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Spirits #1: Sensing and Recognising

In this post, I will give you:

A forewarning.

Ways to recognise when a spirit is around.

Exercises to help you sense them.

Grounding Methods

Herbs for Psychic Powers/Tea recipes

Gems for Psychic awareness/powers

A Forewarning:

It’s easy to convince yourself that everything is a spirit. I’ve seen a lot of beginners and even more experienced people do so. There’s also the placebo effect. Your friend says they saw a spirit and now you start seeing that thing around you. It could be because you’re giving it energy, but it could very well be a type of placebo effect. So be careful. Not everything is a spirit…

… and not everything isn’t.

Now, here I will be giving out information I have gathered around, however, take it with a pinch of salt and add what you wish to it.

Finally, remember that grounding yourself is also very important. I’ll expand upon that in another post.

Recognise a Spirit:

There are ways to recognise a spirit through all five senses, and for some, even the sixth one.

There are spirits with higher frequencies, “good” spirits, if you will. And some with lower frequencies, “bad” spirits, as some will call them. I am of the mindset that there are no good or bad spirits, just like there are no good or bad people.

Please note: I am not talking about demons, here.

Spirits with higher or lower frequencies will feel or be sensed differently.

Again, here’s a strong disclaimer. Not everything is a spirit/ghost. Especially if you suffer with a mental illness, please be cautious.


  • Shadows: Shadows are an easy way for spirits to manifest themselves. They’re not fully manifested, but you can see them. There’s a difference between shadows and shadow people, you’ll immediately feel the change in energy.
  • Partial Manifestation: Although rarer, spirits can fully manifest parts of themselves, such as eyes, face, hands. They’re often a whitish hue or even full colour. These don’t last long due to the tremendous energy it takes.
  • Full Manifestation: A full body manifestation is very rare and doesn’t last long, because for a spirit to fully manifest itself, it takes a lot of energy. Some people can help a spirit stay manifested longer, but I’ve seen it take an awful toll on those people’s health. I don’t suggest you try it.
  • Peripheral Vision: Seeing people or shadows out of the corner of your eyes.This is the most common way to see a spirit.
  • Air Distortions: Distortions in the air where there’s no reason to have any. Can be a sign of a spirit either trying to manifest itself or simply there.
  • Orbs: Orbs are small balls of light that are usually captured when taking a picture with a flash. Though a lot of them is just the flash catching dust or pollen, there are also “ghost orbs”, or spirit energy. There are even orbs that you can zoom in on and see faces/shapes.Orbs have also been spotted just floating around.
  • Light Distortion: Sometimes, when a spirit is of a lower frequency, the light in the room seems to be drained, lights can spontaneously go off, candle flames dwindle without a cause and so on. But when a spirit is of a higher frequency, lights seem to shine brighter and candle flames can burn high.


Hearing is the most delicate one since I have, in the past, suffered from insomnia induced psychosis for several months, and know what it is like to hear voices. Please don’t assume that the voices you hear are spirits. And even if they are, don’t let them tell you to do bad things. They have no power over you unless you give them power, whether they be real or not.

  • Tinnitus: So this one is rather nebulous, but a few of my psychic friends/acquaintances claim that often, when they hear a sharp ringing in their ears, it’s a spirit attempting to communicate, but either they aren’t ready to hear what they have to say, or the spirit isn’t capable to getting their message across the veil.
  • Zaps, Bangs and odd little sounds: Sometimes, a spirit can try and get your attention through odd little noises only you hear, and seemingly come from nowhere.
  • Footsteps: Footsteps in a room when nobody’s home, or on the walls or ceiling. Your house is making more noise than usual without any causing.
  • Tapping: Little knocks at your door or on your wall through which you can even communicate. Sometimes doors slam without wind.<
  • Buzzing: Your ears may buzz loudly when spirits are around.
  • Whispers: Hearing whispers when there is no reason to.
  • Voices: Hearing voices around you when there is no one. This is a delicate subject matter. Don’t trust the voices without being 1000% sure. Don’t trust the voices if you are currently in a bad mental place (unless it’s trying to cheer you up and help you, in that case, even if it’s a hallucination, at least it’s pretty positive) and don’t trust the voices if they’re telling you to do something bad. Or something that could lead to something bad. However, it is a way for spirits to communicate.


  • Odd Tastes: This is an odd one and I only know two people other than me that have that reaction to spirits, but it’s basically when certain spirits give you tastes in your mouth, such as blood, dirt, sugar, spices and more.


  • Good Smells: A spirit can manifest itself with good smells. Smells that remind you of a deceased loved one or something comforting.
  • Bad Smells: Just as similarly, some spirits come around with bad smells like rotting flesh or blood.
  • Other: Sometimes, a smell that has no reason to be there just appears. Like the smell of roast beef in the middle of the night, wafting from your kitchen.


  • A gush of Warm/cool air: You randomly feel a breeze when there shouldn’t be one.
  • A stroke: You feel as though someone is touching you, stroking you, often in a loving way, or sometimes, in a more uncomfortable way. It gives you goosebumps or shivers.
  • A Blow: A full on blow to your body. This is rare and more often happens in dream/while you sleep, while real life physical consequences.
  • Marks: Odd marks on your body. For example, I had a hand shaped mark on my inner thigh, in a way my hands couldn’t have done it, it was outlined with a white line, but was not a scratch. Don’t assume every bump/scratch is a spirit.
  • Hands: You feel someone touching you. Not really like a stroke, just a hand on your shoulder, or around your throat, or on your cheek. Sometimes a hand holding yourself.
  • Change in Air pressure: The air around you feels lighter, or heavier, depending on the vibrations.
  • Pressure on Chest: a very common one I’ve heard is the feeling someone or something sitting on your chest, most of the time, in a very oppressive way.
  • Electric Shocks: Some people, like myself, feel electric shocks down our spines when close to spirits.
  • Skin: Your skin crawls, or goosebumps suddenly erupt for no reason, you feel dirty.


Extra sensory perception, possibly the most common way to feel a spirit.

  • Anxiety: Unexplained anxiety, stress, fear, panic attacks, depression and such.
  • Joy: Euphoria, happiness, confidence, comfort, compassion, good emotions that come out of nowhere.
  • Empathy: Suddenly feeling emotions that aren’t yours when you, yourself aren’t an empath.
  • Paranoia: Sudden feelings of being watched, being in danger/vulnerable, feeling you’re not alone.
  • Intuition: Sudden increase in intuition, like someone is telling you something.
  • Dread: Your stomach drops,a feeling of dread, tight throat, unexplained sadness.
  • Dizziness: Dizziness, nausea, motion sickness, you just feel queasy and wrong.

Become more Sensitive:

I don’t know if someone who isn’t naturally sensitive to spirits can become it, though they probably can, I wouldn’t know the methods. So here, I’m going to list ways of increasing already existing sensitivity.

  • Always Start by Grounding: Grounding is incredibly important. Everyone has their method. Mine is to walk barefoot in the earth or to just stand up and feel my feet. You can meditate, use crystals and so on. I’ll list more grounding methods later.
  • Meditate: Meditation is an effective way of becoming more receptive to subtle things around you. Everyone has their techniques, but I like doing Anapana before expanding into consciousness projection.
  • Just get yourself into a spiritual state: May it be through music, walking in the woods, cooking, anything that gets you spiritual, it’ll increase your sensitivity.
  • Herbal Infusion: Make a herbal tea that favours psychic powers. I’ll give recipes later.
  • Open your Third Eye: Everyone has their method, but the third eye is a very effective way of doing so.
  • Work with Crystals: I’ll give a list of crystals later.
  • Get Spirit’s Attention: Again, many methods that I will list later, but you can find your own.
  • Channel: Play a good game of Ouija, or do some automatic writing, maybe use your pendulum or any methods of channeling you use. It can get you going.

There are many other methods. Find your own!


  • Walk: Take a long walk in nature, barefooted preferably, and just feel the earth beneath your feet.
  • Trees: Hug trees, meditate under trees, just be around trees, imagine yourself rooting yourself in the earth. Can work with house plants, just dig your hands into the earth and feeling your energy going deep.
  • Dance: Dance around, stomp your feet, rock the world, just get in touch with your physical body.
  • Meditate: Meditate. Just concentrate in your breath, your body. Then, you can try and expand your consciousness, but instead of reach up, go down, into the earth.
  • Massage: Massage yourself or get someone to massage you. Nothing airy. A nice, deep massage. Rub your limbs and pat yourself down. You’re here, in your body.
  • Exercise: Do physical exercise. Yoga in particular (I don’t recommend Kundalini or westernised Yoga Pilates/etc, but actual Indian yoga. Something grounding like standing poses, especially Tadasana/Mountain Pose.) and Qi Gong
  • Animals: Spend time stroking your dog, cat, horse, earth animal (not birds, or aquatic animals)
  • Earth Spirit: Ask earth spirits, such as trolls, gnomes and others to help you be grounded.


Herbs for Psychic Awareness:


Taken from Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Feel free to do your own research.

  • Astral Protection: Mugwort, Poplar, Dittany of Crete
  • Mental Powers (Strengthen): Caraway, Celery, Eyebright, Grape, Horehound, Lily of the Valley, Mace, Mustard, Periwinkle, Rosemary, Rue, Spearmint
  •  Psychic Powers: Acacia, Althea, Bay, Bistort, Bladderwrack, Borage, Buchu, Celery, Cinnamon, Eyebright, Flax, Grass, Honeysuckle, Lemongrass, Mace, Marigold, Mastic, Mugwort, Peppermint, Rose, Rowan, Saffron, Star Anise, Thyme, Uva Ursa, Yarrow, Wormwood, Yerba Santa
  • Spirituality: African Violet, Aloes Wood, Gum Arabic, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood

Tea Recipes:

  • Meditation: 6 tsp English breakfast tea, 2 tsp Chamomile, 1 tsp Rose hips, 1 tsp Elder flower
  • Psychic 1: 6 tsp Rose petal, 4 tsp Thyme, 4 tsp Yarrow, 2 tsp Cinnamon, 2 tsp Clove
  • Psychic 2: 1 tsp mugwort, 1 tsp Lemon Balm, 1 tsp peppermint, 1 tsp yarrow, ¼ tsp ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp ground clove,

There are other recipes, or make your own!


I am not listing them all since there are a lot. Feel free to do your own research.

Increase Psychic Awareness:

  • Azurite: It vibrates at the level of the third eye chakra, for clairvoyance, crown chakra, for heightened spiritual connections and throat chakra for psychic communication.
  • Angelite: Used to communicate with Angels and higher frequency. It helps open you up to new information and spiritual senses.
  • Amethyst: Opens higher chakras, helps strengthen psychic abilities, protects and good for meditation and dreams.
  • Bloodstone: This one is really known to strengthening psychic abilities of all kinds, especially clairvoyance. It also protects from lower frequencies.
  • Carnelian: This one helps heighten/develop intuition, clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Used to transfer living to the spirit realm and vice versa.
  • Fluorite: Offers psychic protection, from negative energies and psychic vampires. Helps strengthen intuition, psychic abilities, connection to spirits and spirit guides.
  • Herkimer Diamond: Especially known for having magical properties, the Herkimer Diamond helps with telepathy, connections to spirit guides, past life and enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Kyanite: Great stone to use in meditation, to aid lucid dreaming, astral projection, connecting to spirit guides and Intuition. (Do use with caution since it’s really strong)
  • Sapphire: Helps open communication lines with the spirit world, helps give clarity, open the third eye and enhance psychic visions. Also aids with out of body, telepathy, precognition and intuition.
  • Turquoise: Enhances clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, strengthen psychic powers and balance chakras.
  • Quartz: Quartz is the most powerful stone for psychic abilities, and the most accessible. It enhances psychic vision, understanding messages from the spirit world, opening communication with it and balancing chakras.

Psychic Protection:

  • Labradorite: Good for protection against negative energies and very powerful psychic protection.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Also amazing to keep you safe from negativity, it helps mostly with more human bad energies. Still very good.
  • Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline helps ground you and keeps you incredibly safe from negativity. Like a pillar. My personal choice.
  • Emerald: Emerald is incredibly powerful psychic tool and keeps you safe from negative energies.
  • Most of the crystals mentioned above are really good for protection too.
  • Most black stones are good for grounding/protection/Absorption of negative energies, such as: Apache tears, Black tourmaline, obsidians and more.

Finally, a disclaimer. I don’t know everything. I may have made some mistakes. Please take care of yourself when working with the subtle and please don’t force yourself into doing something that frightens you or that you don’t feel ready to do. If you are mentally unstable, first look into healing yourself before going into spirit communication, since spirits can trick you, just like humans.

Please take care, but don’t be afraid either since fear is food for spirits with lower vibrations.

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Disenchanting Bath

Originally posted by sam2119931

1 cup Epsom salts

Non-toxic marker

           Write the name of the spell you wish to remove on your body. If you do not know the name, draw a sigil to represent it.  If you wish to cleanse yourself completely, as per my Samhain ritual, draw a sigil representing positive magic, and a sigil representing negative magic. Also draw a sigil representation for others, and for yourself.

           Dissolve Epsom salts in warm bath water. Step in and soak for a few minutes to soften the ink. Scrub the sigils off gently, and visualize the energy of the spell(s) melting away with the ink.

           This can help with jinxes and hexes, as well as minor curses (when used in tandem with other measures). This is quite gentle neutralization, and sometimes more aggressive measures are very necessary, especially if you need an immediate and permanent fix.

A simple candle spell for those whom wish to invite friendly spirits into their home’s this Halloween/Samhain.

Originally posted by galactic-castle

  • Black Candle (For banishing negative spirits )
  • Frankincense Oil (Let higher realm/angelic energy come through)
  • Myrrh Oil (Protection)
  • Lavender Oil (Love and peace)

“I welcome spirits on this darkened night, to fill this home with thy voice and sight.”

Add a drop of both Frankincense and Myrrh oil to the candle and rub all over/annoint (Try to avoid the wick as it might be hard to light when wet)

” Let this Frankincense & myrrh hinder malicious spirits or those with intentions blurred.”

Do the same with the lavender oil.

“Let this lavender relax, make tranquil and bring spirits a sense of calm.”

Finally light the candle.

“Then let you be on your way by the crack of dawn or when the flame of this candle is put out and gone.”

Burn the candle all night or as long as you wish for the spirits to be at your home. Be a good host, be polite, have offerings of red wine or candy for those that may come.

Neutralizing Powder

Originally posted by samiamloves1d

Ashes from Fresh Start Spell (ideally, but charged ashes sound fine)



Grind salt, charcoal, and ashes in a pestle and mortar until fine.

May salt cleanse you, charcoal consume you, and these ashes fade your purpose. May you return, balanced, from which you came.

Charge with your favorite method. Use by sprinkling on a charm or physical symbol of a spell. If you enchanted an entryway, or property, simply toss it at this to remove said enchantment.

I free you of your duties –no longer will you [purpose of spell]. May salt cleanse you, charcoal consume you, and these ashes fade your purpose.

You may also use this on items you suspect may be enchanted –along with your regular purification methods.


This is a spell to increase spiritual awareness. I figured it’s fitting since it’s October and almost Samhain!💫

✨ Likes/Loves charge it. ✨ Reblogs cast it. ✨


Potion: Dandelion Wine

I’ve always found the writings of Gerina Dunwich to be simply enchanting. While diving through one of her books, Candlelight Spells, I happened upon a few potions that I am dying to concoct. The first one is a Dandelion Wine. Dandelion’s magical properties include spirit calling and divination – so it seems most appropriate for Samhain. Since Samhain is only 350 days away (but who’s counting?) I am going to try and put this together soon:

To prepare this potion, you’ll need:

·       3 quarts of dandelion flowers, packed tightly, stems removed

·       2 gallons of spring water

·       7 lbs. sugar

·       3 oranges

·       2 lemons

·       ¼ box of seedless raisins

·       1 envelope of dry yeast

Cover the dandelion flowers with boiling water and let it stand for three days. Strain through a colander and discard the dandelions. Add the 7 pounds of sugar to the liquid. Slice the oranges and lemons, leaving the peels but removing the seeds. Add the fruits to the liquid. Next, add the raisins and stir thoroughly. Boil for 20 minutes and then remove from heat. Let stand for another twenty-four hours.

Add the yeast, dissolved in six tablespoons of hot water. Stir and strain the mixture through a wet muslin into wine bottles, filling them to the brim. Tie pieces of muslin over the bottle tops or seal with corks, taking care not to cap them too tightly. The potion is ready to drink after fermentation has stopped and no more bubbles appear in the bottle. It can be stored in a cool, dark place for up to six months.

This would be an excellent libation for Samhain or any magical working where the dead are involved. Since dandelion also has strong ties to divination, I will be creating this potion for my monthly Wine and Tarot meetups that take place in my living room!

Works cited

Dunwich, G. (1988). Candlelight spells: The modern witch’s book of spellcasting, feasting, and healing. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press.

Fresh Start Spell

Originally posted by randomstuffs2

1 white candle, a piece of white paper, and a black crayon

1 black candle, a piece of black paper, and a crayon

On a small square of white paper, draw a sigil representing negative magic. On the black paper, draw a sigil representing positive magic. Light the candles.

On this night I will remove my mark on this world to begin anew. I sever the chaos I have sent out, and I sever my blessings. May my power return to me and make use for new priorities.

Burn the negative sigil on the white candle. [see note]

Cease all of my curses, hexes, and jinx, offensive and active, all that is chaotic, dark, masculine.

Burn the positive sigil on the black candle.

Release all of my blessings, the defensive and passive, all that is orderly, bright, feminine.

Pinch out the flames.

With this, I return to balance.

[Note: save these ashes to neutralize specific spells, as I do here.]


Here’s a little update on how far I’ve come with my BoS. Now that I’ve got the basics, I’ll add more about different kinds of sigil-making and alphabets.

How to: Make a Combustible Purifying Powder

You’ll need:
Camphor or Frankincense or eventually Sulphur 
Sea Salt (preferably blessed or at least, rough, but regular will do)
My pick: Powdered Palo Santo
You can replace with: St. John’s Wort (for driving something away); Amaranth, Benzoin, cinnamon, mint, sage, saffron, vervain, (to protect); mandrake (powerful protection);  any other purifying/protecting plant you want
Optionally: a mortar or a grinder

A Explanation:
This is a highly flammable powder that kinda goes “poof” into a large flame and dies out quickly. So be careful.
It’s good for kind of driving away nasty energies/spirits, or just purifying the place.

How to:
If you’re using the same ingredients as me, all you have to do is mix them together in whatever container you want, and optionally, use the mortar to make it smoother and break the bigger bits.
If you’re using another plant that isn’t already powdered, make sure it’s dry, and grind it in the grinder or the mortar (depending on the plant) and then add the camphor and salt.
That’s pretty much it, to be honest.

You can use it on a bonfire or a campfire to finish a ceremony and such.
You can burn it in a heat resistant recipient in your own home.
You can put a bit on a candle flame when doing a ritual or something.
You may put it on a piece charcoal (made for incense) and such other things.

It’s a nice, explosive way to shoo bad energies out the door.

As usual, be sure to tell me how it went!

Grief Powder

Originally posted by absinthundrosen




Grind in a pestle and mortar until the herbs release their fragrance.

Although the dead may not heal, the living may. Let the spirit rest, and let those left behind remember them, and rest peacefully as well.

Spill blood or tears into the container, then allow to charge overnight. Grind once more. Toss on a mourners property, a photograph of the deceased, or use is rituals of grief.

All Hallows lucky apple spell

External image


  • An apple(s)
  • caramel to melt (the kind to melt in a pot or bowl works best for this)
  • Popsicle sticks or wooden dowels.

This Spell is Done on Samhain/ halloween. 

Use 1 apple per person.Get your apple and rinse it under running water, imagine all of the impurities falling off of the apple and any negative energy that it (and you may have collected over the year) being washed away with the water.

Dry your apple. 

Don’t forget to keep stirring your caramel while it melts. As it melts try to think of it as melting liquid gold or liquid luck. 

When the caramel is at a perfect temperature and consistency dip the apple(s) (your now purified form/self into the liquid gold/luck) set the apple aside to cool and then you can eat up all that delicious luck!

It’s almost here! Samhain is next week, can you believe it? Time is flying on my end. I’ve been meaning to post this for over a week now, but am just now finding the time! Samhain is seen by some as the end of the “witch’s year” and bring this year to an end means letting go of this year and embracing the new! This jar focuses on letting go and making peace with your year and setting up your new intentions and preparing for your year to come.

  • ground ginger - welcoming adventure and new experiences
  • black pepper - banishing and releasing negativity from this year
  • sage - self purification for a blank slate 
  • anise - aide in finding happiness
  • cloves - for help in gaining what is sought

Like any of my jars, I recommend starting out with meditation, lighting the candle you will seal the jar with and taking time to clear your head and focus as much as you can on this. If it helps, I would also write down all of what you want to let go of, you can burn this or bury it if you want to. I also would recommend (witch or not!) to write out your intent and goals for the year to come so you have a physical reminder to meditate with and look at daily to keep yourself focused. Visualize these things while you assemble your jar and take as much time as you need! Seal your jar up (I have a tutorial here if you need help!) and meditate with it when you can to refocus your goals!

I know Samhain is usually associated with the fact that the veil is thin during this time, so spirit work is popular, but for those of us who don’t work with spirits, I wanted to bring something else to the table! (But I do have a divination spell jar if you do!)

I would LOVE (as always) to see your recreations, just tag me as a mention or a regular tag. All my other jars and originals can be found here. I hope this is helpful, and I would love to hear what you let go of/or your goals for the coming year if you want to share! 

Love you, little witches! Happy Samhain, and stay safe! 



🎃 Pumpkin Wards 👻

a seasonal activity to help guard your house from spirits and negative energies this halloween!

🎃 gather: a pumpkin or similar gourd, a carving station, a candle, and a mixture of cloves, nutmeg, coffee grinds, and cinnamon.  

👻 scoop out the pumpkin seeds, save a handful of the seeds

🎃 carve any face or design you like into the pumpkin, but carve with the intent that it will scare spirits away from your house. 

👻 spice the inside of the pumpkin with the herbs.

🎃 before you light the candle, drop a pumpkin seed on each of the corners of the area you wish to protect.

👻 anoint the candle with the spices or a sigil if you like. 

🎃 light the candle, let it burn safely outside in a non-flammable area

👻 if you like, you can even carve sigils into the pumpkin if you like, to modify the spell against anything else you want to protect yourself from this night.