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LOVE that list of word prompts. "Concilliabule" please? :-)

Concilliabule - A secret meeting of people who are hatching a plot.

“Ryan!” Esposito whisper-yelled to his partner as he passed by the break room. The Irish man was either ignoring him or didn’t hear too well because he just walked on past. That didn’t deter the detective, who reached out and grabbed his friend’s collar. Ryan let out a yelp as he practically toppled into the room.

By the time he had himself straightened up, Espo had already shut and locked the door, and closed the blinds. Ryan glared at him. “Dude, what the—“

“Sh,” Javi hissed, pressing one finger to his own lips and giving the shorter man a glare that was twice as fierce. “They’ll hear you.”

“Who will?” Ryan practically shouted and Epsosito’s glare became deadly. “Sorry,” he whispered. “Who’ll hear us?”

“Mom and Dad,” he hissed, pulling down on the blinds to glance through. Castle and Beckett were sitting at her desk, decidedly not talking or even looking at each other. Castle was frowning at his cell phone as he played Angry Birds and Kate was half-heartedly studying the murder board, where their latest case was hung up. “Something’s changed between them,” he added. “And whatever it is caused that.”

“What?” Ryan asked. “They’re just sitting.”

“No, bro,” Esposito practically growled. “They’re not ‘just sitting’; they’re be silent. They ain’t even doing that theorizing BS they’re so good at.”

“So?” Ryan asked. “We don’t have much to go on.”

“How long have we known Castle?” Esposito asked. “And how long does it usually take for him to start spouting one of his crazy theories, whether or not we have any evidence to go on?”

Ryan thought hard about it for a second, before his eyes widened. “Whoa,” he breathed, “actually, I think this may be the longest Castle has gone without speaking the four years since we’ve known him.”

“Exactly,” Espo sighed. “Which means something is seriously wrong with those two. But what?”

“Hell if I know,” Ryan said, making his way to the coffee machine. “Cappuccino?”

“Sure,” the man said dismissively. “But we gotta do something about this, bro.”

“Like what?” Ryan asked, pressing buttons and pulling levers on the complicated coffee maker.

“I dunno,” Javi sighed. “Something to finally get them together, maybe? Get their heads out of their asses and realize how perfect they are for each other.”

“And how,” Ryan said, “do you suppose we accomplish that?”

“Lock them in a room together and let them figure it out for themselves?”

“Very funny,” Ryan snorted as the cups filled with the rich, steaming liquid. Espo didn’t reply and when Ryan turned around, he had a serious expression on his face.

“Javi,” Ryan groaned, “you can’t really be considering…”

“It’s the only plan I’ve got, bro,” Espo said, “and if those two knuckleheads can’t figure it out for themselves…well, it might be the only thing that’ll work to get them together. Finally.”

“Or they’ll kill each other,” Ryan pointed out.

“Either way,” Espo sighed, turning back to look at the pair, “something’s gotta give.”

“Yo, Castle!” Esposito called from Interrogation Room 1. “Beckett! Can y’all come here for a minute? I gotta talk to you real quick.”

“Sure,” Castle said, shutting off his phone and then sliding the tiny device into his pocket.

“Coming,” Kate added as she stood and led the way. Espo stood to the side of the room and waited until they entered to make a quick exit, pulling the door closed and locking it behind him. He could hear the muffled shouts of outrage as Kate and Castle realized what was happening and then he grinned as he walked away and into Observation 1.

Ryan was already there, watching the angry pair as they pounded at the door and shouted at the top of their voice. He could almost hear them through the soundproofed glass. “Thank god nobody else is here,” he murmured to Esposito. “Otherwise this never would have worked.”

Esposito laughed and held out his fist, which Ryan bumped and they watched Castle and Beckett yell for a little longer before they gave up and turned to each other. Their demeanor was cold and they almost immediately turned away from each other, stubbornly.

Ryan and Esposito sighed. “Looks like we’re going to be here for a while,” Ryan said. They couldn’t leave until these two either made up, made out, or somebody—most likely Beckett—killed the other.

“Chinese?” Espo asked. Ryan nodded and the Hispanic detective opened his phone to make the order.

Their food got there before either of the two stubborn asses said so much as a word to one another. Javi was halfway through his Lo Mein before Castle said something that made Kate gasp. He couldn’t hear it so he reached to turn on the mic, but Ryan slapped his hand away.

“Dude,” the shorter man said, “not cool.”

Javi just rolled his eyes but didn’t reach for the dial again. They continued to watch, riveted, as the couple argued silently. Their hands making wild gestures as they seemingly yelled at each other, though the two male detectives could hear none of it. They fought and yelled like this for close to an hour as the men watched, their eyes bouncing back and forth as if they were watching a tennis match.

Finally Javi reached for the dial. “Just for a second,” he said, shaking off Ryan’s hand, “just so I can see where they are in regards to making up.”

“—can’t believe you would do such a thing!” Beckett was yelling. “What gives you the right?!”

“Whoa,” Esposito sighed. “What’d Writer Boy do?”

Ryan flipped off the mic. “We’ll never know,” he said, “because this is private.”

They continued to fight for another few moments, before the mood changed entirely. They stopped yelling, grew still. Kate’s eyes widened and Castle’s hand clapped over his mouth. Javi was lost so he turned to his partner, whose wide eyes matched Castle’s.

“What just happened?” Espo asked.

“He…he told her he loves her,” Ryan answered. “I’ve said those words enough times to know what they look like on a pair of lips.”

Javi’s own eyes widened as he turned back to watch. Castle and Beckett had each taken a few steps closer to one another. Their gazes were much softer and filled with emotion now. Kate was almost smiling as she gazed into Rick’s eyes.

“Looks like she feels the same,” Esposito said.

“Duh,” Ryan laughed. They both grinned as Kate reached for Castle’s collar and pulled him down to meet her, their lips clashing together as they met in the middle. His arms wrapped around her waist and her hands were buried in his hair.

The detectives’ eyes widened and they quickly turned away as Castle picked her up and placed Kate on the interrogation desk.

“Well,” Ryan said, “this is awkward.”

“They’re about to do the nasty in the interrogation room, man,” Esposito groaned. “Nasty don’t even cover it.”

“Should we stop them?” Ryan asked, unsure.

“And get shot by Beckett?” Espo snorted. “Not a chance. Just…let them get it out of their system.”

“But we can’t stay here all night,” Kevin groaned. “I’ve gotta get home to Jenny!”

“Then go home. Gates isn’t here and the cameras are off. I’ll just have a uni watch the room and make sure nobody uses it while they’re in there.” Javi pulled out his notepad and wrote something down on it. “Let’s go,” he said, tugging his partner out by the arm.

Before they left, Javier slipped the paper under the door to Interrogation 1 and flagged down Officer Hastings.

“Yes sir?” the young, eager cop asked, stepping up to him.

“Castle and Beckett are in this room,” he informed her. “Make sure nobody goes in until they come out, alright? And make sure nobody goes into Observation, either.” He turned and unlocked the door, then back to her. “That includes you.”

“Yes, sir,” Hastings said, looking a little unsure.

“Thanks,” he said and made his way towards the exit, leaving the woman at her stand, thoroughly confused.

Later, as they dressed and attempted to make themselves look as professional as possible (and like they didn’t just screw each other’s brains out in the middle of the precinct), Castle and Beckett couldn’t stop smiling at each other and shooting glances at one another as they each dressed.

“Ready to go?” Castle asked, offering her his hand. Kate nodded and took it, interlacing their fingers as she pulled him to the door. Before they reached it, they saw a small piece of paper on the floor. Kate let go of his hand to pick it up and barked out a laugh as she read the note scrawled on it.

It was just two words:

“You’re welcome.”