I am really excited for the SDCC Outlander panel this year

The more I think about the moderator the more I am thrilled that it is Jenna. She is young, professional, knows what it is like to have a hot husband, and a big fan.

She will be able to ask questions that keep the fandom excited but also ones that will keep the panel interested. I don’t expect anything new or earth shattering. It is basically a one hour long live commercial for fans.

I also think that even though she Samfans, she will be sympathetic to the neglect Cait gets and hopefully make it inclusive.
She, more than anyone, would know what it is like to be Cait in this fandom.

I believe she will do her research, know what has been asked to death, and still stick to the script that Sony/Starz provides her.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am.