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“Since my name came before the police within a matter of weeks after the Lake Sammamish thing, I suppose they can be faulted for not actually coming out to talk to me. But on the other hand, they can’t be faulted because they were working from a huge list. They had hundreds and hundreds of leads. Which one do they pick? Do they pick the law student with no criminal background, who was probably even known by some of the prosecutors working the case? Or are they going to go after the types, you know, the guys in the files… the real weirdos? The guys going around exposing themselves or whizzing around in a Volkswagen saying, ‘Hey baby, you want to go for a ride up in the mountains with me?’”

- Ted Bundy

serialkillertobeontherun  asked:

What got you 'hooked' to Ted Bundy? More meaning like, what interested you so much that you needed to do more research on this man, this serial killer?

This is actually a pretty good question! It’s been so long that I can’t really remember why him specifically! He’s just unlike any other killers. He was really bold with some murders (the Lake Sammamish case made me think he really had some nerves!), how he was thought highly of by a number of people, or the fact that he majored in psychology. All the contradictions in his life/personality (e killed people but also saved many lives, how he wanted to project that image of law student/rising politician but was mostly a big 12 years old). I know I’ll never lose interest in him, as we’re still learning new things every day.

Edit: Also, I won’t lie but the fact that he was strikingly good looking started my interest, I was young and superficial at that time! And that’s what made me realize that you can’t pick out a serial killer out of a crowd because it could literally be anyone

Today I went to Lake Sammamish State Park again and got trapped on the beach by angry geese. There is a narrow strip of beach that can only be accessed by walking the riverside trail down to the sandbar, then back up along the outside on the beach. There was a heron on a log up there so I walked up the beach to get some photos, it was awesome. 8>

Turned around to start heading back because it was getting late

Oh no


Turned back around, snapped some more heron photos as I sidled closer to that log, parent geese were getting anxious, two onlookers were laughing at my plight.

They knew I wanted by but would not move

The third family mercifully left which gave me some room to sidle by the other two. The two families got distracted by a squabble between the babies and I used that chance to start moving past.

Of course since they were already angry and hissing at each other the parents quickly turned to hiss and posture at me

I MADE IT and snapped more photos of cute babies


This family decided they’d had enough of me and the one in front kept flailing his neck and hissing, walking towards me as I backed off. The two onlookers standing just to the right and still laughing. The goose was not concerned with them at all pff

Satisfied that I’d been intimidated away, the family strutted off into the trees.

I escaped two of the families but then… As I turned around to go the rest of the way up the beach..

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