Consider this: A movie about an international criminal and the FBI agent who pursues her

The international criminal just got away with it yet again and the angry FBI agent goes

FBI Agent: You maybe gotten away with it this time but  I will get you. No matter where you  go, what you do I will be watching you. Sooner or later you will slip up

Lawyer: How dare you? This is clear harassment. I will

International criminal(who has  a huge crush on her FBI agent): Shut up. She can follow me anywhere she likes. Like for example I am going to the theater tonight. So many rich people. Who knows what might happen. You better keep a close eye on me. Oh look I just happen to have an extra ticket

Confused FBI Agent:...Ok

Next week:

International  Criminal:  So I am going to this cute Mexican resort for the weekend. Who knows what shady people I could be making deals with. Better follow me to make sure. And look there just happens to a vacant room right next to mine. Better book it quickly

FBI Agent: What the fuck?

Next week

International  Criminal: So I am going to this French restaurant tonight. So many rich people. Better come keep an eye on me

FBI Agent: You are aware that we are not dating right?

International Criminal: Of course  not. I booked us a table under Scully and Mulder. I thought it would be fun

Next week

International  Criminal: I am going to Paris. Do you want the window seat?

FBI Agent: Again we are not dating. I am hunting you down just waiting for you to slip up

International  Criminal:  So…

FBI Agent: Of course I want the window seat

Next week

International  Criminal:  Boy the Louvre sure is crowded. So many tourists. I can easily slip away from you and do some crime.  Better hold my hand to make sure I don’t get away

FBI Agent: I will kill you

Twenty Years Later

International  Criminal: I am going to the store. Better follow me to make sure I don’t steal anything

FBI Agent: We have been married for fifteen years. When are you going to stop  this?

International  Criminal: Never

And of course they are played by Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi


A shape, y’know? Nothing firm. What is means is that the real world is essentially a simulation, anyway. I like that idea, that even if we’re not real, we represent a dynamic; a tiny finger tracing a line in the infinite. A shape. And then we’re gone.


#shaw’s development with root will forever give my chest literal pains okay? #it took her like 3 seasons and a half to get to the point where she didn’t wanna kill her anymore but instead care for her as much as she could #mind you this all happened over various eps so it took TIME #but just seeing shaw go from pure hatred for root to essentially choosing root’s life over hers??? #i’ve never seen a better transition and i’m talking about it forever


      Favorite Fictional Relationships: Root & Sameen Shaw
      “I couldn’t stand you when we first met, but you wouldn’t stop bugging me.”