samibal the cannibal

Oh what wonderful day! A day to celebrate away! A day to feast on the deceased! To yelp and cheer and scream from excitement my dear.

Don’t tell me you don’t know? One year ago to this day(ʸᵉˢᵗᵉʳᵈᵃʸ ᶫᵐᴬᴼ) I first met you guys!

But I am sorry to say that it is time for this blog to close… And to set this off with a BANG I’d like you all to try one last special treat. Quite special in fact. You could almost say.. It was quite dear to me. I call it, The Dear Friend Special.

pfft- HA! I Kid! Here’s right here sleeping like a baby! Poor thing couldn’t take three sleeping pills that I slipped into his drink drink last night.
*ᴹᴬᴳᴵᶜᴬᴸᴸʸ ᶜᴸᴱᴬᴺˢ ᵁᴾ*

Happy Anniversary to me~ 

And now I bid you all adieu! Forever! Bye bye! ᵒʳ ᶦˢ ᶦᵗ﹖


Hahahahahahahahahahahaa - I'm Sorry.

OOC: I so completely lied. It’s almost been a year and I didn’t continue this shit.

It just made me feel better to say it when I knew it wasn’t going to happen.
I’m such a dick.

It’s his 3rd anni in 9 more days on the 15th.

I might as well tell you what I was planning since it will most likely never happen.

Joey lost all memory of “Cannibal” Sam. Sam was relieved and saw it as a second chance. Which it was. But he saw it in a different way. Instead of trying to correct his ways he instead tried to repeat history in a better way.

By feeding Joey Who meat little pieces at a time to see his reaction, to see how he felt, see if he liked it or not. But every time Joey ate a piece of ‘bad’ meat he would regain lost memory.

Joey thought he was just remembering a nightmare but after so many times he remembers everything. He isn’t Paranoid!Joey though. He had his mind, but he’s disgusted, scared, and fearful of what Sam has done.

He doesn’t know what to do. This isn’t right. And he knew there was no way he would persuade Sam otherwise. So after thinking about all of his options he makes a decision. “That the fans were sorta suppose to make.”

Which was either “Kill Sam.” or “Contact the WhoPolice of Sam’s actions.”

Either, Sam would die in Joey’s arms, or Joey would watch Sam leave to WhoPrison where he would be executed. Either way he would die.

So, Cannibal Sam ends. Joey is free. But he feels empty. So very empty. Like he made the wrong choice.
He just can’t live without Sam. He can’t live without his stupid smile or his idiot actions. So he ends his life.

And that was going to be the end of this blog.

But I don’t think I will ever be able to play this out. Maybe some day I will when inspiration hits and I’m in a better place. But I can’t with my condition right now.

Thank you so much for every one of you who enjoyed Samibal. You guys made this blog one of the best things in my life. I’ll never forget this.
Thank you.