So I’ve seen a lot of hcs of Hunk cooking for the rest of the paladins and even Allura and Coran to help alleviate their homesickness and help them feel better, which is good, but please consider:

The rest of the group sneak into the kitchens to make something for Hunk for a change.

Allura and Coran have absolutely no idea what Earth food should look or taste like but they help the paladins identify alien ingredients similar to what they’re looking for.  Plus they’re both really exciting to learn how Earthlings cook - the paladins demonstrate cooking techniques and steps and when Allura and Coran make their attempts, it’s to mixed results.

Keith and Lance get really competitive in the kitchen and they make everyone else judge whose food tastes better, whose cooking technique is better, who can clean their station the fastest (which is ruined when their competition devolves into a food fight).

Pidge is a mad scientist in the kitchen and attempts to create flavor combinations resembling those on Earth.  Some of the attempts are downright horrifying (Lance is convinced he’ll never taste again at one point and Keith could have sworn that pile of food goo moved).

Shiro is attempting to organize a cohesive meal, which is kind of like herding cats.  Or at least herding mechanical lions (trying to rein everyone in may have turned a few more hairs white).  He’s also the one most responsible for teaching and explaining to Allura and Coran about Earth food and culture. 

When the paladins reveal their meal to Hunk, he cries. It’s half because of how thoughtful they were and half because of the disaster that is now the kitchen.  The food tastes kind of terrible, but Hunk claims it’s one of the best meals he’s ever eaten (though he insists on helping them next time). It becomes a regular occurrence for them all to cook a meal together and bond.

AHS theory: Only one of the people survive living in the house. It’s Shelby, because she’s a witch and can heal herself. She was able to almost miraculously wake Matt up when he was hospitalized, and healing could be part of her power. She got cut really bad and was stable, so maybe she’s unknowingly healing people.