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Who is an artist that you really look up to that has critiqued or commented on your art before?

Oh boy. :/ Well in the past none. A lot of the artist I liked then didnt really talk.

Now days its probs my SMV girls. Like I admired the 4 of them. They all have given me some great help and crit over the past. I really do look up to them, as I consider myself at the bottom of the rope. I have a lot to still learn and I am glad they are able to be here and help me. Heck I just finished my like FIRST actual digital art that isnt crap.

~Kat for her amazing group pictures and spirits. I love that Kat can make her characters look so 3D shaped. I love that Kat uses so many refs and makes her art look that much better then the ref itself. And I admire how she just keeps going even when she is tired. She just keeps on going to finish stuff even if its years old.

~Gii for her amazing patience. I dont know how she puts up with us and the crazies but she does. She always sees the brighter side/good in people. Her eye for detail in drawing, amazes me every damn time. She makes her doodles look like gold.

~Sami for her loyalty to her wishgranter. She believes in it so hard and works just as hard for her idea/dream. She is amazing at making me laugh, and her art is always so sweet. She gives me such hopes for having a dream come true and her belief in true love has helped me believe that maybe I can find some to love in again.

~Chels for her amazing backbone. She will tell you how it is and she does it cause she means well. If it wasnt for chels, I dont know if I would be here, where I am now. She stood up even thou she didnt know me. She stood up and fought back because she believed it was wrong and she believe she was doing the right thing. Thanks to her, I have also myself, formed a stronger backbone. Also thanks to her I have learned how amazing angles and sharp edges are. I also look to chels as a back up for views and opinions if I am ever not sure.

Over all these girls are amazing people and are always willing to help people of they truly need it. They will tell you how it is, and if it sounds mean its not cause they are being assholes or bitchs. They are just telling it how it is. Trust me they are all worth talking to and   if you want a crit they will give it to you. :)

Tumblr Faves:
(Because I don’t really know why but saying tumblr crushes makes me feel weird)

  1. samispookykinns
  2. cure-krismoth
  3. blue-and-dog
  4. dangerzonechelsea
  5. dedizenoflight
  6. sailorphantomofmiddleearth
  7. bekuki
  8. placeofold
  9. riribelle

I can’t help but be amused that Blue’s icon is staring over at Cure beauty getting ready to shoot sami.

Also highly amused that most of these are people from dA.

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Is there a person in your life you never would have thought you'd be friends originally but are now?

A couple actually.

First I will start with Chelsea again. We werent enemies par-say but at the time I thought for sure she hated me cause of our Mini tournament battle like two years ago. Her and I didnt see eye to eye on the power swapping. And on top of that I really did write her character out of character. I have learned from that its ok to ask the artist about their character and if their character would do something in your comic. But now we are pretty great friends actually. I call her my other wifey.

Again Gii and Sami and Kat. Thou Sami I figured we were friends from the get go cause of our love for yugioh abridge. But I didnt expect gii and kat to be friends with me.

Jen. Who is the author of Out of the Deep. Seriously never thought I would be great friends with a person as famous as her. She is so sweet and passionate about her writing that she gives up her social life for her writing. I love talking to her and getting to hear about her day. I love getting to see her work. I love that she gives me so many damn feels for her story and then she laughs/is amused at my feedback for the chap of the week. <3

A lot of people from Smoct I wasnt expecting to be come friends with. Even now with some of them in SMV I am getting to know a lot of them better and I love every minute of it. 

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Draw yourself as a Disney princess! :D

I know I did the other ones as lines only, but I couln’dt just leave this in lines. And I decided going into lining that I was going to color, so I tried doing colored lines, as I know that’s the Disney style. It’s still not perfect, as I didn’t do shading, and thus didn’t make the dress sparkle as it should, because trust me, I would want it to. I know it’s also kind of simple for a “princess" but that’s because I’m honestly not the super huge ballgown type. Drawing this also made me realize 2 things.

1.) I would love to see a “big" princess
2.) I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a princess with glasses.

The big thing will probably never happen because people would complain that it send the message that being big is good for people and that since being big is unhealthy for us it is always therefore ugly and should never be a good thing. Honestly I want to give those people a big fat FUCK YOU.

But the glasses one is honestly much more important to me. I can lose weight and get down to a smaller size even if I will never likely be “skinny.“ I can at least get to a healthy weight. However I will NEVER get rid of the fact I need corrective lenses. Someone out there is probably saying “lasik” well it’s expensive so fuck off. Yes, yes I know contacts could “hide" that I need them, but you know what, I’m sick and tired of glasses being a bad thing. It’s not! THEY CAN BE BEAUTIFUL! And having a princess with glasses would be a boost for all the kids like I was who had glasses and were rejected because of them.