I'm Almost 22

I have no parents, hardly see my own brother, have next to no friends but the people through the computer and my coworkers, I have a shitty apartment and an even shittier car, with a job that gives me the run around every single day and it’s killing me inside.

But I have my beautiful girlfriend to come home to each day. She makes it all worth it and all okay. I’ve sacrificed a lot to be with her, and I’d do it all again, a hundred times over just to be able to come home and give her a kiss and call her my lovey dovey.

Girlfriend Appreciation Post

Every day spent with Sam is like a whole new adventure, even if we’re just lounging around the apartment. She brings new and amazing experiences to my life every single day. She keeps my spirits up and my mind on it’s toes with all of our fun conversations and quiet bedtime chats. 

She really brings everything I have ever wanted to the table by just being herself. She’s intelligent, caring, thoughtful, spontaneous, gorgeous, and unique in every single way. The way she works with photography is inspiring and she is one of the most creative people I have ever met. I can’t wait to see the home we build together in just a few months.

I am beyond lucky to have found someone as impeccable as Sam and Ian only imagine what a beautiful future we have in store. She is my Disney Princess and I will protect her from all the scary things that go bump in the night.

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