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Robb/Theon: Theon eats the last gummy bear, Robb is sad. (kill me now tbh)

this one is actually short so here you go XD gosh I don’t even know what is this XDDD

“It was the last one,” Robb says for the third time, and Theon is about to lose his fucking mind.

“Stark. When I arrived here, that bag was half full. I ate exactly ten. You ate all the rest. How are you this hung up about me eating the last one? So you got the second-to-last. So what?”

“But – but it was the last one and it was the last bag!”

Theon sighs and makes a mental note to never, ever get in between Robb Stark and the last gummy bear in the last bag. He doesn’t even like the damn things much, for fuck’s sake – he just was hungry and reached for one without even thinking about it, and now Robb looks like sadness incarnated. Considering the face Robb was born with, it’s making Theon feel like the worst person on the face of this planet, which is entirely ridiculous because, well, gummy bears. 

“Want to bet that I can take your mind off this heinous crime I just committed?” Theon asks then, and before Robb can reply, he’s kissing him stupid against the sofa, their books and the empty bag of gummy bears falling to the ground.

Robb, thankfully, forgets about the bears entirely, at least for the moment.

They end up falling asleep on Robb’s sofa and when Theon wakes up, he sees that it’s eleven PM – so they’ve been out for three hours or so. Well, Robb is still out, his hands grabbing at Theon’s hips, and Theon is this tempted to just go back to sleep, when as he looks out of the window he sees that the convenience store in front of Robb’s place is still open.

He sighs and disentangles himself from Robb’s octopus-like grip and grabs his shirt and a ten pounds note from his wallet, then puts on his shoes and hopes that Robb will at least fucking appreciate the effort as he drags himself down the stairs and to the store – at least he has the keys, good thing that.

When he gets there, he buys all the gummy bears bags that he can buy with ten pounds and he shrugs when the owner looks at him as if he’s completely insane – then again, no one with a bit of functioning brains would actually buy eight gummy bears bags at once. 

He brings his purchases back up to the first floor where Robb is still passed out and he decides that he’s not going to wait until tomorrow morning, so he grabs his shoulder and shakes it until he wakes up.

“What –” Robb starts, sounding still half-asleep.

“Rise, shine and get yourself a fucking stomachache,” Theon tells him as he thrusts the plastic bag into Robb’s hands. “Hopefully I’ll be able to eat some of these, if you graciously agree to it.”

Robb is grinning as he looks down at the bag’s content.

“You’re such an idiot,” he says fondly, and then he pushes the bag on the ground before grabbing Theon’s shoulders and dragging him back on the sofa.

 Theon has absolutely nothing against this turn of events.


BLODØRN | Viking AU by warrioromen

On the fifth night of walking, Will developed a cough that had Håvard legitimately concerned. The Saxon flatlands had turned steadily chillier, and Will’s body - free of meat and insulation, seemed to absorb the cold through his blood. He shivered fitfully regardless of how close to his chest Håvard drew him. Even going so far as to slide the boy beneath his own tunic, better transferring the heat. Sweat dampened his brow; and Håvard watched another fit, drawn deep and hollow from his chest, sent that small body to quaking. “Håvard…” Leif warned, standing by Yens with the only hot water they’d been able to create; held in a tiny stone bowl. Barely enough to serve as a cup. “Perhaps..” “He’ll pull through,” Håvard snapped; more irritably than intended. “A chill will not take this boy.”


there’s something in the dark and i wanna go home
there’s someone else here, we’re not alone
this will all be over tonight (x)

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top 5 things about the king of trashland mads mikkelsen. also top 5 trash outfits.

top 5 things about our now and future king of eurotrash:

  1. he does not seem to possess shampoo and conditioner
  2. he can’t remember how to tie a fucking tie
  3. he completely forgets plot points in films that made his career
  4. he likes to climb walls like he’s Spider-Man
  5. he speaks of his characters in first person

top 5 whatthefuckevenisthis?:


Après moi, le déluge || a Hades/Persephone Hannigram AU
     ↪ BY SAMIFERIST  [gifset 1/?]

Silence falls between them and Will can’t look at Hannibal, keeps staring at the objects in front of him: the shiny, red seeds and the clear liquid. One promises more pain, more nightmares, but also a blessed feeling of wholeness he has only experienced while he was in Hannibal’s arms, surrounded by him, with him buried inside. The other will make him forget everything, will take him back to his old life.

“There is no rush, you know it.”

“I will forget, if I drink the water. I’ll forget who you are, who I am… but you won’t.”

“Like I said, I never forget. This is only for you. You can go back to your “normal” life, to being just Will Graham. Or… or you can become mine again.”

“Only for six months.”

Hannibal laughs and Will manages a smile.

“You’ll always be mine. But yes, for six months you’ll be… ah, especially mine. “


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can we talk about how mads manages to make hannibal look almost visibly aged when he stabs will? like his eyes and face look weary and heavy in the moment, like they're carrying the whole weight of the scene. i'm just... /acting/.

Mads Mikkelsen is unfuckingbelievable. The way he’s able to command his expressions. I’ve never seen anything like it. He does these little tiny things to his face that change the air in the room. His eyes were so raw and painful in that finale like the scenes with Alana and Will at the end? goddamnit, man..

I’ve never seen an actor pull emotions off as well as him. And whenever I watch one of his performances it’s never “Oh look, Mads Mikkelsen as [insert character here]” like it is with plenty of actors. No, he literally becomes the character he’s playing. He commits himself fully to the roles.

all i want for christmas is a hannigram gladiator au where hannibal lecte(o)rius is the most feared and famed gladiator in rome named after the carthaginian military commander for his tactic and bravery in the arena with a thirst for blood who has only a few fights left before he can gain his freedom. he is tasked by his masters to train a promising young apprentice named william who volunteered to escape poverty and hannibal grows fond of the boy, taking him under his wing, mentoring and teaching him everything he knows to survive in the arena and dreaming of a life together beyond the walls of their bloody enslavement. but their masters take notice of them growing close and device a cruel plan to entertain the masses, and on the day of hannibal’s final fight that he must win to be free, they pit the two lovers together and hanni is faced with an impossible choice, to either walk off the sands a free man with the blood of his love staining his hands, or sacrificing himself so that william may have a chance at a better life without him ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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NO WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! hannibal and alana watching "game of thrones" and she gets so offended when he says that he really roots for the lannisters, like she goes on a hour long explaination on why the lannisters are the worst. hannibal and alana with game of thrones tshirts, hannibal and alana humming the theme song.

two eps in and still no mention of abigail hobbs. she’ll be in will’s dumb mind palace to further his angst but mostly, it seems just like fandom has forgotten her and easily moved on, the show has too. did they ever find her remains? besides her severed ear that keeps being brought up for will’s further manpain? does she even have a grave? what does her tomb stone say? beloved daughter? where is her extended family, her friends? does anyone remember or care? alana and freddie cared, can we get to see them mourn her or does everyone have collective amnesia? what happened to her few earthly belongings? did alana receive a box of released evidence containing the clothes she let abi borrow? did she cry opening it? can we please not forget abigail hobbs existed. she was so important. she was everything and she survived. she lived.