While I’m sure once Quill has had little Quilliam she wouldn’t let the bunghole defence squad anywhere near him/her let alone actually alone with the child but for my own entertainment I just love to picture what it would be like if they babysat the poor baby

So this is how I picture it going down:

- Charlie and Matteusz are left alone with Quilliam and Charlie is just absolutely hopeless, he just has no idea what to do with it he picks the newborn up like it’s a fucking bomb

- Matteusz leaves him alone for like 5 minutes and he tries to feed it a sandwich to get it to stop crying

- Matteusz does just fine (I like to imagine that he has siblings, read bazwillendinflames fic where he has a sister, it’s adorable) but having to watch a child while also having Charlie around trying to give it dog toys is a tad stressful so he calls April for backup

- Now he assumes that caring, kind-hearted April will be some sort of baby wizard but she is an only child and has virtually no experience so she takes one look at it and is just like “I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this fleshy sack of fluids”

- The next obvious choice is Tanya, she’s a genius, she’s bound be able help out little right?

- Wrong. She takes one look at Matteusz opening the door holding Quilliam with baby food in his hair and Charlie asking April if baby powder is made out of real babies in the background and only ends up staying to watch the disaster unfold

- As a last resort he calls Ram, expecting the same reaction as Tanya (you little shits know where this is going) but no, our secret cinnamon roll Ram surprises us again, he loves kids. His extended family is full of babies so he is a certified expert on the things

- Ram is the only one able to get the baby to stop crying and even manages to get April to hold the baby without looking like she’s going to burst into tears

-Eventually they put the baby to bed and attempt to clean up the huge mess that they had made despite the fact that they were only watching one baby

- When Quill eventually returns from wherever the fuck she went for the convenience of this post the gang are all passed out in the living room with Ram still clutching the baby monitor

aredhel-erinti  asked:

On the issue of Denali sisters: I'm not from Twilight fandom, but rather a visitor, so I donť have all informations, but I am from Czech republic (so please forgive my poor English), which is the neighbor of Slovakia, and our languages are so similar, that we understand each other and can comunicate in this two languages without any problemes. Your statement that the names of Denali sisters are Russish one is true, but in Slovak these names are incredibly similar. It's actually only a matter of

matter of spelling. Sasha is Saša, which you pronounce exactly the same, Tanya is hypocoristic of Tatiana, which is actualy also Slovak version of the name (the Czech one is Taťána), the hypocoristic is Táňa (once again - same pronounciation) Katrina is in Slovak Katarína, which is really close (in Czech it is Kateřina, which is quite interesting, because it has consonant ř, which exist only in Czech and two other languages in the world, but not in Slovak - so Mayer actually picked the right language, wheter intentionaly or not). Irina is Irena, which is also really close. Moreover, all these names are really common in Slovak, it’s not some Russian rarity. The only name which is pure Russian is Vasilii (actually in Russish it is Vasilij) but it also has Slovak version - Vasil (altough it is not typical Slovak name). So it could be that the sisters are originally from the Slovak area and later move to Russia and then to Alaska - the names aren’t really a problem. And Vasilii could be from Russia - he was turned later, wasn’t he? I’m sorry if this is too long and wholy unnecessery - I just wanted to add point of view of someone who lives in the area of question. :)

Oh, no problem at all, thanks for writing in with your perspective! I’m always fascinated by names and their variants, so this was really cool! Thank you!

Where I get tripped up is the timeline. She says Tanya, for example, was born around 1000 AD.  There was no “Slovakia” at the time. She could have been born in the part of the world that would become Slovakia, but it did not exist yet. “Russia” didn’t exist yet either, although there were entities like Kievan Rus’ that Russia (and Ukraine, and Belarus) today claim as part of their cultural ancestry. 

I think your theory is possible, though: some (or all?) of them could have been from the area that we would now call Slovakia (or around there), and later settled in what we would call Russia and picked up the language/accent/cultural identity. I agree that I think at least Vasili, being later, was from “Russia”–there were a number of rulers in the 1300s and 1400s with that name, and that’s sort of when I assume the Vasili thing happened. I know the timeline is vague and confusing, but it seems to me that Tanya and her sisters must have spent at least a couple hundred years with their “mother’ to have the sort of bond they did and to mourn her as they have. I mean Tanya and Sasha killed all of Kate’s traveling companions including the high-born woman she was protecting, so I don’t know that she was initially super grateful to them or devoted to them lol that must have taken some time! 

It’s just weird that SM mentioned a Russian accent, moved them to a Russian territory (Alaska) and in Life and Death made their male counterparts specifically “Russian brothers” (Ivan, Kirill and . . I don’t think she gave a name for male!Tanya), but then in the guide made them Slovakian and from an era when Slovakia didn’t exist. Maybe an editor would have helped! With the Romanians, for example, she used Dacia (the ancient name), so she recognized Romania didn’t exist then… 

Family Mattters

For @timeneverforgets for being Marcelina’s biggest fan.


Tanya tried really hard not to interfere. Kids went to the park everyday and were perfectly fine, even if their parents didn’t come with them.

But the girl wasn’t playing. She was just sitting at the edge of the park, looking around. She looked like she was lost and it was getting dark outside.

Tanya finally gave up and crossed the road. She sat next to the little girl. “You okay?”

She looked up, startled. “No.”

“What’s your name?” Tanya wasn’t good at the younger kids thing. She was the youngest of three and was three years younger than her whole year.

“It’s Cela,” the girl replied. It was a strange name but based off her accent she wasn’t English. Her soft accent reminded Tanya of Matteusz, so maybe she was Polish. He had mentioned there was a few families from Poland in the area.

“I’m Tanya. I’m here to help you.”

“I’m not lost,” Cela said. “I know where my house is. It’s half a street away.”

“I thought you were lost - you look like you’d rather be at home.”

“I’ve lost someone.” Cela hugged her knees. She was wearing white tights with dungarees shorts on top. She didn’t even have on a coat. “And it’s the same feeling.”

Tanya thought back to her Dad’s ghost that came back though the Lan Kin last week. “Who have you lost? Did they die?”

“I don’t know!” Cela dropped her head into her lap. “I left to go play with my friends and come back to a missing brother. The sky was so weird too and I don’t remember going to sleep.”

The Lan Kin. Just thinking about it made her skin crawl. “I saw the sky. It was scary.”

“You remember?” Cela asked. “Most people act like the weird things don’t happen. I think it’s an English thing.” Charlie had said the same thing (about humans). Tanya did have to admit it was weird to act like the world didn’t almost end on a weekly basis.

“I remember. Did you see anyone?” Maybe she wasn’t the only one who had seen a ghost that night.

“No!” Cela collapsed into a little ball again. “That’s the problem. That’s when he went missing! It’s not fair!”

Tanya wondered if Cela’s missing person had become another victim of the Lan Kin. Then she shook her head, trying to ignore the awful thought. Fighting aliens had made her too cynical.

“Who went missing?”

“My brother!” Cela wailed and then wiped her eyes again, which were starting to turn red and puffy. “I left to avoid the fighting and came back to a half-empty home. I thought he died.”

Tanya couldn’t help but think of her own brothers. She’d be in a similar state if Jarvis or Damon went missing, especially after an alien attack.

“Yet, somehow it’s worse!” Cela threw her arms up dramatically. “They chose this! They wanted him gone. They didn’t even give us a chance to say goodbye. Matti is my brother!”

“Hey, hey,” Tanya said, awkwardly patting her back. She really wasn’t good with little kids. Cela continued to cry. “Maybe they’ll change their mind.”

“It’s too late.” Cela looked up at her with tearful eyes. It really hit Tanya how young she was - seven or eight st most. “He’s gone. They don’t know where. The school called up and told my Mummy that Matti’s address and emergency contact number has been changed. And that apparently one of his teachers said they were banned from seeing him ever.”

“What about you Cela?”

“I don’t know,” she said between ugly sobs, “I keep waiting but he hasn’t come back. I don’t think Matti ever will. I won’t.”

Tanya didn’t know what to say but she tried. Someone had to comfort this little girl. “Try writing him a letter?” She suggested.

Cela started at her. “A letter? I don’t have his new address.”

“You don’t need to send it straight away. After my Dad died,” she had to take a breath, “um, I wrote him letters. Just to let it out. Sometimes easier when you don’t talk about or you can’t. I find that writing it down can help. It’s like talking to them.”

“And then I can mail them when I find out Charlie’s address!” Cela’s eyes lit up.

Tanya frowned: Charlie? And her brother was called Matti. A nickname for her older brother. Or for Tanya’s own friend, who was recently kicked out.

Matteusz had never mentioned having a younger sister. He had never mentioned his family at all. Maybe she was his sister.

Tanya could see the resemblance. Cela was much shorter but they had the same dark hair and eyes. Plus they had a similar accent.

It started to rain. “You should head home, Cela.” Tanya decided not to mention the fact she knew her brother. If Matteusz hadn’t mentioned his sister, it was probably for a reason. She’d talk to him first. Besides, Cela needed to rest and Tanya wasn’t sure her emotions could take the news.

“Or my parents will worry?” She stood up but kicked the damp pavement. “They deserve the worrying.”

“Or you’ll get a cold. And don’t you want to get started on a letter?”

Cela nodded. “Goodbye Tanya. Thank you.” She looked both ways (smart girl, she could see the family resemblance) and crossed the road. She walked off, pulling her cardigan tight. It was only after she vanished that it occurred to Tanya to follow her. It was London at night and she was only young.

Too young.

Tanya pulled her own coat closer. She hadn’t realised how terrible Matteusz family was. More specifically his parents.

She wondered if Matteusz would ever receive his letters; she hoped he would. The universe owed him some kindness.

You Go, Glen Coco - er, Kotal Kahn

Mileena: Can I just say that, by Shao Kahn’s decree, I am the rightful ruler of Outworld, and that some of us have been made victims?!
Kotal Kahn: Very well … let us put it to vote. (Turns to everyone) How many of you have ever felt personally victimised by Mileena?
*Everyone raises their hands, with Erron Black’s wounded hand raised the highest*

Sometimes I Wish

Y/N bolted up in bed, her mouth open in a silent scream, cold sweat dripping down her skin as her chest heaved.

The last clutches of her nightmare slithered away, but the icy feeling on her spine remained, and her body began to shake. She blinked quickly, clearing the blurriness away from her sight as tears began to cloud it.

Looking down at her hands, she forced herself to release the blanket she had gripped tightly, stretching her fingers slowly.

“It was just a dream.” She mumbled to herself, “No, just a nightmare. It wasn’t real.” But it had felt real. Too real.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, not with her heart still racing and her anxiety starting to pick up, Y/N threw the blankets off of her and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Grabbing the hoodie hanging nearby, she pushed herself to her feet and made her way out of the bedroom, creeping down the stairs.

When she saw the kitchen light on, she paused, hesitating on whether or not to continue heading down.

“Just come down all the way, Y/N.” Jim’s voice reached her ears, and she jumped slightly, but listened and finished walking down the stairs.

“How’d you know it was me?” She asked, glancing over at her friend, and host for the night. He was standing near the counter, glass in hand.

“Because my wife was completely passed out when I came down. That, and she tends to make herself more well known when coming down the stairs.”

“I was trying to be quiet.”

“There’s one step that squeaks, unless you know where to step, people can hear you.”

“Ah.” She nods, fingers tapping against the work top.

“You going to tell me why you’re awake at…half two in the morning, or do I have to guess?” Jim raises an eyebrow at her, a kind smile on his face.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“Tanya kicked me in her sleep. Then I realized I was thirsty. So I came downstairs to get a drink. You’re turn.”


“Oh. Do you want to talk about it?”



But as Y/N stood there, the nightmare replaying in her mind, she could feel her heart racing again, and her vision blurred once again. It wasn’t until she felt the wetness drop onto her hand that she realized the tears had begun to fall, and a moment later, Jim had his arms around her, enveloping her in a tight hug.

Her hands wrapped around him, clutching on to his t-shirt as she cried.

“Let’s go sit.” Jim mumbled, shuffling them both into the living room.

Her crying subsided by the time they were sat on the couch, but her hands still shook, and her breath kept catching, she felt as if her control on the world was slipping.

“Y/N.” Jim spoke gently, a worried frown on his lips as he watched her. “Talk to me.”

“I c-can’t.” She shook her head.

“Yes, you can.”

“S-sometimes…sometimes I wish I was s-still with Joe. So he c-could help.”

With a small sigh, Jim reached out, placing a hand over hers, giving them a small squeeze when they continued to shake.

“I know it’s hard. I know you feel like there’s no one who can calm you like he could. I remember watching him help you through a panic attack once, and he just knew you so well. But one day, you will find someone else. Someone who is able to do that for you.”

“What if I don’t?”

He opened his mouth to reply, but when he looked her in the eyes, he knew there was nothing he could say. Not at that moment.

“Want me to call Joe?”

“No!” Y/N’s eyes widened as she stared over at Jim. “No.” She repeated, calmer. “I’m fine. I swear.”

“You’re still shaking.”

“Not nearly as bad.”

“I’m calling Joe.”

“No, Jim. Please. Don’t.” She shook her head. “I’m fine.”

“Then how about a movie?”

“You don’t have to stay up…”

“I’m not leaving you alone.” Jim told her, reaching for the remote to turn on the TV. “So what should we watch?”

An hour into the movie, he looked over at the woman on the couch beside him. She was curled up, breathing deeply, a calm look on her face. He smiled as he dragged a blanket towards himself, before tossing it onto her sleeping body.

Then he pulled out his phone, bringing up his contacts. Scrolling quickly, he clicked on Joe’s name and brought the phone to his ear, listening to the ringing as he turned the movie’s volume down.

“Jim?” Joe’s tired voice came through. “What are you doing calling me at this time of night?”


There was the sound of shuffling before Joe spoke again, sounding much more awake.

“What happened? Is she okay?”

“She had a nightmare.” Jim answered, glancing over at Y/N.


“I think you two need to talk, Joe. She’s not over you.”


“You’re not over her either. Don’t deny it. Why else would you be this concerned at nearly four in the morning?”

There was a sigh, and Jim smiled as his friend did nothing to deny his statement.

“How is she now?”

“Sleeping next to me on the couch. We watched a movie, I think it helped.”

“Yeah, tends to be a good distraction.” Joe mumbled. “Thanks. For, helping her.”

“Of course. Although I’m sure you would have done a much better job.”




“If you promise to talk to her tomorrow.”

“I’ll…I’ll reach out to her.”

“Good. Now, I’m going to sleep. I’m bloody exhausted.” Jim chuckled softly.

“I was sleeping, peacefully might I add.” Joe drawled, and Jim could hear the eye roll.

“Don’t be mad. You know you’re glad I called.”

“Yeah. Yeah I am.” Joe agreed.

“I’m sure I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night, Joseph.”

“Good night, Jim.”

And Jim was right.

The next day, Joe showed up at his place to talk to Y/N.

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"It's not so much the consent issue it's like I said before the fact that Robert stripped him naked which is basically assault" Jai did same to Tanya, Nikhil's ex, Tracy in Corrie did it also why Robert made out be any worse or being made big deal out of it cause it Robert? you could say Bex did it Robert too since he drunk/upset etc, also funny Robert said he passed out and woke up what if turns out Bex did it to him? make think sleep together, the parallels what Rob accusing Lawrence of...

Robert only has to breathe and he’s doing something wrong 🙄


Tanya Luhrmann is gonna be here on Friday talking about her voice-hearing work (“agent-hearing” might be a better way to put it, with her direction).

You know, the work that’s gotten her talking with tulpamancers.

But our mentor is interested in going because she’s talking about theory of mind. Always nice to see our interests collide like that :V

- Thomas

counterpoints to the earlier, bitterer me, who advised my few dozen weary and deeply indifferent followers to skip the first episode of class:

  • awful decorations at the school dance (quill… why)
  • april ‘ludicrous carebear’ maclean screams at p much her entire school year with only like, half a good reason
  • it takes exactly one (1) alien sighting for ram to start muttering dark and mysterious things like ‘you have… no… idea… what i’m facing” like chill it didn’t even hurt anyone
  • varun is there. he’s in quite a few episodes but you can never have enough varun in your life
  • charlie thinks he’s blending in okay when he’s actually like the most blatant alien you have ever seen and there’s not even anything supernatural going on, it’s kind of tragic
  • (but also like. same)
  • tanya’s incredibly strict mother decides tanya can go to a school dance for people three years older after all… because she promises to write a sociological essay on it
  • matteusz is introduced and he isn’t even in the second episode
  • you can’t ignore matteusz
  • i won’t allow it
  • every time matteusz so much as breathes the world becomes a slightly better place
Aliens: A New Generation?

When we last left the Bright family, Mariah and her husband Jayme had just given birth to twin girls, Tanya and Camille. I don’t think I mentioned this, but since Mariah only had work one day a week, the game multiplied her maternity leave by number of days she actually worked and didn’t count days off. So she ended up with a whopping 16 YEARS MATERNITY LEAVE. Jayme was quite old, and it was really just a matter of time before he bit the dust.

Pretty much the day after Tanya and Camille became toddlers he poofed.

Mariah was left to look after the girls all on her own. Dealing with the sudden loss of her husband, along with unfounded rumors floating around town that lost her some friendships, she was too miserable to handle everything on her own.

Chun had to go over to Shane’s house to be taken care of, because Mariah was too busy with the toddlers to properly take care of her. 

Speaking of Shane, he DOES have a Space Ship now. HOW??

But in the end Chun and Mariah were still super close and it wasn’t long before Mariah was up to the task of caring for her again.

Mariah was no spring chicken either at this point. Not long after Jayme passed, Mariah’s birthday rolled around.

I’ve never been in a situation before where I had only a single elderly parent taking care of two kids from toddlerhood. I was a little concerned that she’d pass away before the kids were old enough to live on their own.

Time went by and the girls grew into kids and then teens. Camille in the pink takes after her father and has a much more human looking face. She draws in eyebrows too. Tanya in the yellow takes after her mother more. 

Worth mentioning, even though both Camille and Tanya are only 25% Alien, they both ended up retaining all of their Alien powers! I was pretty surprised.

Tanya is my heir for the legacy challenge I’m doing, and the rules for her generation are a) That she must be Ambitious, b) That she has to join a culinary career, and c) That she has to marry a sim with either green eyes, hair, or skin. Hum. It’s almost impossible to tell a Sim’s eye color without going into CAS, and in the Sims 3 game generated Sims never have odd color hair. Creating a man for her to marry and placing him into town is also against the rules. Since Tanya is related to all the Sims with green skin in town, I was at a bit of a loss for what to do for a while. And then I remembered, that two Alien sims had visited Mariah in the past!

Because vicious rumors had given Mariah a bad reputation, it took quite a bit of coaxing to convince Athellox to come visit, but eventually I got him down to Earth. My plan was, since both Alien sims Mariah knew were elders, to convince the male Alien to move in, have him marry another Sim from around town and have a son with them. Then I’d quickly age the son up every day until he was the same age as Tanya. This way Tanya could marry a green Sim who isn’t related to her at all!

Step one: Complete! Athellox was now part of my household. Upon moving him in I discovered he was a whopping 400 days old, which is 4 times the average Sim lifespan. I knew I only had a short time to carry out my plan, so the next day I took him to the park to meet some ladies.

He hit it off right away with an Evil, Inappropriate, Neurotic lady named Nichol who aspired to be an Emperor of Evil. Not exactly the kind of person I’d welcome into my own home but hey we’re short on time so she’ll have to do.

Step two: Complete! She got pregnant right away and I forced her to eat ten apples in a row to absolutely ensure that she would have a son.

Step 3: Complete! Green baby boy named Naib! Now all I had to do was have him have a birthday every day until he became a teenager!

Well, this took about three days, and it turns out I was right to hurry, because on the second day Athellox died.

Also that night, Chun grew into an elder dog!

Athellox’s death hit the two families hard, and everyone was plunged into a deep depression.

But the plan couldn’t be put off, and Naib became a teenager just in time for prom. He asked Tanya, who agreed to be his date, and though Athellox’s death still hung heavy in their hearts, they decided to make the best of it.

At prom, Tanya and Naib really hit it off! They decided to go steady and even had their first kiss! Things were looking up, and it was shaping up to be a night they’d remember forever.

For more reasons than just prom. Mariah’s time was up too, and though she managed to see her kids grow into their late teens, she would not live to see them become adults. Funnily enough, she also wouldn’t live to see the end of her insanely long maternity leave. 

With everyone in mourning over Athellox and Mariah, and with Evil Nichol the only adult in the household, the future is uncertain for the three young Aliens. All they have is each other now.

a friend’s thoughts on the ALP, marriage equality, and self-serving hypocrisy

“Oh no. I am very sorry everyone but the Labor Party is doing that thing they do and I need to say some things.

Every Australian going wild for Bill and Tanya introducing same sex marriage legislation: no. Every Labor MP voted in 2004 to ban same sex marriage. The Labor platform, "democratically” “decided” by “members”, is one of the two big reasons why same sex marriage laws failed in 2009, 2010, 2012.

More importantly, this is the same Labor Party that supports the laws that say that queer kids can be expelled, teachers fired, cleaners paid less etc by religious schools. When Labor looked at federal laws on discrimination in 2012, they decided that the right to expel queer kids from school was worth protecting. They did the same thing in NSW. Because that’s a right that’s really important.

Labor in government: protecting the right to ruin queer kids’ lives. Labor in opposition: still that, but also ‪#‎sass‬ or something I guess.

A few other things. If you have to convince a person that queers are people and should have equal protection under the law, they are at best an obstacle or a target. They are not an ally. It is quite possible that they are actually an enemy. This means that while we campaign at them, we should also be looking at replacing them. The wonderful thing about voting in Australia is that it’s impossible to waste our votes, so we can vote for parties that actually a. have values we agree with and b. do something about them when they have the chance. This means not the Labor Party.

If Labor was all about queer equality, they’d have an amazing record in government of acting on queer homelessness, preventing queerphobic violence, funding health services, making schools safe and inclusive (including about safer sex), making income support real, and ending all kinds of legal discrimination - especially against trans and gender diverse people. They’d also be wicked campaigners for these things and for massive cultural change in opposition. But they do not and they are not. Instead, they are introducing a bill to achieve a thing that they’ve blocked for their entire political history, even though there are already two bills to do that thing in this Parliament, and they’re not planning on telling their MPs to actually vote for it.

Telling Labor that having enough MPs to bring on a vote for same sex marriage that is very bloody likely to fail because there are enough Labor MPs to vote with Abbott to stop it is not even setting a bar, let alone setting it too low.

Also they just hired a guy who works for the coal seam gas industry and once said “I’ve always been a fossil fuels man” to write their climate policy.

ENOUGH. You don’t get cookies for turning up late to the party and not bringing a plate. Labor: not even once. I’m out x"

Michaels Story: Part 3

Tanya took the pistol out of his hand and shot his brother three times. Michael fell to the ground and crawled to Rome. He was bleeding from his mouth but trying to talk at the same time.

“Be. Careful. Tanya. Ta..” He gurgled on the blood. And he was gone. Michael cried on his brothers limp body. He was never going to shoot him. No matter how mad he was.

He turned around to confront Tanya and she stood behind him, calmly pointing the gun at him. “Tanya.” He said. She had completely lost her mind. She waved it at him.

“Get up.” She said. She walks to the closet and took out a dress. She slips it on with the gun still in her hand. “Walk.” She said to him. Putting the gun to his back and pushing him out of the room.

“My brother” he said , tears still rolling down his face. “He’ll be aight. We got other shit to do.” She said. They walked down the steps. The children still playing like nothing happened.

“Get their jackets.” She said. Michael hurried to his babies and hugged them. Tanya snapped her fingers. “None of that shit. Hurry the fuck up.” She said. Michael was confused. How did this take such a turn ? He was slipping on his youngest coat when he heard three loud knocks on the door.

Tanya turned around “what the fuck?” She walked over and looked through the peep hole and unlocked the door. “Natalia , you’re not supposed to be here , I thought you were meeting me at the spot?” She said.

Natalia was Tanya’s best friend. Michael turned to say something but looked at the gun still pointed at him to hint that he should stay quiet. He grabbed his kids and held them close to him.

“Michael called me over here…. But I’m assuming you’ve already done it.” She said. She sounded more educated than she usually did, Michael thought. Tanya sighed. “Yeah bitch. I had to kill his brother, waste of dick honestly.” She said opening the door for her to come in.

Tanya tried to close the door. But Natalia stopped it. She pulled out a gun and flashed her badge. “L.A.P.D. Get on the fucking ground Tanya.” She said. All of a sudden a swarm of police rushed in the house throwing Tanya to the ground. “Natalia! How could you do this! Ima fuck you up! Tanya yelled. Michel never called the police and all the years he’s known Natalia, she never knew she worked for LAPD. Two policeman walked to Michael and motioned for him to get up. “What’s going on ?” He said. Natalia looked at him and hugged and kissed his kids. “Get in the car. Well explain everything when you get to the station.” She said….

Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights is an unflinching, frank, and eye-opening look at the birth of the gay pride movement that leaves you with a multitude of feelings but ultimately with one thought: this story needs to be told. That’s what Ken Wright, publisher of Viking books, knew as soon as author Ann Bausum came to him with the idea for it. Read on for how this groundbreaking book came to be!

Before I joined Viking almost three years ago, I was a literary agent at Writers House. One of my areas of specialty there was nonfiction for young readers. I represented some of the best talent working in the category then, including Elizabeth Partridge, Deborah Heiligman, Steven Sheinkin, David Macaulay, Marc Aronson, and others. I felt blessed to work with such amazing nonfiction storytellers. The one “jewel in the crown” missing for me was the wonderful Ann Bausum. I had been a fan of Ann’s work almost from the start of her career. So, when she came to me, now the Publisher of Viking, two or so years ago with the idea for STONEWALL, I counted my blessings once again, said yes to the proposal she so skillfully had written, and added Ann (and Stonewall) to that crown! 

While having the chance to work with Ann was the ostensible reason to say yes, the book Ann wanted to write in Stonewall was immediately clear to me. It had to exist. And that’s because there had really been very little written about gay rights specifically for teen readers before this. And STONEWALL is unquestionably a book for older teens. Ann is unflinching and frank in tackling the tough parts of this story. She respects both the history and her readers and she has not whitewashed language or edited events to make them easier to swallow. Her approach makes this a powerful, eye-opening read. I knew from the start that was the book Ann would write, and it’s the book I very much wanted to publish.

Ann’s detailed narrative covers “ancient” history prior to the 1969 raid and the draconian discriminatory laws and social pressures gays faced, the atmosphere and events surrounding the raid itself, and the riots that followed that momentous summer of 1969. It also takes us through the birth of the Gay Pride movement, the devastation of AIDS up to today. A complete history.

As I read the manuscript once Ann was finished writing, I began to think about how the gay rights movement might be seen by today’s teens. Sometimes, emotionally charged moments and events end up becoming history. A movement, a fight for rights can be traced back to a specific person or a place and they are forever connected. Think about Rosa Parks and the bus boycott. Selma, Alabama and voting rights. I think Ann has written THE book that will for years trace this remarkable struggle for equality for gays and lesbians, one for young readers and older readers alike. 

And let me end with more about Ann, because this, really, is about her! Ann felt a personal calling to write this particular history. She wanted to honor the memories of friends and loved ones who died of AIDS. She’d even been approached at book signings by strangers asking her to take on this subject. She believed the story of Stonewall needed to be told and she kept waiting for someone else to do it. She hesitated for years because she’s not gay. But, finally, the combination of a tragic bullying story in the news and the realization that she could create a book in time for the 45th anniversary of the first Gay Pride parade compelled her to tackle the project herself. 

This is the kind of book that can change lives. It might be the kind of book that can save lives. Whether it’s taught in a class, quietly passed to a friend, or read by families, this is a game changer of a book that will sit on the same shelves as Tanya Stone’s Courage Has No Color, Elizabeth’s Partridge’s Marching for Freedom, and many other groundbreaking books that struck chords because the stories simply had to be told. 

And now we have Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights. 


Thanks for taking us right into the heart of this important book, Ken!

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