Welcome to Round Ten:

Below you will find the rules / requirements of this challenge!  Please only reblog this post if you are participating.  If you would just like to spread the word, please use this post.  Thank you!


  • For this round, I decided to go with a very special theme.  #AlwaysKeepFighting.  Jared’s birthday is on the 19th and I thought this would be a great idea, to celebrate him, by celebrating the wonderful Sam Winchester and how he inspires us to keep going. .


  • To enter, please reblog this post and put #entered in your tags. Reblogs will be counted until July 14th.
  • Please have a visible link to your edits on your blog, so I can gauge your skill level and match you with a similar skilled artist.
  • Make sure your submit is on.  This is crucial.  If you do not have yours on, you will be disqualified from the round and you will not receive a prompt.
  • Please give this blog a follow and/or track it @ #swgraphicchallenge to stay updated.


  • Reblogs for entry end July 14th.
  • Prompts will be delivered no later than July 17th.
  • Graphics must be posted on/before July 31st.

Graphic Requirements:

  • Must be comprised of either 1 or 2 graphics max.
  • Can be 500 or 540px wide and up to 700px in length
  • Must include challenge name, partner, and prompt in caption.
  • Your partner’s url and #swgraphicchallenge must be in the posts first 5 tags.


  • Just as a reminder, this challenge is for fun!  It is simply designed to show our love for Sam.
  • Pls message me if you would like to sign up for a possible pinch hitter graphic.