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send me steve randle headcanons! and sodapop curtis headcanons would be great too if ur up for it! ((i dont actually know if u like the outsiders i just assumed whoops but if ur not into it then write me daniel larusso headcanons!! i love my angry son))

This is probably really extremely late and I apologize because I just had no ideas but now I do so!!!!

-Steve met Soda in Kindergarten when they were five.

- Soda dropped his sammich on the floor and started wailing so Steve gave him his food (which was literally just a slice of white bread but Steve cares man)

-Steve has always been deathly allergic to peanuts. He once went to the Curtis’ for lunch and there Ponyboy was slobbering a big fat pb&j. Steve nearly jumped out the window that day. (Steve was 10 at the time)

- Despite being in all the lower courses at school he is very smart. 

-The first gift from Ms. Curtis Steve ever got was a small wooden toy car. He cherished it, and kept it all his life.

- Steve was that kid that wanted to live with his best friend in the future and get a dog.

- Every time he saw a black cat it reminded him of Johnny and always made sure Johnny knew.

- Him and Soda made a tree house together when they were twelve. Darry helped them put up a tire swing.

- Steve wants to be superman

-he is superman

John dressed to the nines for the special occasion of celebrating 700 followers here on my blog. He masterfully planned the right shoes & socks to bring attention to this momentous milestone. Let me thank those that started my path here back to the DD fandom on Tumblr. @john-taylor-daily for being the DD encyclopedia to help research back to the glory days & present. I enjoy your wit & humor on your posts everyday. I wasn’t looking for a bestie but I was strangely fascinated with @fastrthanlite. Your hashtags made me laugh my ass off! #those white shoes #those stripey shirts #club sammich and too many more to mention. I was hooked on you & we dubbed each other DBFFL (duranie best friends for life). Thank you for making the fandom a fun place to be. Last but not least is my sweetheart @mrsandytaylor. You became my first friend in the fandom and the first Andy girl I have ever met. Thank you for showing me the best DD blogs to follow. Thank you all that have been with me since I started my blog and to the newbies that just found me. 🙏🏼

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The best vegan sammich I ever made:
-french fries (cut up potatoes if your choice sautéed in olive oil and basil + salt + pepper, baked until crispy in oven)
-onion (I like the purple ones) sautéed in above until crisped and brown
-iceberg lettuce
-vegan mayo
-hamburger bun (i prefer sesame seed ones)

Cook appropriately and put that together, I prefer sandwiching the lettuce around everything in the bun.. it’s so so good omg

I ran. (Well, intervals). My phone died so I ended it early. But I did much workout for about 22 minutes. All the high fives.

Today sucked so I’m going to go eat an ice cream sammich.