sami and lena


Amo los personajes de Sami y Lena, ellas a pesar de la muerte de sus madres a tan corta edad y luego ser criadas por gente verdaderamente malvada y fóbica, a demás de ser tentadas por el lado oscuro no perdieron su centro y siempre lucharon por el bien, a pesar de que eso signifique perder a la única familia que les queda.

The world cup is over and the Germany won but who according to you was the "best" wags? Choose among those listed below :) Send me a message (also anonymous) with the name of the wags

Antonela Roccuzzo (Lionel Messi)

Ann Kathrin Brömmel (Mario Gotze)

Bruna Marquezine (Neymar)

Bouchra Elbali (Robin Van Persie) 

 Cathy Fischer (Mats Hummels)

Clarice Alves (Mrcelo)

Lena Gercke (Sami Khedira)

Mandy Grace Capristo (Mesut Ozil)

Montana Yorke (Andres Schurrle)

Jorgelina Crdoso (Angel Di Maria)

Sarah Brandner (Bastian Schweinsteiger)

Dogs - asked by xabi-alonso-14 :)

Ana Sofia (Pepe) has a dog Bia.

Coentrao Family has three dogs : Valentina, Gucci and … I don’t know the name of the third dog. Probably they have more animals in the house :)

Raphael and Camille have a dog Nina.

Family Arbeloa has three dogs Bauer, Mulder and Sawyer.

Marcelo and Clarice love animals and … you should read the article on this topic haha :D

Family Rodriguez has two dogs Manolo and Dilan.

Irina has a dog Caesar, Cristiano has two dogs Marosca and Abelhinha.

Toni and Jessica have two dogs Julius and Lennox.

Lena has one dog named Coco.

Sergio has two dogs Urco and Icaro.

Iker and Sara have two dogs Doce and Uno.

Victoria and Isco have two dogs Messi and Bubu. A few days ago Victoria published a photo of the puppy, naming him “Messi Junior” but I’m not sure if it’s their dog :)

Karim Benzema has a dog Bulixon - thank you madridista88 for information :

The world cup is over and the Germany won but who according to you was the best couple of this edition? Choose among those listed below :) Send me a message (also anonymous) with the name of the couple :*

Andres Schurrle and Montana Yorke

Arjen Robben and Bernadien Eillert

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sarah Brandner

James Rodrieguez and Daniela Ospina 

Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix

Mario Gotze and Ann Kathrin Brömmel 

Mats Hummels and Cathy Fischer 

Mesut Ozil and Mandy Grace Capristo

Nigel De Jong and Winonah De Jong

Robin Van Persie and Bouchra Elbali

Sami Khedira and Lena Gercke


Happy Valentine’s Day! <3
(Primera División Edition)


Goodbye Khedira.!! I wish you happiness and lots of success.Thank you your work for Real Madrid.I hope you and Lena will be together forever and I can’t wait to see your future.Good Luck.!!

Siblings. Part 2.

Toni has a younger brother Felix who is the player of Werder Bremen.Jessica has a brother, but I have no information about him. Maybe you know something more? :)

Lena has a sister Yana, Sami has two brothers Rani and Denny.

Lety has a sister Renata and two brothers Rodrigo and Jaime, Chicharito has sister Ana.

Maria has two sisters Palma and Clara and two brothers Luis and Juan, Nacho has sister Maite and brother Alejandrio (Alex) who is the player of RCD Espanyol.

Pilar has a brother Alberto, Sergio has a sister Mirian and brother Rene.

Sara has one sister Irene, Iker has one brother Unai.

Luka has two younger sisters Jasminka (25) and Diora (15). Unfortunately, I don’t have any information about siblings of Vanja. Maybe you know something? :)

Victoria has one brother Sergio, and possibly sister but unfortunately I don’t know her name, Isco has one brother Antonio Carlos.

Dani has one sister Patricia.

Pacheco has a younger brother Javier.

Jese has two sisters Queila and Evelyn and two brothers Israel and Misael.