samita mukhopadhyay


Yesterday, by pure chance I attended a lecture by Samita Mukhopadhyay, author of Outdated: Why Dating is Ruining You Love Life and chief editor of She rocked the audience (in attendance were quite a few feminist bloggers I know personally as well as on tumblr.) by starting off with a moment of silence in solidarity with demonstrators in Union Square protesting the murder of Trayvon Martin and ending with how bloggers are the new watchdogs of government and society since mainstream media has forsaken that post. Between, she gave an excellent presentation of why feminism is still a necessary movement (using examples ALL of which I had read on tumblr first- how crazy is that shit?)
I got to talk to her and she’s an awesome person, so down to earth, and so affirmed in who she is. Her views on feminism I already held myself, but her exposition of how necessary and influential bloggers are/can be really gave me a hope for the future that I didn’t really have before (as far as dicking around on tumblr is concerned). It made me realize this is most definitely the direction in which journalism and activism continue to go and will continue for some time to come.
So now, this blog is on my resume as I’m applying for internships and I don’t feel like it’s bullshit at all to do so. Mainstream media outlets are not my sources of information and certainly not places for my own opinions- the internet is and will continue to be.

The revolution will not be televised!