Samm's Pet History MassivePost

As I browsed Samm’s tags I noticed several people requesting/wishing for a complete and truthful rundown of just how many pets she’s had and what has been done to/with them.

Being largely on bed-rest due to spinal injury and having little to do all day, I decided to be the one to sift through the 700+ pages of her blog, as well as other users’ claims, and compile a complete list so that others can easily investigate the rumors themselves, and become aware of the extent of Samm’s animal situation.

This list covers a two year span.
(The life of her blog)

Some information may have been lost to deletion, and I have ignored all outside posts that lack proof and/or were not written by someone proven to have ties to Samm, Ethan, or her family. As such, some things you may remember happening may not be documented here, and unfortunately I cannot bring back lost evidence.

I encourage you to read the Notable Information, as it contains important details about Samm’s care and the lives of the animals. If, however, you do not wish to, I encourage you to scroll to the bottom of this post and read the statistical rundown for a better understanding of the magnitude of Samm’s animal problems.

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YC The Cynic, Kool AD, and Milo make me feel so much better. I can listen to them and I can know that I’m not alone in my insanity. I’m not the only intelligent person loosing it. I feel like I’m at home. Not the home of uniformists I was assigned to, being trapped in a house with people that don’t like me but stick around because they’re supposed to, but a real home. I feel like I’m with three other guys that all break down for no reason and torture themselves with emotions they can’t control. I feel like I finally understand what I mean and what it is to be this kind of person