well (O  v O) it’s happening people… slowly… SLLLOOWWWLLLYYY i am starting to get into finishing my work? well… more so. this still isn’t finished… didn’t finish the shading or textures *sigh* but… i just… i just can’t give any more time to it without THE GUILT™ eating me alive!!! because i have so much stuff to do still!!! (@ [ ]@) but!!! (-^ __^-) i can honestly say that this is heading in the right direction towards the kind of work i want to start posting here more often. so i really hope you guys like it!! <3 <3 <3 i was just as weak as everybody else to the ice cream wave! LOL! LOL! LOL! only… i’m still also week to modern/high school AU’s so ~ this is what i ended up doing! LOL! LOL! i think… i think it will mostly be back to canon for the next bit now??? or canon-adjacent. most of my commissions that are left are in that vain and so are my half-finished things. SO! look forward to more blood and black again! HAHAHAH!!! XD