first off all im fucking DYING of laughter that you honestly think you’re going to marry Harry Styles. Hun first off, hes gay and loves Louis. Are you that insecure about it and about yourself that you’re harassing two guys who have done NO harm what so ever to you?

Let me tell you something, people like you, aren't going very far in life okay? Do you honestly think someone is going to want to be with you, let alone Harry Styles even if he WAS straight? Do you think someone like Harry would like a girl who bullies other people and sends them death threats? No.

Girls like you dont…listen closely to this next part….DESERVE people like Harry Styles, let alone any good person with a kind heart.

It’s funny because karma is going to come right back around and bite your ass for being such a horrible and vile person. Honestly get your shit together. Learn some class. Learn some good fucking morals before you start bashing other people for being different than you. 

I hope you literally think before you speak to others in real life as well because If you acted/talked the way you do online, I wouldn't have hesitated to slap the shit out of you by now.

Have a nice fucking day PRINCESS. 

PS. You claim you’re going to be ‘famous’ one day. Nobody wants a celebrity that bashes other people for being gay and not being straight. So whats getting you famous so far is for having a shitty attitude/personality. 


A good fucking person that knows how to treat others, unlike you.