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All the preparations for my Sunday visit to Anime North are done!

Like I mentioned on a previous post [x], I’ll be giving out free Yuri On Ice body positivity stickers during my visit!

Find Me To Get: a free sticker!!
• one out of the eight designs (the size is about 4 cm by 6cm) :)
• You will have a blind pick! I’ll let you pick from a variety of stickers without knowing the design.
• As I mentioned before, you don’t even have to hold conversation with me :)

How To Find Me:
• I’ll be going around the convention for the whole day (especially the international plaza in the afternoon).
• I’ll be very low-key in a crop top Yuuri attire (with a simple design of his FS costume) because I fell in love with @zephyrine-gale‘s whole crop top Yuuri movement.
• I’ll use the exact same backpack with my ‘ask me for a YOI sticker’ pin

I hope this is a good enough gift for the fandom during Mental Health Month. I just want to give you all a thumbs up for all the body positivity content with all of Yuuri’s different body shapes.

Catch You Later (Jeremy Heere X Reader)

WC: 2233

Warnings: There might be swearing idk, Mell!Reader, like one dick joke

Summary: Y/N Mell runs into Jeremy Heere, and find some that there may be some new feelings emerging.

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

A/N: For the anon who requested Jeremy x Mell!Reader

“Come on, come on!” I muttered, staring at my watch intently as I hurried to the bus stop. I had slept in, and Michael had unfortunately left for school without me.

This left me only one option. The bus. I made it to the bus stop with just under a minute until the bus arrived.

I doubled over, trying to catch my breath. “Are, uh, are you ok?” I heard a voice asked and I straightened up, looking at the person who spoke to me.

“I’m dandy.” I breathed out, noticing that the bus had just pulled up. The boy looked at me strangely, and quickly boarded the bus.

I trudged on, and noticed that the bus was crowded. I cursed internally and noticed that the only spare seat was the next to the boy who got on before me.

“You don’t mind if I sit next to you?” I asked and he whipped his head up, staring at me with wide eyes. He moved his backpack quickly and I smiled at him, sitting down.

“Hey, I didn’t, uh, catch your name.” The boy said, his blue eyes bright in contrast to his pale skin.

“It’s Y/N.” I said, stretching my hand out to him. He shook it tentatively, his palms slightly clammy.

“I’m Jeremy.” He said and my eyes widened slightly. Suddenly I understood why he seemed familiar.

“You wouldn’t happen to be Jeremy Heere, would you?” I said, and his cheeks darkened in colour as he nodded.

“That, uh, that’s me.” Jeremy said, his voice slightly higher this time. I chuckled and dropped his hand, noticing his face fall a little.

“You’re my brother’s friend. I’m Michael’s sister.” I said, and Jeremy’s eyes widened, his jaw dropping slightly.

“Oh my god. You, uh, you look… different.” Jeremy said, waving his hands about as he talked. I chuckled, shuffling closer to him.

“So do you! I guess I’ve kinda just blocked you from my vision at home because you’re always there. No offence.” I said, noticing the slightly hurt look on Jeremy’s face.

“None taken. I’m kinda used to being ignored.” Jeremy said, glancing out the window of the bus.

“So, how are things? Don’t give me that look, I’m terrible with small talk.” I said, a slight smirk settling on Jeremy’s face.

“Things are good. Rich still thinks your brother and I are dating, which we aren’t, by the way.” Jeremy said, his cheeks turning a pinky colour.

I chuckled, relaxing back into my seat. “Quick question. What kind of music do you listen to?” I asked, and Jeremy paused briefly.

“Um, I normally only listen to music when I’m with Michael. So, probably Bob Marley, and whatever else Michael’s got on his playlist.” Jeremy said and I snorted, fiddling with the headphones that hung around my neck.

“I listen to pretty much everything. Except dubstep. I personally feel like dubstep is a crime against music, but that’s just me.” I said and Jeremy let out a loud laugh, running a hand through his hair.

Suddenly the bus jolted to a stop, and I saw the school out the window. “Well, here we are.” I said, grabbing my backpack and standing up.

Jeremy did the same thing, and we walked off the bus together. “I should probably go, but I’ll see you at lunch? That is, if you want to. If you don’t I totally get it, but.” I stammered and Jeremy chuckled, his blush darkening slightly.

“I’d definitely like to.” Jeremy said and I smiled brightly at him, waving animatedly at him as I walked away.

“Dude, she’s amazing!” I began walking up to the table where Michael and Jeremy were sitting, but I stopped when I heard Jeremy say that.

“Yeah, I know that, but it’s still kinda weird, Jeremy.” Michael said, and I frowned slightly, wondering who they were talking about.

“I’ve never met a girl like her. Well, I mean, I’ve met her before, but something felt different this time.” Jeremy said, and I noticed how flushed his cheeks were.

“Could you please stop talking about her like that? It’s making me kinda uncomfortable.” Michael said, stabbing at his food aimlessly with a fork.

“I’m sorry, Michael, but it’s kinda hard.” Jeremy said and Michael chuckled, smirking at Jeremy.

“I bet you’re kinda hard.” Michael muttered, but it was audible enough for Jeremy to start sputtering and blushing profusely.

“Michael! She’s…” Jeremy whined, and Michael snickered, taking a swig of his drink.

“Hey you guys!” I said, and their heads whipped towards me at breakneck speed, Jeremy immediately ending his previous sentence.

“Oh, uh, hi!” Jeremy squeaked out, his cheeks still bright red. Michael rolled his eyes and gestured for me to sit down.

“How have you guys been?” I asked, taking a sip of my iced tea. Michael and Jeremy exchanged a wide-eyed glance before turning back to me.

“I’ve, uh, been good. How about you?” Jeremy said, his voice an octave or so higher than usual. I gave him a quizzical look before speaking.

“I’m alright. My teachers this year seem pretty cool, but to be fair, I haven’t had all of them yet.” I said, taking a bite of my pizza.

“Cool, cool.” Jeremy muttered, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. I raised my eyebrows at Michael, who simply chuckled.

“How about you, nerd?” I said to Michael, who gave me a look of mock hurt.

“That really hurt, Y/N.” Michael muttered, and I rolled my eyes at him. Jeremy suddenly coughed loudly, and I turned my head to face him.

“I, uh, have to go to the, uh, bathroom.” Jeremy said, standing up and bolting from the table.

I furrowed my eyebrows, watching him curiously as he sprinted away. “What’s his deal?” I said, looking towards my twin brother for help.

Michael sighed and shook his head slightly, turning his line of vision away from from Jeremy. “There’s this girl.” Michael said and I felt my heart sink a little.

“Oh. That makes sense.” I murmured, praying Michael didn’t notice the shift in my demeanour.

“Yeah. He was ranting to me about her, but he refused to tell me who she was. Can’t blame him.” Michael said, and I felt my heart practically drop into my stomach.

“Cool, cool. I, uh, should probably get going, but tell Jeremy I left. If he gets back, that is.” I said, standing up from the table.

Michael nodded, but he looked like he was deep in thought. “I’ll meet you in the parking lot this afternoon, ok?” Michael called and I nodded, walking away from him.

I let out a sigh and kept walking to class, wondering who Jeremy’s mystery girl was, and why he wouldn’t tell Michael.

“Um, hey Y/N.” Jeremy said, his hands shoved awkwardly in his pockets. I chuckled a little and smiled at him, trying to push down the sick feeling in my stomach.

“Hey Jeremy. How are you?” I asked, trying to be polite and desperately hoping my cheeks weren’t bright red.

“I’m good, I’m good.” Jeremy said, rocking back and forth on his heels. I let out a shaky breath, the air around me thick with awkwardness.

“So, uh, is there any particular reason you’re here now?” I asked, cringing when I realised how harsh I sounded.

“I, uh, well, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to, uh, grab some dinner with me tomorrow, maybe?” Jeremy rushed out, his words barely understandable.

“I didn’t quite get that.” I said, chuckling slightly as Jeremy took in a deep breath.

“Do you maybe want to get dinner with me? Tomorrow?” Jeremy said, slower this time. My eyes widened, and my jaw dropped low.

“I, uh, wow, yes.” I breathed out, still in shock at Jeremy’s question. Jeremy’s eyes lit up, and a wide smile crossed his face.

“Really? Cause I wasn’t quite sure if you’d say yes because I thought you kinda hated me.” Jeremy said and I looked at him strangely.

“Why would I have hated you? I mean sure, I thought you were into some other girl, but other than that.” I said and Jeremy’s eyes widened.

“Oh. Right.” Jeremy said, stepping closer to me. I took in a shaky breath, and smiled at Jeremy.

“So, uh, you were talking to Michael about me?” I said and Jeremy’s cheeks went a bright pink.

“You, uh, you heard that?” Jeremy murmured, running a hand through his hair. I bit my lip and nodded, as Jeremy muttered a curse under his breath.

“I mean, I didn’t realise you were talking about me at the time, but now it’s kinda cute.” I said, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks.

Jeremy looked at me shyly, his cheeks pink and his smile bright. “I, uh, you’re welcome?” He said, and I laughed, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“I have to go, Michael’s picking me up, but I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, and I pressed a kiss to Jeremy’s cheek.

My lips lingered a little longer than considered ‘normal’, and when I pulled away I noticed that he looked quite shocked.

Jeremy’s mouth opened and closed as he tried to find words, but couldn’t. “I’ll text you tonight. I’ll get your number off Michael, it’ll be fine.” I said, gently placing a hand on his shoulder.

Jeremy nodded, his cheeks bright red now. “Does 7 work for you?” He blurted out as I went to walk away.

I chuckled and nodded, watching Jeremy’s smile grow. “7 sounds perfect.”

The door bell rang loudly, and I sat up excitedly. “Jeremy’s here!” I shouted, and I heard a chuckle from Michael.

“Someone’s excited.” Michael said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I shoved his arm off gently, but smiled brightly at him.

“Go. Have fun!” Michael said as I approached the door. I smoothed down my navy dress, opening the door.

Jeremy stood there in a white button up and a pair of jeans, and he was clutching a bouquet of flowers.

“Y/N. Hi.” Jeremy breathed out, looking me up and down. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks and I smiled shyly at him.

“Hey Jeremy.” I said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. We stood there for a second, looking at each other, before Jeremy suddenly stretched out the flowers.

“These are for you.” He said, passing me the bouquet. I took them and looked at them, feeling my smile widen.

“Thanks. They’re beautiful.” I said and Jeremy chuckled, scratching the back of his neck.

“Come in. I’m just gonna find a vase for these.” I said, gesturing for Jeremy to walk inside. He followed me, fiddling slightly with his shirt.

“Hey Michael.” Jeremy said, waving at my brother. Michael smiled at Jeremy, and I was surprised at how chill he was with his best friend going on a date with his sister.

I put the flowers in a vase full of water, and turned around to face Jeremy. “Perfect. Now we can go.” I said, and Jeremy nodded, walking out of the house with me.

We got into his car (after he opened the door for me) and we drove along to a restaurant he had picked out.

“This looks really nice.” I said when we arrived, looking at the Chinese restaurant in front of me.

“It’s nothing too big.” Jeremy muttered, looping his arm through mine. I smiled brightly at him, and he returned the smile as we entered the building.

“Table for Heere.” Jeremy said to the maitre’d, and she smiled at us.

“Right this way, Mr and Mrs Heere.” She said and I looked over at Jeremy, whose eyes were wide. He went to argue, but we got to our table before eh could say anything.

We sat down and ordered, relaxing slightly once the waiter had left. “I was gonna tell her we weren’t married, I swear.” Jeremy said and I chuckled, placing one of my hands on top of his.

“It’s fine, Jer. Really.” I said, and Jeremy nodded, his eyes trained on our intertwined hands.

The night passed in a blur, full of laughter and very good food. When we pulled up in my driveway I took in a deep breath, not wanting the night to be over.

“I had a wonderful time tonight.” I said, walking out of the car and looping my arm with Jeremy’s.

“So did I.” Jeremy responded, looking at me with a half-smile. I took in his appearance, his blue eyes shining and his dark hair styled perfectly.

I took in a deep breath and surged forward, pressing my lips to his. Jeremy’s eyes widened, but he quickly closed them, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I tangled my fingers in his hair and tugged gently, revelling in the feeling of his body pressed against mine.

Jeremy pulled away gently, his cheeks and lips pink. “Woah.” He muttered, touching his lips briefly. I chuckled and pressed a kiss to his cheek, his skin burning under my lips.

“Ditto. I, uh, I’ve gotta go now, but I’ll catch you later.” I said, my mind still hazy from the kiss.

“Yeah I’ll, uh, catch you later.” Jeremy said, waving at me as I walked inside. I closed the door behind me and let out a sigh of disbelief.

“Jesus Christ.”

Today I almost got in trouble for whacking a bunch of boys with my cardigan cause they were poking my backpack. A week ago, the same boys took the backpack of another girl and started opening pockets. I ripped it out of his hands and chucked it across the bus. It almost hit someone in the head.

I was just texting my friend and complaining that one of my textbooks was too big to fit in my backpack. (This is the same friend that asked me how hot it was and then told me I was an idiot when I said it was nice out.) She responded, “Hellen, is the textbook too big or do you have too much art stuff in your backpack?” I told her that I only had the basic stuff I need in there. 

She goes “how much is ‘the basic stuff.’”

So I checked.


I laid out some (but not all) of the art stuff in my backpack. 

From left to right, a folio with loose drawing paper and a legal pad, my brown toned sketchbook number 2, a set of three white paper sketchbooks (they’re all for different things! Three literally only has dogJavert in it right now) and then a set of twist-up colored pencils, a double handful of assorted marking tools, my greyscale brush pens, and two pocket sketchbooks up top. Not pictured: a medicine bottle of india ink, a half dozen highlighters, and all the pens and pencils in my clutch. 

There’s also, you know, actual law school stuff in my backpack. Binders and textbooks and my to-go makeup and my emergency kit. 

 I maintain that this is only the necessary art supplies required for basic day-to-day living.

She maintains that I am an idiot.

His Darkest Obsession:04

Pairing: Edward Nygma x Reader

Fandom: Gotham, Batman, DC

Warning: Language, Violence, Mental Abuse

One     Two     Three  

Bruce and Selina watched you nervously pace back and forth in Bruce’s study. Selina glanced over at Bruce.

“What do we do?” Selina mouthed.Bruce only shrugged he wasn’t sure if he should say something or let you take your time.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Selina finally broke the silence.

You turned towards your friends.

“I don’t think it’s a secret admirer I have. I think it’s a stalker,” You told them.

“Why do you say that?” Bruce asked.

“The boys at school get me in trouble that same night they’re murdered. My backpack gets stolen and the man, who I didn’t even get a look at, by the way, shows up at the police station with my bag in tow, and now this whole thing Cal it only makes sense,” You said.

“What thing with Cal?” Bruce asked.

“Remember he was that officer that was in that really bad car accident,” Selina pointed out.

“Why would he have anything to do with your stalker?” Bruce asked.

You looked over at Selina and she gave you a look. You let out a long sigh.

“Cal and I were kind of seeing each other,” You admitted.

“You were dating an adult?” Bruce asked.

“Okay, you’re acting like I’m some child. I’m seventeen, eighteen in three months, plus Cal is only twenty-one,” You explained.

“Yeah, Bruce it’s not like Y/n is dating a forty-year-old,” Selina added.

“And, Jim, your brother, who is a police detective is okay with that?” Bruce asked.

“He knows and somewhat approves. I mean the dude is a cop, so Jim has his eyes on him at all times,” You replied.

“Okay, so say we go with this that your admirer is actually you’re stalker what do we do?” Selina asked.

“We need to try and figure out who it could possibly be,” Bruce said.

“Well, we know it’s not anybody at school. Nobody wants to date the sister of a police detective,” You pointed out.

“True, but we can’t rule anybody out. If we think it’s a stalker they could be trying to use you to get to Jim,” Selina said.

“I’ll ask around the school and see what I can manage to get out of them,” Bruce said.

“Does Cal have any idea who would have cut his brakes?” Selina asked.

You shook your head.

“Unfortunately, no,” You replied.

“How is he doing?” Bruce asked.

“Thankfully, nothing major, just a broken an arm and some cuts and bruises,” You answered.

Your phone chirped.

“I gotta go. I’m meeting Jim at the station before we go up to see Cal,” You said.

“Don’t worry Y/n we’re going to figure this out,” Bruce said.

You hugged your friends before excusing yourself. When you were gone Selina turned to Bruce.

“Who could be doing this to her? What do they have to gain by taking it out on her?” Selina asked.

“I don’t know Selina but we’re going to find out who it is and bring them to justice,” Bruce growled as he bunched his fist.

“Come on, come on, please,” You begged as you bounced up and down next to your brother.

Jim sighed.

“Jim, I never ever ask for anything,” You pleaded.

“What’s the princess begging for now?” Harvey asked as he came to sit on the desk next to you.

“Mr. Johnson who lives on the floor below has a litter of puppies up for adoption,” You began.

“Oh come on Jim, you gotta get the kid a puppy,” Harvey said.

Jim glared at Harvey. “You can stay out of it,”

“Jim, I get good grades, I play a sport, I do my own chores, I have a part-time job. I am the definition of a responsible teen,” You explained to him.

Jim looked over at you. You and Harvey gave him the most sorrowful puppy dog eyes. He sighed.

“You will be the one who will need to train him, pay for all of his vet dates, and everything else,” Jim said.

You cheered as Harvey high fived you.

“Okay, let me go finish up some paperwork and then we’ll get out of here,” Jim said.

Jim and Harvey went their separate ways. You slid off the desk to head to Lee’s office. You hadn’t seen her so you weren’t even sure if she was still at work. When you got to her office the door was closed, you knocked once before entering. Lee was nowhere to be seen. Sighing, you turned to head back to the main part of the station. Gasping, you gently pushed Edward away from you.

“You scared the shit out of me,” You hissed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” Edward apologized.

“Jeez, Eddie, you really need to wear a bell or something,” You teased.

Edward only smiled.

“I haven’t seen you around the station lately,” Edward pointed out.

“Yeah, between school and soccer, I’ve been pretty busy,” You replied.

“And also the visits to the hospital right?” Edward asked.

Your furrowed your eyebrows. “How did you know about the hospital trips?”

“Silly girl, Jim mentioned to me how the two of you have been spending a lot of time at the hospital with Mr. O’Brian,” Edward explained.

“Oh, right, well Eddie, how have you been?” You asked.

“Still heartbroken, they can’t find Kristen,” Eddie said.

“I hope that they can find her. You two had just started dating, right?” You asked.

Edward nodded slowly. “Yeah, I still think her ex had something to do with it,”

“What? God that’s awful, I hope he didn’t do anything to her,” You said.

“Probably just ran away together,” Edward said.

You looked up at him. “Why would Krissy just run away without saying anything? That seems so unlike her,”

“How would you know what she’s like?” Edward snapped.

You nervously took a step away from him.

“I just mean, from the little bit we talked, I couldn’t see Kristen taking off like that, that’s all,” You explained.

Edward could see how uncomfortable you were.

“My apologies, I didn’t mean to snap, I,” But Edward was cut off.

“Hey, there you are, we better go see Cal before we pick up the pup,” Jim said.

You nodded.

“Bye Mr. Nygma,” You said before running over to join your brother.

Edward wanted to shout at you to call him Edward, but he knew he had scared you. The way you flinched away from him really ticked him off. He didn’t want you to be afraid of him. He wanted you to love him. Edward was going to have to slow down and rethink a few things. Maybe he was rushing things with you because he wanted you so badly, but it was obvious that you weren’t there yet.

With Cal O’Brian still in the picture, Edward knew that he didn’t have a chance with you. Edward couldn’t fathom on why you would want to be with Cal anyway, but he’d take a few steps back and maybe up his gift game. You hadn’t put the clues together yet, which was okay, that gave Edward more time to woo you.

Smiling, Ed turned on his heels and stormed away as another brilliant idea popped up in his head. He just knew the perfect gift for you!

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Morning Sex

Me: Baaaaabe I gotta get up for workkkk 

Him: You think I give a fuck about yo job?! *proceeds to beat the pussy up* 

45 minutes and two orgasms later *seventh alarm goes off*

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Me: *eating a banana and doing my eyebrows at the same time* 

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Him: Where’s your backpack? 

Me: silence 

Him: You need me to pack it? 

Me: silence 

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Him: Ima make you some oatmeal. *dick flopping lackadaisically in the wind*

Hospital Visits

Pairing: Nick Clark x Reader

Author: @ftwd-nicky

Words: 2378

Author’s Note: So, I was re-watching the first season and seeing Nick in the hospital had sparked ideas to write a fic on it! I really hope you guys enjoy this. It’s kinda pre-apocalypse (obviously lol), but yeah! It’s cute! Thanks to my babe @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!!

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Rainy Day with Gray
  • I awoke to steady rhythm of two things: the droplets of the rain landing on the roof, and the beating of the heart in the chest I slept on. And, sadly, the sound of my iPhone’s alarm. I groaned, rolling onto my side, away from Grayson’s embrace. I tapped my phone repeatedly until the much-dreaded sound finally came to a halt. I yawned, my hand covering my mouth as I sat up in bed. I rubbed my eyes, my vision finally clearing up. The room was still grey, and quiet. I peered out the window to see a steady downfall of peaceful rain. I gazed through the glass, mesmerized by the patterns of the droplets, and the slow rumbling of the thunder. It was not fair to have to go to school on a day meant for sleeping, cuddling, listening to music, watching movies, and staying in bed.
  • After a moment, I groaned lightly, slipping my legs off the queen-sized bed, and onto the soft, white, rug. Before attempting to make my way to the bathroom to begin getting ready, I heard a groan, and adjustment of the white covers. Grayson rolled on his left side, towards me, and moved his bare, muscular arms around where I was lying before. He tried finding me, barely conscious, when he finally realized I was no longer there. I held my giggle in, and instead stretched out to place my hand on his hopeless one. His fingers twitched a bit, noticing my presence. He tightened his grip, intertwining his fingers with mine. His face was buried in the white pillow, hidden from my sight. He slowly, and lazily, lifted his head up a few inches, his eyes opened a crack.
  • His sharp jawline was revealed making me feel the urge to trace it with my finger, though I resisted. His dark eyebrows furrowed in confusion, as he put on one of his classic smirks. His dimples appeared, making me melt. He rubbed his eyes, before fluttering his eyelids open once again.
  • “Why are you up?” he mumbled. His voice was low, and groggy, though sexy all at the same time. He stared up at me, no matter how hard it was for him to keep his eyes open, even for just a second. I grinned, threading my fingers through my shoulder-length, wavy, brunette hair.
  • “School, remember?” I reminded him. He shook his head, moving towards me. He wrapped his toned arms around my waist. I was covered with one of Grayson’s sweatshirts, which went down to my upper-thigh. Besides that, I wore only a lacy black bralette underneath, panties, hidden by the sweatshirt, and grey knit socks, that went up over my ankles.
  • He pulled me back into bed, and into his warm, safe, embrace. I laughed, though, gave up on the whole fighting back part. It was impossible to reject one of Grayson’s cuddles. His arms stayed around my waist, and the side of his face rested in the crook of my neck. He pulled the covers back over us, and sighed.
  • “Now, isn’t this better than school?” he whispered in my ear. I shook my head, yes, causing him to hold me a little tighter. My eyelids began to get a bit heavy once again as I listened to Grayson’s steady breath, along with the steady beat of the rain.
  • “Gray…” I began, my eyelids slowly shutting. I fought it, but lost completely.
  • “Shh…” he whispered from behind my ear. I finally shook myself out of it. I couldn’t miss a whole day of high school. That would cause twice the amount of stress the next day.
  • “Gray, you can stay here all day. My parents won’t be home until late tomorrow night. But, I can’t skip,” I explained, slipping out of his embrace, and onto the floor. I stood, staring down at the beautiful human. He held himself up on his elbow, gazing at me. He sighed, shaking his head in disagreement.
  • “I can’t let you do that,” he protested. I raised my eyebrow, crossing my arms.
  • “Yeah, and why’s that?” I questioned, with a smirk. His eyes scanned me, head to toe.
  • “It’s practically a law that you can’t let a girlfriend, as beautiful and perfect as you are, go to a school full of guys— without her boyfriend.” I rolled my eyes playfully.
  • “It is, huh?” I laughed. He grinned at the sound. He nodded confidently.
  • “Well then.” His eyes lit up, in hope, his teeth showing in his grin. “Guess you’ll just have to come with me, then, huh?” I tricked.
  • He moaned, a smirk still on his face, as he fell out of bed, and approached me. His bare upper body revealed his muscles, which moved with every step. He wore baggy, grey, Nike sweatpants, which rested on his hips. He wrapped his tan, muscular, arms around my back, as I wrapped mine lazily around his neck. We both closed our eyes, and rested our heads on each other’s shoulders, still waking up. He sighed.
  • “I guess so,” he whispered, in my ear. “But I’m not going to school today to learn anything, just so you know,” he stated in his groggy voice. I laughed softly.
  • “Oh, I know, Gray,” I joked, before I slipped out of his grip, and began getting ready for the long day ahead of me.
  • * * *
  • We stepped out in the rain, dressed in our lazy day outfits. Grayson kept on his sweatpants, and threw on a loose white teeshirt, and his black Nike sneakers. Gray insisted on having me wear his sweatshirt, instead of a tighter, a bit more revealing top I wanted to wear. I wore the sweatshirt, along with super skinny, jeans, with a few rips at the knees, and thighs. I rolled the hem up a few inches, and threw on my converse. After applying a bit of makeup, and letting my wavy brunette hair down, I called it a look. Though Gray wasn’t too happy with the super tight pants, with my “ass for all to see”, he had to deal. I wouldn’t be wearing a potato sack for all to see.
  • We jumped into Gray’s silver Jeep, and turned up the music. He played a few of his favorites songs, along with mine. He tried singing along terribly, mostly just to make me laugh, and get me awake. He intertwined his fingers with mine, between our two seats, and relaxed back into his seat at my touch.
  • To my surprise, he pulled into the Starbucks drive through, and ordered my favorite coffee for me, along with his. He knew all the extra details to my order, and ordered the size I always asked for. We shared a grin as he passed me the warm coffee. He sure does know what I love most.
  • “Thank you, Gray,” I smiled at him as I cupped the drink in my hands. He paused, staring into my grateful eyes. It was a small gesture, buying the coffee, but to me, it’s the small things in life that count.
  • “Anything for you, Ellie,” he replied, wrapping his hand gently around my neck, and pulling in to peck my cheek. His lips lingered there for a moment, causing my heart to flutter.
  • I began to sip the hot drink, as I gazed out the window, at the grey fog, and rain droplets. This was by far my favorite kind of weather. Grayson played a soft, calm, acoustic, as we pulled into our high school’s crowded parking lot. He shut off the car, and hurried around to my side, to open the door for me. No matter if we’ve been dating for six months already, he never stopped acting like it was our first date. I thanked him with a tired grin, and threw my backpack over my shoulder. He did the same, as we began walking beside each other towards the school doors. I yawned covering my mouth with my hand. Due to that, a small tear crept out of my eye. I hated when my eyes teared up like this. I couldn’t even bare to walk, I was so exhausted.
  • “We can still turn around, now, and go back home,” Grayson smirked, as he wiped my tired tear away with his thumb, cupping my cheek for a moment. I shook my head, trying my hardest to refuse.
  • “I wish, Gray, I really do,” I said softly, before yawning once more. He chuckled, not pushing it.
  • “Hi”s, and “hello”s were said on our way through the busy parking lot. Gray narrowed his eyes at all the guys who gave me an impressed look, or at whoever who whistled obnoxiously. I reached and held his hand to assure him that it was okay. He looked at our hands, before deciding it wasn’t good enough. He snuggled me in his arm, around my neck. I leaned into his shoulder, my eyes barely awake. He led the way, through more of the students.
  • You would think guys would get the memo that I’m taken by now, after six months of publicly being with Gray— but no. Grayson wasn’t all about that part, either. He wanted everyone to know that I was his. That’s one of the reasons he likes me wearing one of his sweatshirts.
  • He squeezed me a bit tighter in his arms, protectively, for a moment, before hesitantly letting me out of his arms.
  • “Come to Ms. Baker’s room during study hall.” I furrowed my eyebrows.
  • “Why?” I questioned. He grinned.
  • “Because that’s where I’ll be.” I giggled. “And, she let’s us take a nap, but that’s just a bonus,” he smirked. I nodded.
  • “Yes… the sleeping part doesn’t even matter to me,” I said sarcastically. He chuckled, before the bell rung, allowing us to go to our lockers before class starts. He cupped my cheeks with his hands, and kissed my forehead softly, my eyes closed softly. His lips lingered there for a moment, just the way I liked it.
  • “See you then, beautiful.” He paused, before staring down at my lips. He knew I didn’t like showing off our relationship to everyone— I hated when couples did that when I was single— but at this moment, he didn’t care. He took a moment before crashing his soft lips against mine, causing butterflies to have a party in my stomach. I smiled against his lips, along with him. “I love you,” he whispered, inches away from my lips. I stared up into his eyes.
  • “I love you, too,” I grinned, before stepping away, and down the hallway, towards my locker. I glanced back to catch him staring at me with a big, stupid grin on his face.
  • * * *
  • Science was the most miserable hour of the day. Mr. Reynolds rambled on the entire class, all about the college application process (for whatever reason, in Science class), and all about the process of dissecting frogs. An odd combination. My head was in my hand, and I could barely keep my eyes open. I would often spend the class jotting down notes excessively. Today, my blank notebook page sat in front of me, along with a untouched pen.
  • As much as I do adore the rain, it does have it’s effects on me, which is making me want to sleep the entire day. No matter how much sleep I received last night, I felt as if I haven’t slept in days.
  • “Ellie,” I heard from beside me. I barely opened my eyes, to see Luke grinning beside me. He was a blonde, tan kid, on the lacrosse team, with Grayson. I would= say he was a friend of mine— but not close. More like a classmate. He revealed his pearly white teeth, as he stared at me. I shook my head out of my daze, and sat up, lazily.
  • “Yeah?” I whispered, hoping Mr. Reynolds wouldn’t hear us. I rubbed my eyes. He chuckled lowly.
  • “If you want, I can take you home, or back to my place, or something. You seem pretty out of it, today.” I took a moment to process what he’d said, when my eyes widened. Did he just ask to take me back to his place? Oh gosh, I wonder what Grayson would be thinking if he knew this was happening.
  • “Oh,” I stuttered. Thankfully, the bell rung loudly. I blinked, before throwing my notebook and pencil in my backpack, and throwing it over my shoulder, before stumbling on my feet. He smirked at my nervous fumble. “I’m okay, really, I should get going to study hall,” I stuttered out. He looked a bit disappointed, but kept the smirk on his face, as he continued to stare at my features. I nodded, before leaving the classroom as soon as possible. I glanced back, to see his eyes on me. As I entered the busy hallway, I silently wished I wouldn’t be seeing him for the rest of the day, and promised myself to avoid him.
  • * * *
  • I dragged myself across the building, to Ms. Baker’s classroom. I dizzily entered through the doorway, to see a crowded, but silent classroom. About twenty students were across the room, sitting in their desks. I scanned the room, my eyes weak, and slow. I spotted Ms. Baker, sitting in the front, on her computer. I walked over, and handed her the pass I’d received to come her for study hall. She nodded, taking it, with no eye contact. I could tell she was having a rough day, as well.
  • “Sit wherever, and do anything that won’t give me a headache,” she mumbled, her eyes still on her screen. I nodded, with barely enough energy to talk. I turned my head, to try to find Grayson. He sat in the middle row, looking playfully angry at the guy who had sat beside him. I held in my laugh, and instead crossed my arms playfully, and shrugged. I tore my eyes away from Gray’s, and looked for an empty seat. Thankfully, I’d found one. I walked over, and put my bag down, before realizing who sat directly beside it— Luke. He sketched in a thick notebook of his, before glancing up at me. He grinned automatically. He gestured to the empty seat. I politely smiled a bit, before taking a seat. I crossed my arms on my desk, and laid my head in them. Before I could close my eyes, I felt a vibration from my phone, gripped loosely in my hand. I brought the screen towards my eyes, and read the text, still in the same, tired, position.
  • Gray: he’s staring at you
  • Gray: i don’t like this
  • I lifted my head, before turning to see Luke gazing upon me. He grinned. “Sleepy?” he asked, oddly. I furrowed my eyebrows.
  • “Uh— yeah…” I answered, unsurely. I turned my head towards Gray. His eyes were fixated on Luke in a glare. His jaw was clenched, and his knee shook up and down in annoyance, and nerves. I looked back at my phone, hiding the screen from Luke as I typed.
  • Me: What do I do, then? He’s been doing this all day…
  • Grayson read the text, and met his wide, angered eyes with my tired ones, before gesturing for me to come to him, with his hand. I briefly glanced back at Luke, before slipping away, and going over towards Gray. I kneeled beside his desk, looking up at him as he began to speak.
  • “Can you just…” he began uneasily, and nervously, as he glanced up at Luke. “can you just stay here?” he asked softly. I blinked a few times, as I watched him stare at Luke uncomfortably.
  • “Where would I sit, then?” I whispered. Grayson looked back at Luke, and stood up out of his seat. He walked around the desk, inches from me.
  • “You sit here, okay?” he whispered. “Get your sleep in.” I looked up at his eyes, which continued to glare at Luke, who was clueless to what was going on. I grabbed his hand, and gave it a reassuring squeeze, causing Grayson to meet my eyes once again. I smiled softly, before letting go of his hand, and sliding into Grayson’s past seat. He grabbed his phone of the desk, and made his way over to my previous seat. I watched him closely as Luke’s mouth lipped words of which I couldn’t hear. Grayson replied, his eyes narrowed, and his jaw clenched. I tried watching for other signs, but it was too quiet, and this desk was just so oddly comfortable…
  • Grayson
  • “Uh, hey?” Luke said with confusion. “Where’d Ellie go?” he questioned, putting his pencil down. I crossed my arms, as I tilted my head.
  • “Away from you,” I replied sternly. Luke took a look around, before locating her with his eyes. He furrowed his brows as he looked back at me.
  • “So… by that, you mean in your seat?” I kept my eyes steady on his. After a moment, he began to get the memo. “Look, Grayson,” he began. “I think Ellie is a really cool girl, and I just have this project…”
  • “A project to get her away from me?” I interrupted abruptly. Luke rolled his eyes.
  • “No. A project in art.” He paused, sighing. “I have to draw something that catches my attention, often.” He looked down. “Something, beautiful,” he smiled. His expression then turned into an mischievous smirk. “Something— hot.” I narrowed my eyes, and leaned into him, grabbing his tee shirt collar.
  • “Look, Luke,” I began, as I spoke through my teeth. “Ellie does catch my attention and is beautiful, but, do you know why I can think that?” I asked him, my breathing quickening. Luke’s eyes widened. “Because I’m her god damn boyfriend,” I told him. “Draw a tree, or whatever your little heart desires, but for god’s sake, do not— under any circumstances draw Ellie, or there will be consequences,” I threatened. Luke paused, before relaxing back into his seat, confidently. He had that same stupid smirk on his face. I wanted to punch it right off. I visioned him smirking at Ellie like that, as she would squirm in her seat, or politely smile back. Why did she have to be so polite?
  • “Consequences, as in Ellie running to me after she sees the finished piece?” I clenched my jaw tightly. He leaned into me, his hot breath hitting me, along with his strong cologne. “What’s the most you’ve ever done for Ellie, huh? Getting her a coffee one morning? Getting her a cheap flower? Lying to her about how much you really love her?” He raised his brows. “We all know that she deserves more. Everyone knows.” My face got hot. “You may be on the lacrosse team, but so am I, big guy. We all know that she’s far more interested in other things besides sports.” He paused, grinning. “Like…” he began. “Her education, unlike you. Art, unlike you. Writing, unlike you. Having a future, unlike you…” I finally regained my confidence, as I matched his confident expression.
  • “You can say everything you like, Luke.” I laughed lowly. “But, how about we all remind ourselves one big thing.” His attention laid on me, as I grinned. “She chose me. She’s mine, and always will be mine. Never yours.” With that, I stood out of the seat, and grabbed Ellie’s belongings that she left behind. I walked over to my previous desk, where Ellie sat. I expected her to be listening to every word, but, instead, she slept peacefully in her own arms, on the desk surface. She crossed her arms, and lye her head on top of them, covered with my sweatshirt fabric. My eyes lit up, and my heart beat a bit happier just at the sight of her. I placed her belongings beside the desk, as I simply gazed upon her.
  • Her wavy brunette hair crashed down on the wooden surface, as her back rose and sank with her peaceful breathing. I couldn’t believe she was mine. I took a step towards her, as she sat on the edge of the seat. I slid in the same seat behind her, trying as best as I could not to wake her up. My knees sat outside of hers, barely grazing each other. I wrapped my arms around her, and rested my head on her upper back, near the crook of her neck.
  • I inhaled her wonderful scent deeply, as I softly fluttered my eyelids shut. I listened to her heartbeat— the sound I loved most in the whole, entire universe. I was happy. Genially, happily, happy. It was then where my whole body relaxed. My body, my brain, my soul. I fell into a restful, simple and sweet nap, with the one I love most.
  • * * *
  • I instantly awoke as the bell rung in the classroom, and in my ears. I inhaled deeply, sitting up over Ellie, who’s head still laid on the desk surface. I grabbed her materials, placing them nicely in her bag, before kneeling down to her face.
  • “Ellie,” I whispered, with a stupid grin on my face. Her eyebrows furrowed, before her eyelashes fluttered open. She looked quite confused at first, before lifting her head from the wooden desk surface. She stretched her arms, before running her fingers through her hair. “The bell rung a minute ago— we should get going.” She nodded lazily before lightly yawning. She slipped out of her seat slowly, before grabbing her bag out of my hands.
  • “That was one of the best naps of my life,” she sighed, as we made our way through the empty classroom and to the door. I chuckled lowly.
  • “It was only an hour long, babe,” I told her. She shrugged.
  • “Still the best. Even when you came and slept on top of me,” she smirked.
  • “You noticed?” I questioned, surprised. She giggled.
  • “How do you not notice when a tall, muscular guy puts his head on your back, and his arms around you?” she smiled. I looked a bit embarrassed. 
 “Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t want to stay next to that Luke kid,” I shook my head, as anger and fear washed over my face once again. She nudged my shoulder playfully, getting me out of it.
  • “No, no. Don’t apologize. I couldn’t fall asleep until after you came over,” she smiled to herself. I grinned, as I wrapped my arm around her neck. She leaned into my arm, taking a deep breath. I breathed in her sweet scent— I nearly groaned, it smelled so good. When she reached her locker, she turned towards me, her back leaned against the lockers.
  • “So, my place after school, okay?” she smirked. I grinned, before furrowing my eyebrows.
  • “For sure, but why?” I questioned. She looked down at the floor, a stupid grin on her face.
  • “So we can watch movies in bed, listen to music, cuddle… you can play with my hair, and I can scratch your back, and we can eat food…” I smashed my lips against hers unexpectedly, before she was even able to close them. I breathed in deeply, as she fumbled a bit against the lockers. I stabled her, my strong hands on her waist.
  • “Gosh, I love you,” I whispered into her lips.
Dropping things
  • <p> <b></b> (Two kids talking about a problem while taking the group portion of their semester exam)<p/><b>Student 1:</b> you mean to tell me if I drop my backpack and this paper at the same time they'll hit the ground at the same time?<p/><b>Student 2:</b> Bitch, keep asking stupid questions and I'm gonna drop you!<p/></p>
Excerpt from my WIP

Hey all, it’s Fev (½ of blackgirlmagicwrites). I noticed that a lot of you always share excerpts and we haven’t really been sharing on this blog as much as I’d like so here’s a bit from The Saviors Series Book #1:

Nash didn’t want to tell her, but after how honest she’d been with him, he felt he owed her a piece of himself. His entire face burned now. “Ryan’s been giving me his paycheck.”

Melanie’s eyebrows knit together. “To help him train? Is he that bad?”

“No. He would have given it to me anyway. He said ACES money doesn’t mean anything to him and I’m better off with it. I just offered to train him in exchange.”

She sat back, her mouth open. “That’s so rude.”

“It’s rude?”

“Yes! The fact that he’d assume that you would need his paycheck to survive. Is he that self-absorbed?” she said. “Does he just assume if people aren’t part of his family’s company that they’re just poor?”

Nash squinted at her. He’d picked up the habit as a kid since he didn’t want to burden his parents with the cost of getting him glasses. Even now that he had perfect vision, he found he couldn’t stop. “Melanie,” he said. “The money does help me.”

“I know that, of course, the money would help anyone. I’m saying that it isn’t right of him to assume money is everything. It’s not.”

He clenched his teeth. “You can say that. You can say money isn’t everything, because you have that privilege.”

“Oh no, that’s not— you’re not getting it.”

“No. You’re not getting it.” Nash tried to keep his voice level. “My mom has arthritis. She worked overtime to make sure there was always hot water for morning showers. Mandy came home complaining that the kids at school were making fun of her for having the same backpack since she was three. My dad’s shop is closing in a month because a higher-end place opened down the street and he’s been looking for a new place to work since June. They had to cut the cable and Wi-Fi after the Cycle started because I wasn’t at home to help pay the bills.” He bit his lip. “They were going to move out of L.A.”

Melanie was rigid. Her eyes glistened. She didn’t say anything.

“Ryan gave me his paycheck and my mom went back to working full-time. Mandy has a new backpack and watches Disney Channel. My dad got a better car so now he has an easier time going job hunting,” he said. “I’m not home, but sending them that check helps me sleep better at night. So, yeah, money isn’t everything, but it sure keeps the damn lights on.”

Stairs •Gelo

Non-explicit 💕


Your POV

“Baby.” I heard Gelo whisper.

“Shut up before he think we cheatin’.” I whispered back to him trying to focus on my test.

“Well that’s what I planned on doing. What’s the answer to number 15?” He dropped his pencil on purpose and tried to look at my test.

I lightly smacked my lips, “Gelo move.”

“Tell me or I’m not taking you to Victoria Secret this weekend.”

“How you just gon’ threaten me like that?” I glanced at the front of the class to make sure the professor wasn’t looking.

“I guess you don’t want it then.” He leaned up.

“It’s D.” I rolled my eyes.

“Three more, 18, 22, and 23.”

“A, C, and C” I whispered.

“That’s what daddy likes.” He circled his answers.

I ignored his comment and finished the rest of my test.

“You may all be dismissed, turn in your test to me when leaving, if you aren’t finished that’s your grade.” The professor announced.

“Finished just in time.” I thought to myself.

I got up from my seat and grabbed my backpack, and Gelo did the same.

I handed my professor my test and waited outside the door for Gelo.

“We finally out this bitch for today.” Gelo wrapped one of his arms around my neck.

“Sure is… wait.” I turned my head and it was Cody that had his arm around my neck.

“Nigga get yo arm from around me.” I removed his arm.

He laughed, “bruh I’m tryna go eat.”

“For sho’.” Gelo budded in as he walked out of the class.

“Don’t we gotta wait on Kris, and Jalen to get outta class?”

“Aw fuck baby! I forgot.”

“Aw shit, I’m hungry as fuck.” Cody smacked his lips.

“They get out in about 3 minutes, we can wait.” I implied.

I wrapped my arms around Gelo and laid my head on his chest as we stood outside of the classroom door.

As my head was laying on his chest I heard a rumble. I looked up at him and he looked down at me.

“Damn nigga that was yo’ stomach?” Cody joked.

I laughed and reached in my backpack and grabbed a granola bar.

“You want this since you so hungry?” I asked Gelo.

“I don’t want that shit.” He snatched it outta my hand and threw it on the ground.

“Nigga! Don’t be throwing food around like that.” Cody said going and picking it up.

“Bitch don’t throw my shit, I was tryna be nice.” I smacked his chest.

“You better watch yo mouth lil’ girl.” He looked down at me and licked his lips.

“Aye I see Jalen and Kris.” Cody ran to the class door window putting his whole face on the glass and breathing on it.

“Cody stop before the professor come out.” I laughed quietly.

He started dancing and making funny faces while still in the window.

“Cody quit nigga!”

“Ohh five o'clock, six o'clock, huuh yeah.” He hit them folks.

“Ohh he lookin’ ohh he lookin’!” I said and he ducked.

“Huuh yeah.” I said and he got back up and hit them folks again.

Gelo started laughing.

Then the class door opened and students started to come out and Kris and Jalen were the first to walk out.

“Ugly ass niggas had us waiting on y'all.” Cody smacked Kris and Jalen’s head at the same time.

“Aye where we finna eat at?” Jalen said pulling out his phone.

“Shit I don’t care I’m just hungry.” Cody said walking towards the stairs getting on snapchat.

Cody started playing music as we walked down the stairs. “Say wassup to the snap.”

Gelo looked in the camera and did some signs while walking down the stairs.

Then all off a sudden Gelo missed a step making him fall to the ground.

“Oh shit.” Cody said turning the camera towards Gelo.

“Baby!” I started laughing and so did everyone else.

Then Jalen started recording on snapchat. “Look at you bruh, this nigga just fell down the stairs.”

Gelo got up and smiled painfully looking at me.

“Gelo!” I screamed and held my stomach from laughing so hard. I had to hold on to the wall so I won’t fall either.

“T-then he slid a little bit when he fell.” I laughed.

“Fuck you.” He grabbed my hand leading me out the door.

anonymous asked:

Mann I know people my age (18) who are just out there being openly gay n shit and like... I just can't? Like inside I'm fine with being gay, I'm gay af with online friends, but I only came out to a few people irl and even with them it feels weird and basically even though there's no objective reason for me to be afraid, but I am. Idk what of. Any advice on how to start opening up as a lesbian or sth? (ps thank you for running this blog ♥️ it's amazing)

Ayyy I’m in your same situation right now
I’ve been starting wearing pride pins on my backpack and bag, for starters, and soon I’ll put a rainbow flag next to my instagram username.
What I can suggest is don’t hold back? Whenever there’s a conversational occasion to come out, if you think it’s worth it, seize it!! For example mentioning girl crushes, girlfriends, ex girlfriends etc.
Can’t think of anything more right now but if anyone has suggestions as to how to be more openly gay?? Both me and anon (and other followers who are in the same place) will benefit. Thank you!

Classroom Mischief (Mike Wheeler x reader)

We’d been into Miss Macintosh’s room, thinking it would be a good place for a hideout from world history, that class is fucking boring. We were sure Miss Macintosh was in the staff room, so there was no need to worry. But midway into having a laughing fit from one of Mike’s dirty jokes, she burst in the room. “What in the name is going on in here!” She said in a tone that wasn’t yelling, but frightening none the less. Tears immediately sprung to my eyes, I hated being the sensitive kid. Mike noticed, and didn’t hesitate to grab my hand and squeeze it reassuringly. My brain immediately dropped everything else going on, except Mike. Mike and I had been friends for years. And I wanted to be more. But Mike never showed signs of the same. Mike’s always been very touchy between two people; Will and I. And every time he grabbed my hand, or hugged me, my heart stopped. Mike dragged me out of the classroom, because I was too much in a daze to really comprehend what was going on. “Fuck, I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to get us deten—“ “Mike it’s fine. Where are we meeting fuckface for detention? I wasn’t paying attention.” “No, no it’s not fine!—“ “Mike stop! Jesus Mike, it’s done and over, where are we going for detention?” My voice was calm, but firm. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, my heart would break if I did. “2:30, her room.” Mike said quietly, looking at his shoes. Me, having a surge of confidence lifted his chin so our eyes were equal, “Mike, I figured we’d get detention by now for our skipping classes business.” I say, smiling at him. He laughs quietly and I push back his curls. “Come on, we have to get back to history.” I say with reluctance because I could stare at his face and count his freckles and not be bored.


2:30, her room, 2:30, her room, 2:30 her roo— “Y/N! Mike!” Miss Macintosh said in a cheery voice, “come in come in! Today we will— sorry you will be scrubbing the desks.” Mike and I groan. I sit down at a desk and she hands me a toothbrush this isn’t that bad. And I begin to scrub the desk.


“Miss, can I use the bathroom?” Mike asks quietly an hour in to cleaning. Miss Macintosh nods curtly. As soon as the door closes, Miss Macintosh seems to perk up. “Y/N, go for it.” She says smiling, my head spins over to look at her and she laughs, “I know you like Wheeler, Jesus, just looking at the way you look at him. It’s cute really, so go for it.” She says and she hands me our backpacks, “ I doubt he’s really in the bathroom” she adds, rolling her eyes but laughing all the same. “Thank you.” I say quietly, it’s barely a whisper. I put my backpack on and leave the room, set out to find Mike.


I find Mike sitting on the floor of the bathroom. I walk without a care in the world and smile at his warm, brown eyes. “We’re free to go—” Our eyes connect and my words get caught in my throat. Rethinking her words, go for it, go for it, go for it. We walk out of the bathroom and out the front doors, my hands shaking nervously. “M-mike?” I stutter out so quiet, it’s barely audible. His head jolts down toward mine and I immediately avoid his eyes. “W-what’s wrong? Did I do something stupid again?” He rambles out, not caring of it didn’t matter. That’s what I love about him. “No-it’s not you, I don’t know how to say it, but uhm,” I break off, trying to find the words, but there seems to be none to convey what I’m trying to say, “I love you, I love the way you smile, the way you’re touchy around your closest friends, the way your hair curls, I love when you look at me and it just shows the utmost affection and love for someone and I. I don’t think there is someone else like you and I like you.” I say, looking back up at him. His hand reaches up and touches my cheekbone as he places his soft, peach lips onto mine. It’s like running through a field of daises, the smell of bacon on a Sunday morning, it’s like life and death all at once. But none of that matters to me. Mike Wheeler is the only thing that’s on my mind.

(First Mike fanfic so oof it sucks.)

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"You look like shit" with platonic ralbert pleaseee

“You look like shit,” Albert said from his bed. Race looked up from where he was struggling to lock the door with three textbooks in his hand and glared at his roommate.

“I’d flip you off if I wasn’t worried about dropping these books, but they need to look good for buy-back.”

“You know they’re not going to actually take them, right?”

“They better.” Race set the books on his desk with a sigh. “They might give me two dollars and half a sandwich for them, but they better fuckin’ give me something.”

Albert snorted. “So how’d the studying go?”

“Well,” Race said, collapsing onto his bed, “I sat in the library for five hours and finally decided to leave when I realized I hadn’t turned a page in forty-five minutes. Then my backpack straps broke.”

Both of them?”

“Yeah. Same time, too. So I had to carry my books back here. And those fuckers are heavy.”

“Well, you made it,” Albert said. He grinned. “Still look like shit, though.”

Race seemed to remember that his hands were now free. Ah, there was the bird.


9.13.15 • What’s in my backpack?? After using the same backpack all through undergrad, I decided that I needed something new and nicer looking for grad school. But it needed to have enough space to carry everything I need every day. I absolutely LOVE my Herschel backpack, and here’s all of the stuff I carry in it on a daily basis! 

  • A jacket (my buildings tend to be SUPER cold!) 
  • Pencil case 
  • iPad 
  • Staedtler fineliners and papermate felt tip pens 
  • Binder with my weekly study schedule on the front 
  • A book (currently Cloud Atlas) 
  • Planner and Bullet journal 
  • MacBook Air 
  • The Breakfast at Tiffanys pouch is my mini pharmacy! (Because you never know when you’re going to have bad allergies or a headache in class!)

Requested by futuremrsrodgers

You were one of the first new students at the Xavier Institute after it re-opened after the Trask incident. Still, there were some here before you, and you were a little nervous about meeting them. However, you didn’t find anyone to introduce yourself to before there was a woosh of air that caught you off-guard. And suddenly there was another student standing near you, a piece of paper in his hand.

“Newbie, huh?” he asked, talking quickly, looking at the paper. “Ooh, science with McCoy early in the morning. I do not envy you.”

Suddenly he was gone with another woosh of air, and you were holding the paper, which was your schedule. You heard something behind you and you spun, seeing the same student. “How did you get my schedule?”

“Your backpack was open. Not any more. You’re welcome,” he said. “I’m Peter. Been thinking of calling myself Quicksilver. Who are you?”

“Y/N,” you introduced yourself. “And I’m getting tired just being around you. Do you ever rest?”

“Yes, but not for long. I get bored,” Peter said. “So what can you do, huh? Can you read minds? Or move things?”

“I could tell you if I can get a word in,” you commented. “I can make you see things that aren’t there.”

“So, basically, your superpower is acid. Cool,” Peter commented. “Well, see ya later.”

He darted off around the corner, but you weren’t done talking with the first person to talk to you since you got to the institute. You heard a crash, then jogged off in the direction Peter had gone., turning the corner to find him on the ground rubbing his head.

“Did you see a large mutant made of rock?” you asked innocently. “That would hurt running into it at full speed.”

Peter looked at you, your trick clicking in his mind. “I like you. You seem fun,” he said with a grin.