Last minute for the OC kiss week: My Inky Fen’Revas kissing Samil (belonging to @le-innocent), his “little, big brother”.

They are not actually related, mind you, but they exist in each others storylines and are Best Friends Forever!

I need to colour more often, I am terribly out of practise…


I made more tokens for a game where we use order of the stick style tokens.

Samil is getting a weasel familiar (I just recolored a token someone else made to look like a black-footed ferret).  The weasel’s name is Bandit, because of his cute little mask.

The pony I made from scratch.  His name is Chestnut.  Samil doesn’t intend to take him on adventures, just pet him and hug him in between adventures.

Samil is not very creative when it comes to naming animals.