sammie durell

Lilla chapter VII

Well, this is something new. I’ve never ever come across anyone who couldn’t see the Guardian Faeries, maybe he’s just plying around so that he could get a closer look of her. She wasn’t much compared to most Guardian Faeries; slightly taller than most with blonde hair her purple wings were torn so she couldn’t fly as well as some of the other faeries, and she carried around a small dagger which she isn’t afraid to use.

“But… Elia is real.” I held out my hand for her to jump onto and held it out to Werid who just gave me a quizzical look. I sighed, this wasn’t going to help. “Don’t worry Werid.” Elah climbed up my arm and sat back on my shoulder.

Maybe he couldn’t see her, but that makes no sense I haven’t come across anyone who couldn’t see her. The Leader of the Forest people nodded to those around him and they lead us to the main tent. I looked back at Werid he seemed slightly insecure with all the people around him his hand held tightly on his sword, but thats how they were, protective. 

“Werid, don’t worry. They are rather… protective.” I walked up to him and held out my hand. “Don’t worry, nothing is going to hurt you.” He took the offer and I pulled him away from the others and into the main tent. “You need to leave your sword here on the side.” I put the bag on the floor and opened it. “They aren’t going to take it away, its just how they do things."