3  pages of my comic, at first I thought about making it a webcomic… but most of the pages have no dialogue or are action oriented and I thought it would be boring… I’m hoping to make something specially for a webcomic. I’m working on another 2 stories, one long and one short. I’m also reworking some things of this one, adding some pages for a reprint and for an app… oh well, I’ll said more once its finished.

Practice! I have a lot of stuff to upload but I have been crazy busy with work. I know uploading is easy and one can work and upload something without further problem… but I can’t.

Even answering messages is so bloody hard, I read the simplest and nicest messages and don’t know what to reply, I know (or think) “thanks” is usually enough… but is it? I can’t stop thinking “this person took the time to look at my work and message me this comment, is it enough?” then I wonder “what if I answer a lot and they think ‘dude, it was just a compliment, calm down” and a buch more of possibilities that I don’t even know how to handle.

Welcome to the ridiculous life of the overreacting artist.

Finished pencils are finished. Look how pencil they are!

As a young goddess Samicia couldn’t channel her power properly without a staff, for it was too raw and she was still unexperienced, also the reason why so many plants grew uncontrollable in her hair. Only some trees and fungi are capable of properly channel divine power, so she always makes are staff carefully.

Uncontainable energy needs to get out somehow and plants and other lifeforms help to regulate it.

She helps the forest grow as much as the forest help her.

Have some Samicia! She likes sunset and river rides in weird animals. I had to post more drawings of the character I plan to start a webcomic soon… I hope you like the pencil stuff too!

I really like to draw with pencils and I haven’t done so in a while… so I have a lot of pencil drawing to post now. I like them as finished pieces, but I can color them if you like.

Wow… my english seems rather broken today…

Another god meeting, now with the River Queen. Lets hope that she’s in a good mood for her temper is ever changing like the flow of the river she commands.

I like painting my own stuff, I don’t know if you like it too, cause I do like making fanart, specially of comics from friends that I think are marvelous and deserve much attention, but I'am working on some comics and other projects too that I hope some people will like.