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How did you make those circles with sai? I saw them in the speedpaint and I was a bit curious.

Linework layer -> curve tool -> without moving cursor, alternate between clicking and the delete key until you get all the way around . click press click press click press

consider these reddie/losers club hs HCs

this could also be applied to them in like late middle school but cha know. what goes, goes.

  • eddie plays baseball, but he’s absolutely terrible and the baseball team is literally shabby and full of misfits. but !! the losers club attends e v e r y s i n g l e g a m e  
  • eddie is so small that his helmet is too big for him and it like covers his eyes. and he can barely lift the bat and he trips and stumbles a lot.
  • richie gives him all the compliments in the world though to make it better 
  • richie works at a diner and secretly gives eddie all his ice cream for free
  • “are you get into trouble for this?? i have the money to pay-”                        “nah nah it’s all g- ok shh my boss is coming.”
  • beverly dyes her hair/ shaves/ does all new stuff with it on a regular basis
  • two words- ripped. jeans. 
  • can you believe they went to highschool in the 90s like smh JELLY 
  • beverly is in love with flannels more than she is her own bf smh 
  • richie still watches cartoons on nickelodeon (w/ eddie ofc) 
  • “wait shut up- fxckin’ ren and stimpy is on.”
  • stan is a boy scout counselor and he secretly loves it so much 
  • bill does not listen in class he just doodles 24/7
  • eddie is still bullied but he is less vulnerable to it.
  • “yah this is your boy r. tozier, what’s cookin?”  “Uh hey- richie?”                    “o eds! what is it?”  “I am yet again stuck in my locker.”
  • ben hosts anonymous poetry jams for insecure kids like him      
  • consider this- beverly in combat boots
  • “stanley’s wearing jesus sandles!” “richie stop.”
  • RICHIE DRIVES A MOTORCYLE MAY I REPEAT. eddie is so scared for him every time he pulls up anywhere and completely tears up the grass
  • “richie are you aware that roughly 148,000 people die from motorcycle accidents each year”  “yah but im good at driving so-” “HAH.”
  • eddie still eating little triangle pb&j sammiches at lunch
  • vegan mike. v E GAN MIKE.
  • bill drawing pictures for ben’s poetry and beverly coloring it all 
  • “look the three Bs are bonding” - stan
  • “THERE’S A BEE? WHERE-” - eddie
  • mike plays a lot of sports and he’s just too good.
  • reddie (mainly eddie) too afraid to hold hands in school so they just interlock pinkes when sitting next to each other in class or smthn

thats that im too lazy too think of more a[ksdhjfwedsvjew h AH.


ok @mercymaker-headcanons strap in for angst sunday.

Macaroon was Amélie’s kitty before talon and he’s seen some shit. He was found in the Lacroix’s apartment after Gérard was murdered.

Even though they aren’t fans of each other, Angela takes Macaroon in, promising herself to take care of him “for Amélie” She’s horrible at it though and just feeds him the other half of her sammiches and etc.

Blah blah Mercy fixes Widow blahblah science blah un-blurpleing blah blah Redisaid’s headcannon.

Macaroon is scared at first but eventually recognizes her and then its happy ok and they have like so many kitty cuddles.

Also Amélie keeps trying to start fights with Angela because “You made my cat fat.”