sameer rafilini


Character appreciation post: Sameer Rafilini (Hum dil de chuke sanam - I have already given my heart)

There are no words to describe just how much I love Salman Khan in this movie. Sameer is just that really playful, teasing and loving character that you easily get attached to. Through fate he ended up at falling in love while trying to learn music from Nandini’s father. And ever since he had been forced to go away I had been rooting for him (little did I know the end of this story however). I remember seeing this movie when I was little but I guess the ending was too tragic for me since I was rooting for Sameer when I was little, too, and I chose to make up my own ending in my mind. Maybe because I already know how hard it is to wait for someone without knowing whether they’ll come back or not. And it’s horrible, and I think that’s what makes Sameer an amazing character, because he would have waited for Nandini all of his life, waiting and loving her and he would have never given up because somewhere inside, he would have still hoped she’d come back.