Crooked Kingdom Countdown Week | RELEASE DAY SEPTEMBER 27: The Dregs

Kaz leaned back. “What’s the easiest way to steal a man’s wallet?”
“Knife to the throat?” asked Inej.
“Gun to the back?” said Jesper.
“Poison in his cup?” suggested Nina.
“You’re all horrible,” said Matthias. 



RUIN AND RISING COLLECTIONa fanmix for Aleksander Morozova

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“Once more,” he said. “Speak my name once more.” He was ancient, I knew that. But in this moment, he was just a boy - brilliant, blessed with too much power, burdened by an eternity. “Aleksander.” His eyes fluttered shut. “Don’t let me be alone,” he murmured. And then he was gone. ( listen )