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Rules: List 10 good things that happened in 2016 and then tag 10 friends.

Tagged by @melzabelza…haven’t done one of these in a while, so here I go:

1. Not only did I finally get to meet Aron, but he was more awesome than I could have possibly imagined…I’m still pinching myself 5 months later!

2. I was lucky enough to go to NXT Takeover in Brooklyn once again. Just seeing Roode and Nakamura’s entrances live was worth the trip.

3. NXT also came to Albany again, so I got to see Sami Zayn in person before he was called up. And get heckled for cheering Elias Samson. XD

4. I finally saw a doctor about my chronic migraines, which has helped immensely.

5. My work schedule increased, and while it doesn’t leave me much time for edits and gifs anymore, it’s really nice to not be flat broke all the time, either.

6. I gave up trying to slog through 5 hours of Raw/Smackdown each week; now I just keep tabs on it via Twitter and cherry-pick the segments I want to see later. It’s so much less frustrating that way.

7. I bought a french press. It’s awesome.

8. So are my wireless headphones. I know, why so late to the party, etc…

9. I made it through the whole year without one cold/flu/sinus infection. That’s a first.

10. I also bought myself DDP Yoga for Christmas. Surprisingly, it’s getting more fun as I go along, and I already feel stronger. Nice way to close out the year. :)

Tagging(no pressure): @monkeychusetts, @gravityforgot, @mistress-of-magnificence, @iamteambucky and anyone else who’s year wasn’t too bad!

j-a-s-o-n-t-o-d-d  asked:

Your tags on that Sami Malek post 😂

LOL! I know I’m doing entirely too much but I can’t get over how rude and disrespectful their parents are. It’s bad enough Rami exists and now I’m finding out he has a sexy brother too?! My thirsty, obsessive ass cannot handle this.

And the man has the nerve to walk around looking this fine. It’s not fair.

My body is ready for him. Any time. Any place.