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DEMIGOD LIFE: i came out swinging, i’ll go down swinging / listen

i. came out swinging // the wonder years ii. scared // three days grace iii. born for this // paramore iv. dead walker texas ranger // sleeping with sirens v. neverland (the star) // in hearts wake vi. a match into water // pierce the veil vii. violence (enough is enough) // a day to remember viii. some nights // fun. ix. stay with me // you me at six x. bastards // defeater xi. blessed with a curse // bring me the horizonxii. sugar, we’re goin down // fall out boy


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Has anyone else ever noticed how when Dean wears this particular red shirt bad shit happens? 

For example…

10x03 … Deanmon!!!

10x17… Threat of Deanmon returning! (also Rowena tries to kill him)

10x23… Dean almost kills Sammeh! (also the darkness is released)

11x17… Dean attempts suicide and Sammy almost dies!

I’m sure there are more but my point is, if you see this shirt… Brace yourselves, it’s gonna be a rough episode!!!

sammeh  asked:

I told my boyfriend of the existence of w00tstout and he was disappointed to hear that there's no wheat beer bearing your name. Possible suggestion for future brewing projects?

I’m in the process of developing a homebrew wheat beer, just so I can call it HefeWheaton.