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samisamisamice / mice

URL- Cutie. Sami. Sami. Samice. Parang Samice occidental hahahah. Maistuhod ko dun sa part na un.

YOU- Sami. Sam ba real name mo? Hahaha. Para kong bata kapag sinasabe name mo. Ate saaaaamiiii~ Feeling ko ang bait mo. Hihi. Thank you for appearing on my dashhhh.

Orphanage AU || closed rp


Bruce was sitting in the corner of the lunch room of the orphanages. He was doodling again, sucking on his thumb as he did so. Barely any of the other kids talked to him. They all thought he was weird and that’s why they stayed away.
It’s not like he could talk anyways. That’s why he drew his little comics. He didn’t notice the other girl coming up to him. He was busy putting on another bandaid before going back to doodling.