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Samifer Prison AU  

When Sam Winchester ends up in prison for a heist gone wrong, he finds himself thrown into a cell with the most notorious criminal in the block. Lucifer mostly ignores Sam, and the younger man is thankful that he seems to be far enough below his radar to avoid confrontation. That all changes, however, when Sam unintentionally finds himself the target of one of the gangs while in the yard one day, only to be shocked when none other than Lucifer comes to his defense. 

After that, everything changes, and before he even knows it’s happening, Sam has fallen for the deadly convict, and the two begin planning a future together after their upcoming releases. 


Imagine Sam and Lucifer getting drunk together and talking about their fathers. They get very drunk, which means there’s a mindboggling amount of alcohol involved and they have to switch bars more than once, because Lucifer’s drunk one dry. After a while Lucifer gets angry and starts picking fights with every supernatural creature they come across (not humans though, humans are no challenge at all). 

 And at the end he breaks down crying in Sam’s arms, drunkenly mumbling: „All I did was love him too much. Why wasn’t I allowed to love him more than anything?“ Sam holds him and strokes his hair and realizes how very insignificant his own daddy issues are in comparison.

The next morning Lucifer is grumpy and refuses to acknowledge what happened. But there are no monsters left alive in a fifty mile radius, and Dean’s very impressed. He suggest to get Lucifer drunk more often, to which Sam tell him a very firm No.



Samifer AU(-ish) where Sam finds Lucifer and brings him back to the bunker and Dean is less than happy. Sam’s determined to convince his brother that Lucifer can behave, and Lucifer that humans aren’t so bad, but Dean is ignoring them both and Lucifer won’t stop insulting the human race. However, despite Sam’s worries, both may be slowly coming round to the idea of at least trying to get along.

Masterlist of all my fics/collabs!

I will update this every now and then.


You’re My Weak Spot (Explicit)

Jensen leads a double life as a student at Stanford and the heir to the Ackles Mafia throne. Jared is just a shy Texan kid with a scholarship to the school. When freshman Jared is placed into senior Jensen’s dorm room, the two opposite worlds collide and the battle of secrets begins. || Complete. ~42k. Mpreg, non-graphic/implied/referenced rape/non-con.

Shooting Star in a Normal Sky (Explicit)

Note: This has some bottom!jensen.

Jared Padalecki is a part-time barista, part-time writer, and part-time student. His days are relatively mundane… Until famous actor Jensen Ackles walks into the quaint coffee shop where Jared works. || Complete. ~37k. Self-harm (cutting, burning), consensual non-con, marijuana, brief rape/non-con.

Sold (Explicit)

Omegas can be sold to brothels and Jared was unlucky enough to present as an omega in his time at a foster home. Jensen runs a successful brothel and buys the newly changed teen. Nothing good can come of this. || Complete. ~37k. Forced prostitution, forced bondage, underage, blood and torture, rape/non-con, suicide attempt, mpreg, A/B/O dynamics, minor character death.

Protecting Two (Explicit)

Note: This has Sam in it as Jared’s twin.

Twins Jared and Sam Padalecki live an abusive life at home until one day, their swim coach Jensen Ackles figures out what is really going on behind closed doors. || Complete. ~31k. Graphic depictions of violence, rape/non-con, underage, mpreg, child abuse, abuse, alcoholism, forced bondage, forced prostitution, forced orgasm, daddy kink, threesome (M/M/M).

Universe Swap (Explicit)

Note: This has Sam/Dean in  but Jensen and his conflict is the main conflict of the fic. I only add to it when I’m high/feel like it when I’m high so it’s a slowly progressing series.

After some odd latin chanted at an autograph signing, Jensen finds himself in fictional Bobby’s house hearing some scandalous noises. || Incomplete. ~1k. No warnings.

Sweet Girl (Explicit)

Jared knows how to help Jensen after a long day on set. || Complete. 491 words. Crossdressing, daddy kink, dom/sub undertones, panty kink.

Worth it (Explicit)

Jared is discovering feelings after Phoenix Con 2016 that he didn’t know he had before. || Incomplete. 239 words. No current warnings.

Can’t Live Without You (General)

Sometimes the scenes of Supernatural hits Jensen harder than normal. || Complete. 177 Words. No warnings.


Little Boy (Explicit)

Note: There is no actual penetration.

What happens when Dean finds out about Sam’s secret kink? || ~7.6k. Daddy kink, panty kink, dom/sub undertones.

You’ll Be Okay (Mature)

Note: This is is going to be an ongoing series for a long time. I don’t know if I’ll ever end it, to be honest, because it helps to have it open; I go to it when I am in a bad state mentally and add to it.

Sam struggles with self-harm. || Incomplete. ~5.5k. Self-harm (cutting, burning [later]), eating disorders (anorexia), suicide attempt.

The Times that the Winchesters did Drugs (Explicit)

Note: I add to this whenever I’m high usually so it’ll be a very sporadically updated fic.

Dean and Sam live a weird life and sometimes just need to relax. || Incomplete. ~3k. Underage, drug use (marijuana, possibly eventual cocaine).

I’ve Got You Now (Explicit)

Dean discovers Sam’s taboo kink. || Complete. ~2.6k. Consenual noncon, rape roleplay, monster roleplay.

I’ll Be Around (Explicit)

Sam can’t kill his brother, and Dean can’t fight his anger and lust towards Sam anymore. || Complete. ~2.5k. Dub-con.

Snowman (General)

Dean and Sam get dragged to Michigan in the middle of January, left with nothing to do after their father leaves for a hunt. That is… Until Dean gets the idea of making a Snowman.|| Complete. ~2k. No warnings.

Manhandled (Explicit)

Dean finds out Sam liked being arrested so he plays around with that. || Complete. ~1.7k. Underage, gunplay, consenual non-con, comeplay, come eating, rape/non-con elements.

Waspies (Teen)

Sam loves raspberries. || Complete. ~1.6k. Bloodplay, blood drinking (sort of), blood.

Was Always Yours (Mature)

Dean pops back up into Sam’s life unannounced. || Complete. ~1.5k. Unwanted attention (not between Dean/Sam).

Being In Love Can Change Everything (Explicit)

Dean always thought he was straight. || Complete. ~1.3k. No warnings.

Happy Birthday (I Love You) (General)

Dean wants to make Sam’s birthday special this year. || Complete. ~1.3k. No warnings.

Only In Your Dreams (Teen)

Dean accidentally tells Sam he loves him while Sam’s under the influence of some heavy pain meds. || Complete. ~1k. Graphic violence (sort of).

The Times that the Winchesters did Drugs (Explicit)

Note: This has other relationships, but wincest is the main one.

Dean and Sam live a weird life and sometimes just need to relax. || Incomplete. ~1k. Drugs (marijuana, possible cocaine), underage, major character death, car sex.

Home (General)

Dean and Sam growing up through the years. || Complete. 708 words. No warnings.

Hunter in Training (General)

Sam is beginning his education of hunting. || Complete. 483 words. No warnings.

Command Me (Explicit)

Sam loves to fantasize about all the things he wants Dean to do to him. || Complete. 375 words. Dom/sub aspects.

Hormones Suck (General)

Sam went through puberty once, believe it or not. || Complete. 296 words. No warnings.

You Make Me Warm (General)

The Impala ran out of gas on a highway in Michigan in the middle of winter. || Complete. 256 words. No warnings.

Teaching His Brother (Explicit)

Dean teaches Sam how to get him off the best way. || Complete. 217 words. No warnings.

No More Waiting (Explicit)

Dean wanted to wait but Sam was making it really hard for him. || Complete. 200 words. Underage, some minor crossdressing.

Can’t Live Without You (General)

Sometimes the scenes of Supernatural hits Jensen harder than normal.  || Complete. 177 words. No warnings.

Please Come Back (General)

Sam jumped back into Hell and Dean’s heart was taken with him. || Complete. 152 words. No warnings.


Making the Best of the Worst (General)

Note: This is for a rare ship creation challenge, based on the poem Dream-land by Edgar Allan Poe.

Lucifer just wants Sam to be happy. || Complete. 648 words. No warnings.

All in One (General)

Note: This is from Samifer Love Week as well as the next three fics on the list.

Sam has something to confess to Lucifer. || Complete. 632 words. No warnings.

Wings (Explicit)

Sam really wants to see Lucifer’s wings. || Complete. 545 words. No warnings.

Mark Me Up (Mature)

Lucifer loves marking Sam. || Complete. 228 words. Underage.

Lovers Forever (Teen)

Just a neat lil’ poem I wrote. || Complete. 111 words. No warnings.

Whole (General)

A poem about Lucifer possessing Sam, but still letting him feel and have some control. || Complete. 68 words. No warnings.


Help Me? (Explicit)

Cas needs some help with a bit of a private manner. || Complete. 958 words.

Love and Love Lost (General)

Note: Dean is pining over Sam but Sam is in love with Castiel.

Sam lost his angelic partner Castiel and Dean had to pick up the broken pieces while his heart exploded with love for Sam. || Complete. 688. Major character death.

Watching (General)

Castiel loves to observe Sam sometimes. Loves the little details about him. Loves him, really. || Complete. 204 words. No warnings.


Sunflower (Explicit)

Dean and Jo fuck in a bathroom stall. || Complete. ~1k. Public Sex.

The Sweet Sounds You Make (Explicit)

Demon Dean just takes what he wants and he doesn’t care.  || Complete. 910 words. Rape/non-con, public sex.

Lovely (Explicit)

Jo/Dean smut cause there’s really no summary better than that. || Complete. 319 words. No warnings.


Call Me Sometime (Teen)

Sam runs into a handsome bartender named Zeke while he and Dean visit a local bar during a hunt. A cigarette break turns into a little more and Sam is more than willing to go along with it. || Complete. ~1.3k. No Warnings.

Sam/Original Male Characters:

It’s Just Sam (Explicit)

Sam just can’t get enough. || Complete. 950 words. Gangbang, crossdressing, underage.


That’s Where She Was (Explicit)

Ruby likes helping out other hunters besides Sam. || Complete. 588 words. No warnings.


Angels (Explicit)

Ellen and Mary have a fun time with Jo. || Complete. 350 words. Threesome, parent/child incest.


Bad Day Turned Good (General)

Sam just wants to see you happy. || Complete. 716 words. No warnings.


Damn Good Massage (Teen)

God gives, like, really good massages. || Complete. 368 words. No warnings

Sam/Lucifer AU

Living on the road is something that Sam has grown accustomed to. His dad made sure of that. But now that Sam’s on his own, he finds himself looking for honest work when he stops in a town, rather than hustling pool like his brother. It’s mostly odd jobs, nothing glamorous, but at least he walks away with a clear conscience. He’s riding through rural Georgia on his way to New Orleans when he stumbles upon an opportunity to make some cash to last him at least through to southern Mississippi. 
There’s an old plantation house in town that’s in need of someone to tend the grounds while the owner prepares to sell it. The owner turns out to be a young girl named Anna who tells him that the house has been in the Milton family for generations, but no one’s lived in it since the brutal death of her great uncle many years ago. She’s now the last person left in the family, and can’t afford to keep the property much longer.
When he starts work at the house, he’s surprised to find someone roaming about behind the house. Sam assumes he’s just a neighbor or something and continues about his work. That is, of course, until the man comes up to him and tries to strike up a conversation. He introduces himself as Lucifer and claims to be a member of the Milton family. Sam tells him he was led to believe that there was only one member of the family left, to which Lucifer replies that the family doesn’t like to talk about him much. At the end of the day, Sam calls Anna to ask about him, and she tells him that the only Lucifer in the family was her great uncle, the one who died in the house. She even shows him a few pictures of the man. Sam is shocked by what he sees: the man in the pictures looks exactly like the man who claimed to be Lucifer.

Lucifer- a basic introductory course to a very important character that season 11′s writers clearly missed

From the mass anger radiating from the Samifer and Lucifer fandoms, you may have guessed that there’s been a lot of displeasure at how Lucifer has been portrayed on his return this season. And I have agreed wholeheartedly. But now, a ridiculous line has been crossed in not only destroying Lucifer’s personality, characterisation, and morals, but in removing complete and utter canon fact that has a massive significance on the show.

This is the moment I officially lost all hope:

No. No. Lucifer is NOT the first son, and that is so important.

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First Samifer Love Week

So, there are love weeks floating around for so many ships, but I haven’t found one for Samifer! (Which is just sad, because Samifer is so under appreciated and its fans have so much talent!) 

So what is a Samifer Love Week?
It’s an anonymous love week, where you’ll get assigned someone to send anonymous Samifer headcanons, prompts, and ficlets to.

How do you sign up?

  • Reblog this post before July 22nd!
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Of course some rules:

  • Please only sign up if you’re sure you’ll be able to send at least one message (headcanon, prompt, ficlet, it doesn’t matter!) daily during this week! (Of course you can send more than one, we have no limit!)
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  • Please tag your anons messages with ‘samifer love week’, I’ll be reblogging them to this blog for everyone to enjoy!
  • Obviously, kindness and respect is required for your anon - if you get paired with someone you simply can’t get along with, let the blog know and we’ll reassign you!

If you have any other questions, please ask!

We will be making a daily prompt list to help you out, but you’re welcome to write your own, it’s not required to write your things based on these prompts!

This post must get a minimum of ten reblogs/ten sign ups or this can’t happen - we need a few people who will definitely be able to do this!


After Sam leaves the cage, Hell’s method of torturing Lucifer changes. On earth he manifests into a ghost; he can follow Sam around in his day-to-day life, but Sam can’t see him. As well as the frustration of not being able to communicate with him, Lucifer is also exposed to Sam’s life with his brother and friends and family, which tortures Lucifer with the realisation of how much more he needs Sam than Sam needs him.

Sketch illustration of Samifer ficlet of CaptainSpookifer

Which is honesty  really shitty sketch. Sorry Captain. I have to go back to line art. 

Anyway, with this art, shitty or not, I’m opening Samifer Week 2013 on my blog! 

For the prompt: Lucifer feels everything Sam feels from the moment he’s born, even in the cage.

Title: Pace, Murmur, Alive
Author: Zaikyo
Word Count: 868
Pairing: Lucifer/Sam
Genre: Canon divergence
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Synopsis: Lucifer feels everything Sam feels.
Notes: Guh. I have no energy anymore.

Pace, Murmur, Alive