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I’m sorry I’m so late with this here have a fic………


Silver didn’t typically care when people judged him. He’d done bad things, and he knew as much. People could say what they wanted. None of them usually knew him very well anyway, so who the fuck cared what they thought?

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When I figure out who I ship Silver with, I’ll let you know. But it’s already been 12 years so I don’t think I’m getting a clear answer any time soon.

I ship him with whoever he puts up with more at the time.

But no seriously like. I feel like it’d be naive to imply that he and Lyra don’t hook up at least once.

Personally I feel like they have a really dysfunctional relationship for a few years, where he thinks he likes her because well, he doesn’t hate her, and he’s got a lot of hormones and shit, and he kind of has power/control issues so the fact that she’s willing to drop everything and do what he says whenever he says kind of gives him a high. And she likes him first and foremost because he’s not Ethan, since Ethan is icky, and I’m sure on some level it’s because there’s some form of “I can fix him!” stereotypical female mentality in there.

I can see them having a successful/functional relationship eventually, mind you, but I feel like they’d have to break up a couple times to get there. In my own head I somehow feel more satisfied with the idea of their relationship getting borderline abusive and it giving Silver another fucking breakdown, because of the fact she’d be too willing and eager to please and Silver would take advantage of that right up until the point he was basically using her. She’d know it was borderline abusive, too, either of her own volition or because Ethan would call her on it, but she’d be so desperate to make him feel loved that she wouldn’t entirely care, and she’d feel guilty about it once she did start being bothered by it, and everything would just blow up massively.

At which point in time Silver would leave to go soul-searching and Ethan would go chase Silver down and be like WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT and honestly at that moment their relationship mirrors the way I see Red and Green’s in a really bizzarre way that kind of explains why Red has taken Silver under his wing in crackverse.

And Ethan and Lyra just kind of have that kind of relationship where they kissed and played house and stuff as kids right up until Ethan grew out of it, and where they spend their lives not being able to figure out if they’re siblings or fucking, and depending on how old they are when Silver runs out on them the answer becomes a whole lot of really sobby comfortsex in between Ethan running around trying to find and beat the shit out of Silver, and in the end the guys kind of fall into a “if it’s you it’s okay” thing where if anyone asks, they’re straight, fuck off, but things dissolve into this three-way relationship where nothing’s official or concrete (and I see Ethan eventually falling back out of it after Lyra gets knocked up and the kid turns out to be Silver’s) and they’re all just kind of “fuck it, if we’re happy, who cares what anyone else thinks”

….wow brain thank you.