This is OLD AS HELL. like, back from 2012 I think?? I was really into Sengoku Basara and made an OC because I’m garbage lolol.  Saitou Asahide was from Nouhime’s clan from Mino.  I spent a lot of time figuring out the Japanese characters for his name but I’m not very knowledgeable so if they’re wrong, I’m very sorry. XD  You can tell how old this is because the lines are so quaky lmao. Pre-paint tool Sai for me.

Toruyama no Hakkoda is an OC I’ve been sort of nursing for a while without being sure what I want to do with him.  In some incarnations he’s an oni with the face of a Hannya, and in others he’s pretty human but just WEARS a hannya mask and his face looks like this ??  (I still tried to make his features reminiscent of the mask anyways).  I like him a lot and his hair is fun to draw.