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The Hunters of Artemis aesthetic

Young intelligent women with glitter running
through their veins, eyes that sparkle as bright
as a million stars on a magical summer night.
A bond that lasts an eternity and brings you
closer to nature than you’ve ever been.
It’s like an endless adventure with your best friends.

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  • Me: *relates to something* Same.
  • Me: *doesn't relate to something* Same.
  • Me: *sees picture of a lamp* Same.
  • <p> <b>Hanji:</b> "Hey levi :D."<p/><b>Levi:</b> "what."<p/><b>Hanji:</b> "Lookin pretty MUGGY outside today huh?"<p/><b>Levi:</b> "Zoe, i swear, if I look outside that door ... and all our mugs are on the front lawn..."<p/><b>Hanji:</b> *sips coffee from bowl*<p/></p>

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Birthday: January 10
Gender: female
Relationship Status: single
Zodiac Sign: capricorn
Siblings:  1 younger sister
Favorite Colors: blue and purple
Pet(s): amazing little doggy called Jolly 
Wake-up times: 7am on schooldays, usually before 12 on the weekend
Love or Lust: Love
Lemonade or Iced Tea: neither ew water for me thanks
Cats or Dogs: dogs!!
Coke or Pepsi: blergh neither I only really drink water
Day or Night: nighttime! 
Text or Call: calling my nonna but text everyone else!
Met a Celebrity: DAVID TENNANT AND BILLIE PIPER, most of the NuWho cast, Prince Charles and Camilla, ED MILLIBAND, quite a few actually living in London its a pretty normal thing
Light or Dark Hair: my own hair? darkish brown but sometimes my friends say I’m ginger???
Shorter or Taller: I’m tiny I don’t think there is anyone smaller
Chapsticks or Lipsticks: I’ve been trying to use lipbalms more in a general effort to stop picking my lips but I remember to use it maybe once a week whoops
City or Country: THE CITY,,, I’d hate to live in the countryside 
Last song you listened to:  壊れそうになる  by Galileo Galilei, I honestly think its one of GG’s best songs I adore it 

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I’m all for a desi girl snagging the female lead in a Star Wars movie but Naomi Scott sure as hell better not be shortlisted for Sana Starros i.e. a dark-skinned black woman

And tbh the same goes for Zoe Kravitz and Tessa Thompson. Sana’s look in the comics has been very consistent so I realllly hope this is a new character (and hey imagine that - Han may have actually met more than one WOC in his adventures across the galaxy!).

JOE'S DATE - a Joe Sugg imagine

Joe was nervous. He hadn’t been on a proper date in a while and it scared him a little bit. To be fair though, he did get nervous for a date regardless but this time, he really liked this girl. He had planned it to be quite casual and relaxed; inviting the girl out for lunch at one of his favourite cafes.

So before Joe left the apartment that morning, he sent a picture of himself in the mirror to both his sister and Caspar. He needed to know that he looked nice and welcoming and that he wasn’t underdressed. He had put on his favourite pair of black skinny jeans and a white t shirt. It was simple and what Joe would usually wear out on a daily basis.

His phone buzzed twice in his pocket and he saw that both Zoe and Caspar had replied at the same time. Zoe told him to wear a jacket as well and Caspar just said words of encouragement, knowing Joe would be fine. He quickly ran to his room and grabbed his black jacket before heading out of the flat.

You sent Joe a quick text saying that your tube line was running late and that you’d be there maybe ten minutes after he. You weren’t so much nervous as you were excited. Hanging out with Joe was something you loved and you were sure this would be the same. Joe wouldn’t tell you this but your text calmed him down a bit, knowing that it gave him time to breathe.

When you walked into the atmospheric cafe, Joe was sitting at a small table towards the back. He hadn’t seen you yet, busy on his phone. By the time you did get to the table, he looked up and quickly jumped up.

“Hi,” he said, smiling softly and giving you a hug.

You grinned and gestured for you both to sit down. You both just chatted for a while as you both looked through the menu for something to eat. Joe told you what he liked and didn’t like so much out of what the cafe served; though it turned out he liked most things. When he went up to the counter to order, Joe offered to pay for your meal as well.

“Joe, we always split!” you said, questioning his offer.

“Well, you can just pay next time,” he laughed with a quick wink.

That made you smile; Joe wanted to go out again after this. Even though this date had only just started, it was going really well. You knew that you had done the right thing in trying to move forward in the relationship you had with Joe. What you loved about today though, was that he didn’t act any differently. Joe still acted like he did when you were only friends and you loved that he felt so comfortable around you, because you definitely felt comfortable with him.

“I’m back with drinks!”

Joe’s voice interrupted your thoughts and as he sat down, you both continued the conversation from where it had left off before. The food arrived and you enjoyed your meal with an amiable chatter. It was a lovely hour you both spent just talking and well, eating.

“I’m just going to say it,” Joe said, his blue eyes shining. “This has been amazing. Really nice.”

“It has, hasn’t it?” you replied as your smile grew. “I don’t really want to leave.”

Joe laughed and his chest shook, “Well, I think that waiter has been trying to nudge us out for a little while now.”

He paused, eyes searching your face for something.

“But… You could always come back to my place for some coffee or a movie or something?”

First part of the DATE series.

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What are some of Zoe's best friends names ? I think I kno someone who knows her, I wonder if it's the same zoe

Why are you asking me hahaha why’d don’t you go ask her