Blessed Samhain! -Lee Bradford on Redbubble. 

I made this with the intent to be greeting cards, so there’s not a whole lot there in the shop. (I can make more things available on request, I just don’t have the time right now). I tried a very different coloring technique for this one and I’m pleased with the result. I don’t do lineart like this very often and I’m very proud of what came out of the pen.

Kind of channeled my inner Amy Brown for this one… 

Here’s hoping I have the energy to do many more of these as the seasons wear on!


Samhain, my cat, rubbing/petting herself against my Grimoire.

Now, Sammy’s story is kinda funny. We adopted her on Halloween’s night SIX YEARS before I started practicing witchcraft or even LEARNED THAT WAS ACTUALLY A THING. We were planing on naming her Hally, but then mom found an article speaking of Samhain and said “hey! I like it! And we can nickname her Sammy!” (we pronounce it in Spanish, so we cal her Sam-HA-een).

She’s the only cat we’ve ever had (for more than a couple of days as a transition home) and she’s very kind, calm, and smart. Lazy and loves being petted. She slept on my bed for two years until one day suddenly I developed a severe cat allergy. The doctors said she had to go, but I refused. She’s family, so she stays. I had a major surgery to help with my respiratory issues, and several cases of chemosis later, we have found a balance. I’ve learned how often I need to wash my face and hands, that she can only sleep with me during the cold season, etc. She’s very smart so she understand she can’t approach me when she hears me cough or sniff.

If you have a few to spare, draw me a sigil or cast me a spell so that my allergies can go away as magically as they appeared.

Samhain is a magickal cat, there’s no telling me otherwise. Weather she’s my familiar or not it’s still to be seen, but asides from her eerie arrival on Halloween night, she can freaking SENSE IT when I’m crafting. She’s usually minding her own business on the roof or the storage room she’s claimed as her den, but during the full moon night when I was casting my first spell, she suddenly started meowing to be let in and she jumped on my lap and started purring, staring at the burning candle with me (she’s usually scared of fire).

Then one other time I was working on my satchels and again, she was all over it. Spices weren’t new, and she shows no interesting in this kind of thing (she’s not a curious cat).

Basically every time I cast a spell or prepare it she appears out of nowhere and sits quietly with me or just purrs along. While my dogs steer clear from my craft, the cat is sooooo into it.

Bless her ♥

🍀 🍄A summary of the Sabbats ðŸ„🍀

When I was a baby witch, it was really difficult for me to understand the Sabbats and the wheel of the year. To help all my baby witches, I made a short summary to make it easier. 

🎄 Yule (Date: on the winter solstice, dec. 20-23) 🎄

This is the Sabbat for celebrating rebirth. Many people celebrate it similarly to Christmas, with gift giving, feasting, and wreath making. People will often kiss a consenting partner under a sprig of mistletoe for good luck.

🐏  Imbolc (Date: feb. 2) 🐏 

This Sabbat celebrates the return of spring. People make corn dollies and set them in a basket next to a symbol of masculinity. Many Witches will clean out their homes during Imbolc.

🐣 Ostara (Date: on the vernal equinox, Mar. 20-23) 🐣 

This Sabbat celebrates the coming time of fertility. Egg decorating is common during this time.

🔥 Beltane (Date: May 1) 🔥

This Sabbat focuses on fertility. Many Pagans choose to conceive children at this time (or just to enjoy themselves sexually with a partner). Beltane festivals are often high energy, with plenty of dancing and bonfires. 

☀️ Litha (Date: on the summer solstice, Jun 20-23) ☀️

A Sabbat for celebrating the longest day of the year, as well as for mourning the shortening days after. Some Witches burn bonfires or light candles to represent the Sun.

🌾 Lughnasadh (Date: Aug 1 -> 1 day before my birthday!) 🌾

I love this Sabbat but I’m not able to pronounce this name :). This is the first of the three harvesting Sabbats. There are festivals of grain and bread. People make gingerbread men during this time.

🍁 Mabon (Date: on the autumnal equinox, sep. 20-23) 🍁

This is the second of the three harvesting Sabbats. Witches give thanks to the Earth and the harvest. Celebraters will make and drink wine at this time.

⛄️ Samhain (Date: nov. 1) ⛄️

This is the last of the three harvesting Sabbats. It is also the festival of the dead. The veil is at its thinnest at this time. Witches will sometimes hold a big feast during Samhain.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions!



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