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Is it really THAT good ???


i mean i love action movies generally but the bonus in pacific rim is that they take all the cliches and do a full 180 and go against every action movie rule and it is awesome not to mention representation and respect for cultural and personal differences is a+++ and really really well written characters casually defying all the stereotypes its so great uwu and on top of that its really well made effects and cinematography wise so yes it definitely is THAT good

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samifer-rising, tiberiuswinchester, PRAYTOCASS :)


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praytocass (hahaha, really? :D)

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Hello my loves!

So I’ll be going on vacation to Italy tomorrow.. (yes yes I know.) 
So my beautiful lovely and amazing best friend Rani will be blogsitting for me. 

I’ll be gone for like 10 days so Idek how I will do this. 10 days without tumblr like fuck. 

But yeah. For the people who have requested URL edits in my “whoring myself out for Samifer-rising” thing I will do those when I’m back. (yes I know. I had hoped to get a few more done before I went away but I just didn’t have the time..) 

So yeah Rani will be on my blog for the next 10 days. I trust her with my life so I trust you to do the same. 

I love you all! And Arrivederci! <33

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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to my adorable little shit Ruth, happy birthday to youuuuuu (I'll sing this for you tomorrow morning okay, I promise and I will regret this) <333333333333333333333333333333333 I LOVE YOU YOU ADULT.

I LOVE YOU RANI <3 you’re my best friend ok <333