The BSD Artist Rec List No One Asked For

This is by no means exhaustive, and feel free to add to it because I’m always looking for new artists! BSD is full of amazing artists who all deserve to be appreciated! Most are tumblr, some are Twitter: 

First off, we want to thank everyone who applied! The response was overwhelming, there were so many talented and skilled writers and artists who applied (72!!),! The choice was really difficult, but the mods went through it and choose the amazing people who will be participating!

With that said, here’s the list of the artists who will participate to For the tainted sorrow!

❄ Invited artists / writers ❄

@ai-san-arts@catsbythegreat@ch-ch-ch-chuuya@kiimone ★  @mr-reblogbutton ★  @soukoku-writes ★  @shiromochi ★  @kura-nacchan

❄ App artists / writers ❄

@bracari-iris ✩  @hashagi@inkdrawssin ✩  @ariukoart@gaudywizardry  ✩ @gings-art  ✩ @rainbow-puffin  ✩ @jihiro-kun  ✩ @naotoosh  ✩ @ginkoseed / @bungostraydoodles  ✩ @thederpling  ✩ @bananasaurr  ✩ @glliese  ✩ @michelleaoki  ✩ @ruestwoon  ✩ @len-uh  ✩ @acandletoguide@sammieart  ✩ @royal-society-of-pandas  ✩ @mitsundereh   ✩ @rayemafia  ✩ @arioluc  ✩ @rimacchii  ✩ @critai  ✩ @iincossu  ✩ @hatterchan  ✩ @mokkorin  ✩ @cinnanami  ✩ @lefthandedprotagonist  ✩ @paraboline  ✩ @socksghost ✩  @limesicle  ✩ @shipeo  ✩  @bsdrosinante  ✩ @thegreatzanto666

To everyone: thank you for applying! We’re so happy to see how many people applied, and we hope you will continue to support this zine and us in this project!

Hey @sammieart ,

Well whaddya know, coincidentally I am your secret Valentine on the SKK Discord chat hahaha~ 💜💙 Enjoy and whether you do celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, have a fantastic day hun! (♥ω♥*)

Cheers! 💝


Are you a fan of Bungou Stray Dogs? Do you want to do something fun with other artists? Feel free to join the BSD Tarot Card Project!

The rules are simple! It can be either digital or scanned, colored (finished piece, no sketches), and must include the card number in Roman Numerals and card name. ABSOLUTELY NO REPEATED CHARACTERS. There are no deadlines since I’m terrible with it, but please be sure to do it as soon as you can.

Hit me up if you’re interested!

Please tag as “bsdtarotcard” in the first 5 tags so the others and I can track your art

0) The Fool ( @bunguostraydogs Ranpo )
1) The Magician ( @blueinheaven Ango )
2) The High Priestess ( @kiimone Yosano )
3) The Empress ( @myboynagito Kouyou )
4) The Emperor ( @ariukoart Atsushi )
5) The Hierophant ( @rzauberflote Steinbeck )
6) The Lovers ( @silent-rabid-dog Junichi and Naomi )
7) The Chariot ( @bracari-iris Poe )
8) Strength ( @onelovelysin Chuuya )
9) The Hermit ( @mr-reblogbutton Kunikida )
10) Wheel of Fortune ( @ask-fancy-hat-chuuya Lucy )
11) Justice ( @darkcreamz95 Fukuzawa )
12) The Hanged Man ( @madararisa Dazai )
13) Death 
14) Temperance
15) The Devil ( @bungostraydoodles Akutagawa )
16) The Tower ( @sammieart Q )
17) The Star (me Kyouka)
18) The Moon ( @thehappinessmachine Lovecraft)
19) The Sun ( @shroomoo Kenji )
20) Judgement ( @yulicechan Fyodor )
21) The World ( @hukkiart Alcott )

“Oh don’t fret Chuuya,
I just want to take your hand 
And do the most beautiful dance ever in Yokohama~” 

Hello @sammieart ,

This is your Soukoku Secret Santa speaking~


Ah the amount of Disney songs I’ve listened to while working on this// ;3

Cheers! And Happy Holidays~ :3