May 25, 2016- The Revival Tour instagram posted these seductive pictures of Selena today (X). She’s wearing the Sami Miro Vintage ‘Valentina’ Bodysuit in Medium Blue Denim Wash $210

Buy it HERE

What an interesting and innovative take on a sheer bodysuit and it looks SO HOT! I had my eye on the darker version when i saw it on Sami Miro not too long ago. I’m actually stoked to see Selena wearing it. I love it when she gets a little daring with her style.

Get the look with these sheer bodysuits:

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I hate seeing bloggers getting attacked for posting spoilers that are tagged. It’s a really simple solution. DON’T GO ONLINE! When I miss an episode I don’t go online because I don’t blacklist it considering it’s rare that I miss one and annoying to add tags and remove them all the time.  

Don’t attack the person. Either start blacklisting or don’t go online after an episode. It’s NOT their fault. EVER! SO STOP BLAMING BLOGGERS! It’s the internet. Be nice!  You’re being mean to someone for something you could of prevented. 

random list thing

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1. Go to this site:
2. Pick 15 of your favorite characters or favorite people from your fandoms and list them
3. Tag at least 5 people
4. Have fun with it!

1. Mom/Dad: Naomi (YAAAAYYY!!)

2. Sibling: Kenny Omega (we would get along so well)

3. Your Grandma/Grandpa: Shinsuke Nakamura (wtfff)

4. Haunts you: Hiroshi Tanahashi (hmmm)

5. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Enzo Amore *-*

6. Your ex: Kazuchika Okada :D

7. Your best friend: Dean Ambrose (that would be awesome)

8. Proposed to you: Asuka (weird)

9. Your boss: Sami Zayn

10. Random person you meet at a bar: Big Cass (oh yes)

11. Your rival: AJ Styles (poor me)

12. Gave you your first kiss: Natalya (are you fuckin kidding)

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: Bayley (THAT WOULD BE SO COOL OMG)

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Chris Jericho (yeeessssss)

15. Gave your favorite dessert to: Yoshi-Hashi

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@samiam1331 SAMI graduated college today!!!! Let’s hear it for the girl!!! 📢📢📢🎉🎊🎓🏆🌟
This dear friend has worked so so hard while holding down jobs and internships. She will do great things in the world. You just watch her. Sami is a beautiful person inside and out and today (and every day) I’m wishing her light and love and dreams coming true. Here’s to a life filled with adventures and everything that makes you happy, SAMI.

Love you so much.


List Thingy

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1) Go to this site
2) Pick 15 of your fave characters or fave people from your fandoms and list them.
3) Tag 5 people.
4) Have fun!

1) Your Dad - Finn Balor. (Okay I’ll call him Daddy xD).
2) Your Sibling - Enzo Amore
3) Your Grandpa/Grandma - Luke Willson
4) Haunts You - Dean Ambrose
5) Your Boyfriend - Shinsuke Nakamura (YES!!!!!)
6) Your Ex - Ryan Magee 😞
7) Best Friend - Markiplier (It would hard to be just friends with him xD).
8) Proposed to you - Johnny Depp
9) Your Boss - Sami Zayn
10) Random person you meet at a bar - Baron Corbin
11) Your Rival - Jacksepticeye (Aww, I could never be rivals with him! D:)
12) First Kiss - Link Neal 😍
13) Do drunk karaoke with - Big Cass
14) Play 7 minutes in heaven with - Rhett McLaughlin (Yes please!)
15) Gave your fave dessert to - Daniel Bryan (I would definitely share my fave dessert with him.)

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Ria was kind of Samy's personal whore, like she fucks him for money and he knew it, sometimes she fucked his friends too. And then Samy was like in love with her but when he lost his fame she left him. That's what I know from someone who worked with Samy.


1. go to this site:
2. Pick 15 of your favorite characters or favorite people from your fandoms and list them
3. Tag at least 5 people 

4. Have fun with it!

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1. Mom/Dad: finn balor

2. Sibling: seth rollins

3. Your Grandma/Grandpa: roman reigns (what kinda dysfunctional family)

4. Haunts you: apollo crews

5. Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: enzo amore (whistles) 

6. Your Ex: bayley (i would never let bayley go she’s so sweet??)

7. Your Best Friend: carmella

8. Proposed to you: tyler breeze 

9. Your Boss: sami zayn 

10. Random person you meet at a Bar: no way jose

11. Your Rival: shinsuke nakamura (no)

12. Gave you first Kiss: colin cassady 

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: natalya

14. Played 7 minutes of heaven with: xavier woods (eye emoji)

15. Gave your favorite dessert to: dean ambrose

I tag: @cherryheartswrasslin @irisu-chan fuckin idk i don’t talk to enough ppl that do these things lmao just anybody that sees it and wants to do it

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s a m a n t h a

solitude is bliss by tame impala
attaboy by say anything
millstone by brand new
aint trippin by blackbear
narrow mouth by the early november
tin can ride by gregory and the hawk
hebrews by say anything
atom bomb by red vox

send me ur name (or a character) and ill make u a playlist using the letters