what fucking parts he has.

He’s a guy, that should be all the answer you need. None of this, “do you have a penis or a vagina???” business.

Go shove your self entitled personality up your ass, because it’s absolute shit.

whenever i see this post going around again i tend to look at the tags and something is troubling me about it

i see a lot of tags with people saying that they should just give up trying to make friends and that’s not true at all.

what you should stop doing is approaching people on tumblr and saying things like, ‘you’re soooo coool can we be friends???’ or trying to continually force your friendship on someone, whether that’s sending uncalled for messages or asking invasive questions. obviously there’s many iterations of that but here it is

admiring someone is one thing. wishing to be their friend is another thing. and sometimes, dreams do come true and you can become good friends with someone you admire! and that’s great!

but other times, your personalities just aren’t compatible. and you can kick a dead horse as many times as you like but that isn’t going to make it go.

just because you can’t be friends with someone you admire does not make you a failure. it does not mean you can never have relationships. it simply means you were not compatible.

and i know it hurts but life does move on, and so should you.