catcherintherats  asked:

how do I communicate to my rat that just because she's 2 & a half doesn't mean she gets to kick all the poop out of the litter & lay in the box? she's already retired from a professional cable chewing career so telling her to get a job won't work.

congratulations on her well-earned retirement! 

as you know, rats are smart little creatures who prefer to be hygienic when possible. she probably thinks the litter is her bed and whatever’s outside is her litter. maybe give her an alternative poop bin/outhouse to drop the offending pellets into and see if she uses it. if her better instincts don’t kick in, she’s probably doing this on purpose to annoy you. rats are social mammals, so tag her in social media posts telling everyone what she’s doing along with pictures and text. even if she doesn’t need a job, she needs friends.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about dramione?

if someone told me they thought i should date the people who used to bully me i’d punch them in the face so there’s that


In celebration of reaching the 9th episode of Love Live Sunshine, here’s the list of the 9 icons I’ve been using these last 9 weeks, updating it every saturday in order to support our babies!♥