If you’ve been longing, pining, craving for more episodes of Free! after Eternal Summer and you still haven’t seen the OVA yet… it’s more Free! than Free!, seriously. Iwatobi and Samezuka acting like absolute adorable dorks? Yeah. INTENSE swimming “friendship?” Yup. Boys in butler (and maid) outfits?




This fourteenth episode was never broadcast in Japan and is all about a cross-school Iwatobi and Samezuka water gun fight. Mako versus Haru. Nagisa versus Rei. Sosuke versus Rin…versus Haru?

You can watch it in the original Japanese and the new English dub on the Free! -Eternal Summer- home video release, out now!



Free! Iwatobi swim club valentine cards! (Part 3)

(Part1) (Part 2)

(As lame as others:D)

Forget the ships...

Sousuke better get the closure he deserves or make a comeback somehow. He deserves that much at least and I want some more meaningful interactions within the Samezuka team. And finally the one thing that still plays on my mind

Make. That. Five. Year. Promise. Happen.

No more bittersweet painful memories, give these boys the happiness and future they’ve worked so hard for TOGETHER

…We know their ship is an eternal one anyway