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Hello Sammy, I just wanted to check on you...Making sure you were ok.

>You get the feeling that Sammy isn’t used to all the positive attention he’s been getting recently…


Royal Paint Brush Bendy and Sammy… well. More Bendy than Sammy XD.
This is exactly what you wanted when you requested this Anon and you cannot convince me otherwise XD.
(((Pfft, I’m just going to tag you in all my posts from now on with Sammy in them XD. If I get to annoying with this you can ask me to stop and I will. I just like to think I’m funny XDD))
Thank you Anon for requesting this!


Starry Paint Brush Sammy!!
Thank you anon for requesting!!
((Holy cow ;-; Galaxy themed drawings are my soft spot. I love doing galaxy themed things! Hhhh!!
Also! I’m going to be moving soon! So if I’m not that active in the weird times I’m normally active, 50% chance that’s why >~>b))
(( @sammy-lawrence look, your inky abyss is now sparkly!! >->bb))

trying to update my design for Sammy/find a new pic for my icon! i think i may just clean up the flower crown one and use that one? i love my flower crown sammy but i like the new style a l o t   more… hopefully im gonna clean some of these up to post later on

also teen sammy wore sunglasses and unironically made finger guns you cant convince me otherwise

@mythaster  tired sammy isn’t taking any crap from anyone


♣️ It has actually varied throughout the years. There has been many times where he believed the world was only evil and hated it. But if you ask him now he would say without a doubt that the world has some good in it. He’s happy with his family
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⭐️ if he could read then he probably would have loved all scary books he read, especially the ghost stories. His favorite storys are actually the ones Boris use to tell him but he can hardly remember them now. As for shows or movies there wasn’t exactly anything in the studio you could throw on a projector and call it scary.. ((he was a lot better with scary stuff thirty years ago, now he lost a bit of his brave. Though he would never admit it he can’t handle scary stuff anymore… unless it’s himself scaring others. He’s ok with that.
Thanks for asking @melodychan19!!