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Anonymous asked: What about a fic where dean decides that, since his grace is dying, cas should sleep…. So he sleeps with dean. And then cas has a nightmare so dean wakes up a crying cas, and cas gets comforted…. And they just talk for the rest of the night.

Author’s note: I shall file this under ‘things I need on the actual show’. 

Not only was Dean Winchester a creeper, he was also a big fat hypocrite. He resisted the strong urge to laugh at his pathetic self as he shamelessly stared at his best friend, fast asleep on the other side of the bed. Cas was sleeping on his side, conveniently facing Dean as he steadily breathed in and out. Long lashes were resting against sharp cheek bones, pink lips slightly parted, dark hair fanned out against the pillow.

Dean was captivated by the perfect picture that the angel made, right here in his bed. And that was just it;  He was doing the very thing that he had scolded Cas for in the past, numerous times. ‘Do you get your freak on by watching people sleep or something?’ Dean cringed as he replayed the ancient memory in his mind.

Yeah, he could get it now. Could finally comprehend what could possibly be fascinating about watching someone sleep. Dean’s hands were aching to reach out and touch, but he still had just about enough common sense left to convince himself that he shouldn’t. He’d already been bold enough; Dean felt guilty as he thought about all the excuses that he’d made to get Castiel here in the first place.

‘You should sleep, you look like hell, man. Please get some sleep.’

That one hadn’t been a lie; Dean had been genuinely worried about his friend, who pretended that his fading grace wasn’t affecting him, even though it clearly was. Castiel had looked extremely worn out, dark circles under his tired blue eyes, as if he was about to collapse at any second.

‘We… We don’t have a couch here, and we haven’t had time yet to clear out any of the other bedrooms because we’re not using them anyway, so they’re all disgusting and barely accessible…’

Lie. The bedroom where Kevin used to sleep was decent enough.

‘It’s fine, Cas… We can share my bed, it’s not a big deal. Friends can share beds.’

Partly a lie. Sure, friends could share a bed, but Dean’s motivation behind it hadn’t been all that innocent.

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So, today was pretty fish-ventful! I rehomed my large tank of danio’s and a cichlid because they just weren’t going to work and the stress was making the danio’s sick. And while I was giving them to the local pet store I saw this absolutely adorable koi betta and next thing I knew, I was carrying her home with a divider for Tahoe’s 10 gal tank.

Funnily enough she was labelled as male, but when I got her out of the bag and into the tank it became very obvious to me that she was in fact a female. Which might turn out well as I was worried about having two males in the same tank even with the divider. But after about 2 hours of Tahoe being incredibly angery and flaring at literally everything he’s calmed down a lot and seems to have gone back to just patrolling the tank.

Coming Out

Reader x Sam & Dean Friendship

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Violent Deaths

Words: 1,907

Request from hannah-superwholock-So I totally had this super crazy insane weird idea for a request and it’s totally optional because of how weird it is ok here it goes: Reader is a lesbian but hasn’t come out yet and TWF goes on a hunt on a boat in the ocean hunting a siren. When they r about to kill her the siren turns into a the readers dream girlfriend and the boys r all confused so she has to come out after they kill her. so yea there’s my insane request lol.

This was fun to write, I hope you all like it!

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