I Don’t Cheat (Sami Zayn) - the reader and Sami are play fighting and it leads to some steamy bedroom playing instead

  • For lolabradbury; “Your Sami fic gave me so many feelings! Could you write another Sami fic with some dorky play wrestling/fighting where it gets heated?”

a/n: this request flooded my soul with happiness so I hope it does yours too. also, i’m so sorry it took so frickin long lmao - enjoy

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WARNINGS: language/smut/Daddy!kink

I glanced behind me as I ran, laughing the whole time. Sami wasn’t following me yet so I had time to hide. I leaped over the coffee table, nearly knocking a glass of water over in the process. Squatting in the coverage of the couch, I held my breath and waited for sounds that told me Sami was close.

No sounds came but the deep scream from the other side of me did. Sami looked down at me and laughed as I screamed back at him in fear. He held out a hand for me and I begrudgingly took it. He in turn grabbed my arm swiftly and put me in a headlock.

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First Time (Omega x Balor x Reader x Zayn)

Sami Zayn x Finn Balor x Reader x Kenny Omega
Warning: Smut. Bi stuff. Group sex. Partner Swapping
A/N:  If this is a mess I take full responsibility, but it had to be written. (Also I proofread but I’m sure there’s something I missed, just ignore that)
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~2100 words

It had all started so innocently.

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Sami Zayn - “It’s my baby too!”

Prompt: How about writing a fic where your dog doesnt let your fianceé Sami zayn anywhere near your baby bump when he comes home😊Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 600+

Sami is probably really regretting his decision to get you a dog now. It was about a year ago when you first brought up the idea. Sami was going away longer, leaving you in your big house by yourself. Now it’s not like you were afraid to be there alone, you just felt better having another living thing there to protect you. So that Christmas Sami got you a dog, a little Rottweiler pup, Archie.

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Appreciation post for our favorite Ginger Bean who is way too precious for this world. He deserves so much better than what he is getting in WWE and I really hope they’ll sort their shit out and use him the way he deserves. We love you Sami baby 😇💜✨ @hardcorewwetrash @asylumxclub @smutwwe @sammiielli @daintymissdevitt @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @saywecan-die @alexahood21 @happiness-in-reznor @bizclizbaybay @dark-blueheart13 @mermaidfett @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @sailoralderaan @fuckyeahbulletclub @lambchopviking @mistressbalor @flawlessbalor


Here’s a masterlist of my WWE and Youtuber prompts/imagines that will hopefully work for mobile users. Please let me know if anything doesnt work. This is updated everytime I post a new lot of writing.

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Having a baby w/ Finn Bálor would include...

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Twins- Sami Zayn

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Twins- Sami Zayn

Summary: Having twins with Sami Zayn

Word count: 516+

Warnings: Pregnancy (if that’s a warning) and fluff!

The last few weeks of your pregnancy were nerve wracking but also exciting. You and Sami were expecting twins- a boy and a girl. You had to be put on bed rest the final weeks but as long as the babies were healthy, you were okay with it.
“How are you feeling?” Sami asked, walking over to you. Sami had taken a few weeks off to help you before and after the babies were born.
“Miserable. I just want them out.” You answered, sighing. Sami laid beside you in the bed, rubbing his hand on your belly. “Well, the twins will be here when they are ready. Until then, just rest.” He said, kissing your cheek. You flashed him a smile.
“I just want to meet them!” You said. You were impatient when it comes to waiting. Sami chuckled. “I do too, sweetheart.” Sami said.
As the two of you laid in bed, talking about the future with the twins, you felt a sharp pain. Your stomach got tighter. You tensed up. “Are you okay?” Sami asked, worried. He sat up, looking at you.
“I think I just had a contraction.”

“I’m not having no more after this.” You groaned, squeezing Sami’s hand. When you arrived at the hospital, the contractions were getting three to five minutes apart and a lot stronger.
“Just breathe, baby.” Sami whispered, kissing your forehead. You closed your eyes, trying to breathe through each contraction. 

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Dating Sami Zayn would include:

× Him being in love with you for a long time
× Being really good friends at first
× Singing karaoke together
× Being teased by him 24/7 and teasing him back
× Double dates with kevin and his wife
× Even you and him been dating for awhile, he is still pretending to yawn while raising his arm and laying it around your shoulder
× Always being confident and fearless around him
× Him thinking he is not good enough for you
× “don’t say that, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me”
× Him being so worried everytime you are on ring
× Sweet soft kisses which turn heated really quickly
× Kisses on your forehead
× You think he’s absolutely precious and reassure him with a kiss
× Not a lot of jealousy, but God forbid if a guy gets too touchy with you
× Catching him staring at you every second of everyday on the week
× “sami, this is creepy, baby”
× “why? you’re absolutely beautiful”
× Hugs from behind
× Him being so gentle when you’re having sex
× “is this ok, babygirl?”
× Wearing his sweaters even though they’re very big on you
× Him smiling and flushing bright red when he sees you in them
× Marathon of your favorite series
× Finn embarrasing Sami in front of you
× Hand kisses
× Him playing with your hair
× he tries to make you a braid
× but ends in a disaster
× Waking up to kisses
× or maybe a burning kitchen
× He’s literally the sweetest boyfriend ever

FOTD by Sam

i use Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, then I hide any red spots with YSL Green Concealer, then Maybelline Stay Fit! Dewy + Smooth foundation in porcelain, then NXY Above & Beyond Full Coverage concealer, I bake my face with Covergirl translucent loose powder, then contour with NYC Color Wheel bronzer, I used Essence blush (I believe in the color “Adorable”) on my upper cheek/under my eyes kind of as a “transition” shade for all of the colors, I highlighted using Wet N Wild’s Illuminating palette, all of the eyeshadows I used were from a Simply Spoiled eyeshadow palette which I believe is discontinued. I checked their website the other day and couldn’t find it. Unfortunately, that’s the most important part of the makeup look but there’s no name on the palette and no name for each color either :-( I blended 90% of the eyeshadows with my fingers, which actually was a lot easier than any brushes. Next I curled my lashes and put on two mascaras: Benefits Roller Lash & Pur Cosmetics Volume Vixen. And finally, the last thing I used was Cailyn Cosmetics Funky Orange Trio liquid lipsticks, I used the two colors Modernist & Egoist!!