guys, this has to stop!!

i took a screenshot of the asks that tumblr user sammiesmalls666 has been receiving because she posted on the yikyak post before i got to it. other tumblr users that had commented on it before i did are also receiving awful, hateful messages. 

i have so many people messaging me and apologising for the ‘assholes’ commenting on the post, but i don’t see them as being assholes at all. they were legitimately worried people, conditioned to believe the worst about a situation like this because the worst is the norm of society.

but when i see all of these people receiving hate mail, that doesn’t make them the assholes. it makes you guys the assholes.

i am shy of being on my knees begging you guys, please, please please please, please stop sending these people hateful mail. they did absolutely nothing to deserve it.