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Well whaddya know, coincidentally I am your secret Valentine on the SKK Discord chat hahaha~ 💜💙 Enjoy and whether you do celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, have a fantastic day hun! (♥ω♥*)

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anonymous asked:

hello~ i just found ur art today and it's amazing! im kind of new to the bsd fandom and would like to find some new ppl to follow, so can u rec some of ur fav artists?

Hi Anon!! Thank you so much! and OMG there’s so many talented bsd artists in the fandom so I won’t be able to cover everyone T-T.

(Let me preface this by saying that I consider most if not all of these people to be my art senpais and >///< I haven’t even talked to some of them before but hi if you’re reading this I love your art and I’m sorry for bothering you  with the tags orz orz)

I’m gonna tag the artist followed with a sample of their work if that’s ok with ya~

@ryethe - art here
@ginkoseed - art here
@sunnnybox - art here
@senren - art here
@sammieart - art here
@ariukoart - art here
@miss-intention - art here
@tealilie-art - art here
@mr-reblogbutton - art here
@daily-dazai - art here
@23i2ko - art here
@kiimone - art here
@corokuro - art here
@jihiro-kun - art here
@ask-fancy-hat-chuuya - art here
@onelovelysin - art here

that’s it for now, I just named a few of my favs off the top of my head but there’s definitely a looooot more wonderful artists out there, please go out there and explore them all! Have fun in the bsd fandom~
ok im going to go hide now *runs off into the distance*

“Oh don’t fret Chuuya,
I just want to take your hand 
And do the most beautiful dance ever in Yokohama~” 

Hello @sammieart ,

This is your Soukoku Secret Santa speaking~


Ah the amount of Disney songs I’ve listened to while working on this// ;3

Cheers! And Happy Holidays~ :3

the moment all (two) of you have been waiting for

here she is, Hermit Crab Horror

note that this is not a finalized design, this is just to get an idea of what she’s like. also that’s not her entire body, the rest of it is in the shell obvs

HCH likes to collect random junk and make people uncomfortable with her tentacle-hair and toothy grin and insect legs and overall weirdness