I just started thinking about Gabriel!Sam

You know, like Gabriel wearing Sam’s vessel and I just can’t get it out of my head

Gabriel: “Blah blah I’m tall and brooding – DEAAAANN! CAAAASSSSS!”

Dean: “Gabe, I swear to god”

Gabriel: “Damn, you’ve got some long ass legs Sammy.” *inhales* “The air is MUCH cleaner up here. Sammich. Samsquatch. Samana banana–”

Sam(because you know, he’s awake in there): “Shut the hell up already!”

Gabriel: “Sam listen. Your air? Cleaner.”

Sam: *sigh*

Gabriel: “Don’t get me wrong, my original vessel is adorable – brown eyes? That smile? I was walking sex.”

Dean: “Uh huh.”

Gabriel: “But I gotta say, I get hit on much more now, sugar.” *Pokes his pec*  “Toned chest. Big ass arms. His abs are ANGRY Dean! Who wouldn’t tap this?”

Dean: “Can you go somewhere else? I’m gonna puke.”

Sam: “You can come back out in a few days”

Gabriel: “I’m gonna get a tattoo on our ass”

Sam: “No you’re not Gabe.”

Gabriel: “A nice ol’ bubble butt tattoo”

Sam: “I – we – it’s not a ‘bubble butt’”

Gabriel: “I knocked a glass off the table with those buns yesterday”

Sam: “Gabe”

Gabriel: “Dean, his dick – it’s huge!”

Dean: *gagging* “I swear to god I’m gonna shoot you”

Gabriel: “Seriously, no wonder he walks like that –”

Dean: “Gabe –”

Gabriel: “He’s trying not to trip over it! Can you even get this into people?”

Sam: “Yeah – can we not talk about this?”

Gabriel: “You must get light headed when you get hard”

Dean: *sets down his burger* “I hate you.”

Sam: “I’m trying to sleep”

Gabriel: “You know I don’t sleep”

Sam: “That’s the PROBLEM”


Gabriel: “So anyways, dad’s making earth, and somehow I get my hands on the moon. He didn’t tell me not to do it, how would I know he didn’t want dents in it? I was a kid!”




Sam: “You’re telling me the craters are your fault?”


ok @mercymaker-headcanons strap in for angst sunday.

Macaroon was Amélie’s kitty before talon and he’s seen some shit. He was found in the Lacroix’s apartment after Gérard was murdered.

Even though they aren’t fans of each other, Angela takes Macaroon in, promising herself to take care of him “for Amélie” She’s horrible at it though and just feeds him the other half of her sammiches and etc.

Blah blah Mercy fixes Widow blahblah science blah un-blurpleing blah blah Redisaid’s headcannon.

Macaroon is scared at first but eventually recognizes her and then its happy ok and they have like so many kitty cuddles.

Also Amélie keeps trying to start fights with Angela because “You made my cat fat.”

anonymous asked:

I really dont care when people say "hahahaha I hate white people" like it's a joke but if someone genuinely hates white people how could you expect someone to listen to them or respect them. I mean I respect you as a person but if you just hate white people well then no I'm not gonna listen to you obviously. No it doesn't affect me badly but that doesn't make it ok. If you hate white people you're prejudiced I'm so sorry about it but you are!

No offense but like…I’m not trying to engage in this conversation. I’m just in my pjs tryna watch cartoons so I’m not going to respond to this and invite drama into my inbox and my spirit.

The Signs as Things My Best Friend Says

Aries: “You fricken parasite”

Taurus: “I have to poop where’s my phone?”



Leo: “See my foot? It’s going up your butt.”

Virgo: “Yes, Pen. That’s my boob.”

Libra: “Suck my booty Judy”

Scorpio: “I’m gonna go Brandon Rogers on your booty”

Capricorn: *singing I Love Candy* “I Love Candy- with my peanut butter sammiches”

Aquarius: “I did it. I took a shower.”

Pisces: “No you cheese cracker come back here.”