today at school we were talking about mexican food. i don’t usually talk during class…but i was interested in the conversation, since at least half of the people in my fully hispanic class did not know what horchata was.
i decided to be that one person to explain to the class and help them out. but as soon as i started talking, one girl interrupted me “how would you know, you’re white :/”
god, that pissed me off. im not caucasian.
i am just light-skinned. (not even. she was overreacting) i am fully hispanic, nothing else
and technically everyone in the classroom was, racially speaking, white. i explained this to her.
her response was “no one cares. you look white so that’s what you are. you are not the same as me and we can not share the same culture”
like? ?? bitch, you didn’t even know what fucking horchata or arroz con leche was. shut the fuck up.


‘ well , i was just starting to think you were okay . i was thinking, nancy wheeler , she’s not just another suburban girl who thinks she’s REBELLING by doing exactly what every other suburban girl does , until that phase passes and they marry some boring one-time jock , who now works sales , and they live out a perfectly boring little life at the end of a cul-de-sac . exactly like their parents , who they thought were so depressing , but now , hey , they get it . ’

have some cool moms!!!!

Ciir’s moms work as engineers for their village (known as Venandi’s Crater) and are the people to go to whenever somethings on the fritz, alot of the technology is pretty old, but still functional

Idus would take the time to teach Ciir how to fix certain things and even craft items from scrap, like makeshift buckets, rope, tools, etc

her other mom Suay worked as a vender that sold/traded scrap and items she and her partner found on their scavenging outings

*writes a school assignment on the merits of High School Musical as a feminist movie*

Out in the rain at a Beyoncé concert waiting for it to start!! School gave away free tickets to the honors students in senior year. Well… I didn’t realize the seats were gonna be this high in the open stadium and I’m having the worse anxiety ever lol but I REALLY CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO START. Just wish we were seated a little lower,,