A note to my future self and children,

If when Im older my kids ever are gay, lesbian, queer, agender, and/or all the the other sexualites and identifiers. I really hope that my children would never have to come out to me. Because that would mean that they closeted their feelings from me and I want to make sure I’m the parent that my children will always be comfortable with. I want to make it seem like they live in a world where they can experience the thrills of falling for a boy or girl and feeling normal about it without having to feel like it would be something they have to hide from me or anyone. I want my children to feel normal because even if they were anything besides “heterosexual” they would still be exactly the same. There’s no reason that falling in love with the same gender or not feeling like themselves with their assigned gender makes them any more or less different to anyone else in the world. I promise my future children, that I as their mother, will never let them feel different for simply being who they are.

-Sami Mowen [x]

In my next relationship I’m going to make a point of not putting my entire dependence in that person. I want to be able to go into a relationship knowing that if it didn’t work out in the end, I wouldn’t be crippling pain and not know what to do without them. I want to make sure it’s a relationship that basically says “yes, I love you. I want you. But if I absolutely had to live without you then I independently could.”

I’ve been going through a lot. But today I’ve had a different mindset. I grabbed my brush and my paints and made the sky. The sky with so much emotion and so much pain but so much strength all at once. God did it feel good to express all my anger and pain into this because in the end it came out so much more beautiful. This really opened my mind up to how dark thing can turn into beautiful scenarios in time. You just have to have the right people by your side to get you through it. Thankyou all so much. #art #feelings #expressyourself #mine #samimowen

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The Ripley Aquarium was great, and so was the vacation. So here’s a picture I took of some jellyfish there. However it’s late and were nearly 1 hour from home. I think I’m ready to get home and get some sleep honestly. ☺️💤 #photo #samimowen

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Making my own candle today (: the white/pink base is a mixture of perfume and has red geranium (signifying protection) and lavender (signifying tranquility and calming) mixed with an essential oil for love. On top is a duo color which is a simple red with a rose scent that represents passion and love in a relationship. All together the candle is suppose to bring whomever burns it passion, protection, calming, and blissful love in their life or relationships. #wicca #candle #love #samimowen

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