“Birthday surprise” Rami Malek x Reader feat. Sami Malek

AN: Hello there cuties. This is a story that was requested by a sweet anonnie five days ago. To whom I would like to apologies for being a bit late. And I sincerely ope you will enjoy this. And also tomorrow I will post another smut for Smut Mondays.

Title: Birthday Surprise
Fandom: Rami Malek fandom
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Type of fanfic: fluff, romance
Word count: 1022

- - - - -

Stroke after stroke, caress after caress, your boyfriend Rami was playing with your hair. With a soft cheeky grin spread across your face you hummed a soft tune whilst keeping your eyes closed. Gosh you enjoyed sweet moments like these. Eventually Rami lowered his head down almost on the same level as yours; whispering sweet and caring words to make you feel even more relaxed, if possible.

Today was your birthday. And like any other celebrated by you, you wanted just a small gathering of the closest friends with pizza and music in the background. But knowing your boyfriend; he had planned something bigger. The Maleks and your family have been friends for a really long time, so he thought; why not invite them as well? He didn’t wanted to you step way too much out of your comfort zone so he prepared a small birthday party right inside your house’s basement. Now don’t get me wrong, the basement of your parent’s home is huge, I mean humongous. Not a lot snacks includes, just several drinks and your ultimate favourites, pizza margarita and French fries.

It was indeed a bit difficult for him to make the gathering a surprise since well, you two you were constantly together. Especially by the end of August since his schedule would have been completely empty after wrapping up another season of Mr. Robot. But he had to come up with a plan; he had to hire someone to distract you. Then again, who else to choose for this assignment than his own brother Sami.

Day 2 before the birthday surprise.

Pretty much really early in the morning you were woken up by several pillows getting thrown over your face. With a loud grown you sat up, rubbed your eyes and glanced at your boyfriend’s brother grinning face. “What the hell are you doing this early, why are you waking me up …”

“It’s ten am, it’s not that early” he mumbled in a bit awkward response. “Anyways, in the honour of your birthday my parents had send us shit loads of money, and they gave me an assignment to buy you a gift. And knowing that no matter what I buy you, you will either exchange it or sell it …” You gulped a little bit looking at him. “Um yeah, you know me well …”

“I figured it would be better if we go shopping together, that way you will pick something you will enjoy and genuely like – so what do you say”

“I say, that is an excellent idea and I am all up for it, but why today thought, my birthday is not today”

“Well it’s never too early, right? You have ten minutes to get ready.” He responded and left the room so you could get ready. Damn this is surprising.

Day 1 before the birthday surprise.

It was around seven thirty o’ clock in the afternoon and you were not spending the weekend with our boyfriend. He kept claiming he was busy with work but you highly doubted. You secretly knew he was up to something interesting. Speaking of interesting, you had this sort of night ahead of you. In around an hour you were to meet your parents and Rami for dinner, sort of a double date kind of thing. Of course it was just one of your night your parents would do to make you feel extremely awkward but you had to face your fears.

You have decided to wear your birthday gift; a shorter, black and sleeveless dress. Despite the fact you hardly show your legs, you really enjoyed wearing this piece of clothing, it made you feel comfortable, and maybe tonight it makes you feel mentally comfortable as well.

Day 0 before the birthday surprise.

The of your birthday you had woken up a bit late, around twelve pm. You had a big mug of coffee to kick you off and a healthy smothie made of plenty of frozen berries and bananas. With a lovely sight over the back yard you noticed something going on. Why was your father moving all those chairs to the basement, and why was a humongous black car parked in front of the house?

Maybe someone was planning something. Something special for your birthday, who could be driving a car this big in your family – ah Sami, it must be him. The signs were all over. The other day when he took you out of the house that early just to buy you a gift. Even though it really is fun to expose people you’ve decided to keep your little discovery to yourself. They’ve been working pretty hard, let them finish it – I am positive I will enjoy it.

You were in the most comfortable clothes that evening when Rami came up to your, held your hands gently before the back and placed a kiss on your cheek. “There is something I want to show you sweetheart.”

“Hm what would that be Rami?”

“Well there is something waiting for you in the basement and I would like to show it to you now.” You smiled brightly before turning around, sort of glomping your boyfriend and giving his soft lips a little kiss. “For real? I am excited right now … Take me there I can’t wait any longer.”

An exited shriek was let out of your mouth before you held onto your boyfriend’s arm and allowed him to take you down stairs. He placed his big hands over your eyes as you two entered the spacious room. The first thing you herd was around twenty people yelling out the famous surprise. You were completely blown away. You recognized faces you hadn’t seen in over five years. Excitingly you began hugging your family and friends, it was particularly exciting to hug your future in laws; Rami’s parents.  You had a lovely night ahead of you.

Rami placed his arms again around your waist and kissed your cheek. “I could not have imagined a better way to spend my birthday, thank you so much …” You mumbled and gave his nose a little peck.

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13 samifinn :3

13. Nickname headcanon

Sami mostly calls Finn ‘Finnie’ which he said accidentally one time and was delighted at how much Finn loved it. Finn loves it because it sounds so cute - Sami and Finnie. A trademark feature of these two is that they can get the other to do anything if they ask nicely, and the second Sami says ‘Finnie’ Finn is ready to do anything. Sami occasionally sends Finn photos he took and a very poetic follow up message where he compares Finn in some way to the thing he saw.

Finn has all sorts of adorable nicknames for Sami, ‘cutie’ ‘honey’ ‘sweetie’ ‘puppy’ ‘sweetheart’ ‘angel’ ‘darling’ as well an assortment of cute words + the word boy, particularly ‘sweet boy’ ‘good boy’ ‘angel boy’ ‘darling boy’ and ‘baby boy’ They’re the last thing Finn mumbles before he drifts off to sleep, and the first thing he says in the morning when he wakes his boyfriend up. Sami cherishes all his sweet nicknames and finds they make early starts a lot more bearable.

Orphanage AU || closed rp


Bruce was sitting in the corner of the lunch room of the orphanages. He was doodling again, sucking on his thumb as he did so. Barely any of the other kids talked to him. They all thought he was weird and that’s why they stayed away.
It’s not like he could talk anyways. That’s why he drew his little comics. He didn’t notice the other girl coming up to him. He was busy putting on another bandaid before going back to doodling.