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Hey :) Have you got a Samifer playlist?

Friend, my beautiful child of sin, you have come to the right place. The angel of music would need an extensive playlist to express his love and adoration, after all. 


Enjoy. xx

It was the feeling of a hand in his hair that woke him up. Gentle fingers sliding through the thick brown locks, easing him back into wakefulness, though Sam was kind of confused as to why he was waking up in the first place. It was still dark outside.

“Good morning, morning glory,” a soft voice said beside him.

Rolling over in bed, Sam squinted sleepily at the archangel. “Why ’m I awake?” he mumbled. “S'too early…”

“There’s going to be a meteor shower in ten minutes,” Lucifer said. “I wanted to make sure you saw it. Come outside with me?”

“A meteor shower? Really? You butt, I was sleeping!” Sam pouted at him, still too sleepy to really put up a fight.

Lucifer chuckled, leaning in to press a soft kiss onto the hunter’s lips. “You’re too adorable for me to take seriously sometimes. Now come, out of bed, we’ll go outside to watch it and then we’ll come back inside. Promise.”

Sam grumbled a little but he obediently got out of bed, allowing Lucifer to drape the blanket over him, before he tugged on his boots and they quietly left the bunker, climbing the small hill to where the sky was the most clear. Away from the light pollution of the city, the stars were in full view, and it tended to make Lucifer feels nostalgic of the times before humanity, before the war, when the sky was so full of stars that it filled anyone with wonder.

Once they were comfortable, Lucifer pointed out where the meteor shower began, shooting across the sky with fiery tails. It was a beautiful sight, and the archangel was pleased when Sam rested his head against his shoulder. Very few times had he ever seen Sam relax so fully, vulnerable to everything and yet so trusting that he was safe no matter what.

The meteor shower lasted a good fifteen minutes, and when it was over, Lucifer turned his head to ask Sam if he was ready to go to bed, only to find, to his amusement, that the hunter was fast asleep. With a quick flap of his wings they were back in the bedroom, and carefully Lucifer laid his hunter back on the bed, tugging the blankets up to tuck him in. Smoothing the hair back from Sam’s forehead, he smiled down at him. “Hope you enjoyed the show,” he murmured.


This is dedicated to @heavnofhell , @devil-in-a-winchester, @starofthemorning, and @shreddedwingsandlostwords

Does anybody else have this ONE fic that they always end up rereading? Like no matter how many other fics you read, there’s THE fic. The default fic; the home fic.

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Do you find the scene where Sam explained to Dean that Lucifer had "touched him" kind of awkward, or poorly worded? XD I can't take the scene seriously even for a second! I get that he wanted to explain things in detail but...I don't know. It was awkward. XDDD

Lmao yeah. “In the vision… Lucifer touches me.” I remember the first time I heard that I screeched and went like sAM STOP WRITING BAD FANFICTION IN 1ST PERSON ITS JUST PLAIN HORRIBLY WRITTEN SMUT.

The Rules of Team Free Will:

1.  Must look good in plaid. 

2.  Must *vaguely* resemble some kind of animal.

3.  Must be able to look ridiculously attractive in literally any situation.

4.  Must struggle with feelings of paternal abandonment.

5.  Must have an addictive personality and/or alcoholism.

(Don’t look so innocent, Sammy.  We know about the demon blood.)

6.  And probably PTSD.

7.  Must be the object of at least one supernatural being’s affection.

8.  Must be a master of dramatic eye-rolls. 

9.  And bitch face.

10. And finally, must be able to die a lot yet remain oddly unaffected.