You’re not a couple that gets focus until the Cone has seen both people involved together and judged the ship. (Except his own, which he’s admitted he can’t accurately judge. I’m sure Yumi and Shuukichi will get judgement eventually.)


Detective Conan Meme → ten characters (1/10)
“There is no deduction that is superior or inferior… because there is only one truth.”


“Hey little guys. Am I interrupting your little romantic drama?”
Sonoko Suzuki, probably in her mind.

So, uh, after all the mentions of HH Holmes in the last episode, I was reminded of this thing I wrote a long time ago. It was part of a bigger piece that I doubt I’ll ever finish enough to publish, but here’s a little something.

The first time Martin showed Ben Tumblr, they’re sharing a late on set dinner of takeout and contraband red wine that Ben had personally chosen and smuggled in.

“Did you know that the same year Arthur Conan Doyle published A Study in Scarlet one of America’s first serial killers changed his name from Herman Webster Mudgett to H.H. Holmes?” Martin asked, settling back into the sofa cushions. He studied Ben’s profile as Ben scrolled through page after page of the proffered erotic art and romantic fiction on Martin’s laptop.

“I did not know that.”

“I’m just saying, fans have always been a little intense.”

“And that’s supposed to comfort me?”

“These are just drawings and stories. This isn’t a big deal. It’s love.”

“No, this is porn. Porn is not love.”

“It’s an expression of love, and it’s a better pastime than murder.”

“I suppose.”

“Besides, they’re really good, aren’t they?”

Ben turned at that, facing Martin. “Oh, my god.”


“You’re flattered.”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are. I can tell,” followed by a pointed finger and a smug grin.

Martin shrugged. “Not only are they talented, but they’re pretty generous. They think you’re some sort of sex god.”

“That’s not generous; that’s perceptive.”

“Har har.”

Ben turned back to the screen and took up a carton for another bite of lo mein. “Herman Webster Mudgett. What a silly name.”

It was a punchline he was being set up for, but Martin didn’t mind obliging. “You’re one to talk.”


Magic Kaito 1412 - Episode 16 - Kaitou Kid & Edogawa Conan

“It’s like detective and phantom thief. They appear to be as different as heaven and earth, but look closely, and you’ll see they’re both insolent fellows who use they key of curiosity to pry open something that someone else wants to keep shut.”

“Dumbass. The blue of the sky and sea are from the color’s diffusion and reflection. It’s because they’re completely different substances. They’re not the same thing at all.”

Let’s talk with Aoyama-Sensei

Only what I found :c

Q: Did Ai-chan drank the same medicine that Conan did?
A: The same.

Q: Will Momiji-chan appear in manga before her ‘official’ appearance in next movie?
A: Before official start of the movie? Probably at the time when the movie will be presented to public? I think… Sorry if I lied.

Q: Who do you want to become from your characters?
A: Eeh?! Hm… Some time ago Conan-kun…. I wanted to be Conan-kun to enter the bath with Ran-chan. What for now? Probably the same. Sorry.
(TN: L-lewd!)

Q: Ran said in the first movie that ‘Shinichi and I were born in May, so we are both Taurus’. Is this true in manga?
A: Aaa? Eh? Taurus? Was it like this? Ran-chan? Ran-chan’s birthday is not decided… Yet. Aa. Do you want me to make her Taurus? I’ll try to make my best of it.

Q: Speaking about Sakamoto-senshu (Sakamoto Hayato), previously you stated that he will appear in Conan if he will make 30 home runs, he didn’t, but still has a great playing record, will he appear in Conan?
A: I want him to appear. But that’s sad… It will depend on Sakamoto-senshu himself.

Q: Did the girl in the movie (Curacao) really died? 
A: Curacao..?! She died. Perished. Not living.
(TN: Gosho why do you enjoy our tears)

Q: What is your favorite car?
A: Porsche! Sorry… Same with Gin!!
(TN: Anokata conefirmed)

Q: In manga Shinichi wears a lot of shirts, is this your taste for choosing Shinichi’ish clothes?
A: My taste, huh… Sorry. Shirts suits him well  ♪

Q: In Animal Forest you said ‘Rum had already appeared’, at that point of time, did they show their name of face?
A: Name.. Eh… U… Eh… Hm… In some kind, their name was not shown. The face… Hm… Maybe appeared… Maybe not… 

Q: There was FBI, Secret Police… Which organization would you like to join?
A: Eh… I don’t want both of them. (If I was to have some activity with them - either investigation or just eating) I think I won’t be able to talk with Akai. Amuro-kun is kind of nice. I want to eat sandwiches with Amuro. 

Q: How many years passed since Wakasa Rumi-sensei started teaching? She is a homeroom teacher, which means she has to have teaching experience for some years.
A: Aa… Eh? Hm… I can’t answer that… Sorry. Maybe that can be an answer of some kind.
(TN: So that kinda means Wakasa has no teaching experience)

Q: Do you plan to draw a chapter about when Morofushi-keiji abandoned his post?
A: Hm… I have some plans, but… What to do… I want to see it? Aa… I want to see it. Then I’ll do it. Sorry if I won’t be able to draw it.