을왕리 해수욕장 | Eurwangni Beach

바다 옆에서 사람들이 불꽃을 쏴올리고 있었는데 아주 놀랐어요. 확실하지 않지만 영국에서는 공공장소에서 불꽃을 쏴올리는 게 불법인 것 같아요. 아무튼 그런 상황은 처음 봤어요. 사실 불꽃이 사람들이 쉬는 곳과 아주 가깝고 불꽃이 많아서 저는 이거 위험하지 않을까 좀 걱정했어요. 그래도 정말 재미있는 관경이었고 우리도 몇 개 사서 쏴올렸어요….

I was really surprised to see people were setting off fireworks all along the beach. I’m not certain but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to set off fireworks in public places in the UK? At least, I had never seen a sight like that. Honestly it was kinda scary to have that many fireworks going off so close to people, it seemed pretty dangerous. But still it was a fun experience and we also bought a couple of our own to set off…

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Beginners guide to k-food!

김치 (gim-chi) Kimchi or kimchee. Traditional fermented vegetable dish often served as a side dish or cooked into the meal e.g. 김치볶음밥 (gim-chi-bokk-eum-bap) kimchi fried rice or 김치찌개 (gim-chi-jji-gae) kimchi stew.

라면 (ra-myun) Ramyun is instant noodles. You’ll see a lot of people eating these in dramas and are sold cheaply at korean markets. There are many variations of these but one you can find easily is 신라면 (shin-ra-myun), one of the most popular brands.

떡볶이 (ddeok-bokk-i) Spicy stir fried rice cakes. There isn’t really a proper translation but think of these as delicious spicy but sweet rice cakes. They’re a street food and often contain fish cakes.

불고기 (bul-go-gi) Bulgogi. Literally: fire meat. Bulgogi can be beef, pork, chicken….. It will specify on the menu. Meat is marinated then grilled. Delicious.

짜장면 (jja-jang-myun) Jjajangmyun. A Korean-Chinese black bean noodle dish. Available at Korean Chinese takeaways. This is noodles, 면 (myun) means noodles, in a thick black bean sauce with minced pork and vegetables. This is a variation of the Chinese dish zhajiangmian.

잡채 (jap-chae) Japchae. Glass noodles with mixed vegetables, sometimes with meat.

삼겹살 (sam-gyeop-sal) Samgyeopsal. Grilled pork belly.

비빔밥 (bi-bim-bap) Bibimbap. A dish consisting of rice topped with mixed vegetables and then can also contain fish, meat, a fried egg or spicy sauce. It is mixed and eaten.

김밥 (gim-bap) Kimbap. A snack food consisting of vegetables and/or meat rolled in rice and then wrapped in seaweed.

happy eating everyone  ♡