Can someone explain to me why Marvel is leapfrogging Hank Pym in favor of Scott Lang? ‘Cause right now the only explanations forthcoming to me are 1) an idiotic fear on their part of adding another man in a self created suit will dilute the existing cast because the writers are hacks and can’t differentiate these two wildly different characters when they have the sameish power. OR 2) because his(Pym’s) love interest is black.

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Hey I was wondering what do you use in you hair? I have the sameish hair texture and it frizzes like no other. Your hair just looks so perfect.

I use the suave captivating curls mousse and scrunch it into my hair after I shower, and then dry it with a diffuser

I ship Phan. Not as like a romantic type of ship (they actually hate it when we romanticize their relationship, but I ship Phan as like the best, best friends dynamic. They have a strong amazing friendship and motivate and inspire each other from day to day. So I ship Phan the amazeballs Best Friendship and all of the cute Phan moments they have. The only reason I don’t ship them in a romantic way is merely because they don’t like it at all. If they didn’t mind, I would be all up in that!

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look at me, being all awake and shit.

everything i’ve watched today has LAWYERS IN IT

it’s not a sign but it’s like when i was little and i realized i could punch people when i saw a Volkswagen Beetle, and I just kept seeing them.

same-ish thing except i’m punching myself…

it’s finally happened
my brother came home from work
and we’ve both gotten to the age where we have different ideas in politics and will argue about them for the entire drive home, only to call our dad because my mom didn’t want to get involved, and have him tell us that we’re both wrong, and are arguing two different topics anyways.
my poor mom though.


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Your makeup is significantly better than I can even attempt like I'm so impressed by how put together you look in all your selfies while I'm over here like my eyeliner looks the sameish one both eyes and is roughly where it should be. Nice.

Aw thank you so much!! Honestly practices makes perfect and I’m so happy I could inspire you :~)