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Imagine Bill talking about how nervous he was during your first meeting and letting it slip he has a crush on you during an interview.

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“So I- I didn’t ask you at first and don’t think anybody has let it go-” Jimmy said with a chuckle and Bill grinned to himself, nodding his head “But uh you said you met (Y/n) almost eight years ago? That’s- that’s a very long time you know.”

“Uh yeah” Bill rubbed the back of his neck a little nervously “My father had uhm he had invited me actually on set, to bemore specific, and I could never miss a chance like that. And- and that’s where I met her.”

“Hmh” Jimmy nodded his head “On the- on the set of Thor, right? Her character, and her as a person, has many fans that love her and is quite famous and so are you. Yet nobody has noticed a thing for all this time, it’s quite remarkable how you kept so low you know?”

“Oh uh” he chuckled “Well, it wasn’t that easy I will tell you. But we uhm had a friendship that we really wanted to last and for us to enjoy it we- we made the decision to be as subtle about it as possible. Our families knew of course, and so did our- our friends but uhm-” he cleared his throat, trying not to get off topic and let something slip of the two of you being more than just friends “It was all sort of- sort of us… living the moment every time, trying to make it just about… us?” he tried to explain with hand motions, hoping it didn’t come out so much as it being more than a friendship.

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Sometimes we are magnets that are pushed apart, while other times we are magnets that are stuck together.
—  Poets Love Her

hey question did yall notice that female and male zandalari trolls are really similar body structure wise?

They are basically the same height, the female’s are a bit on the thinner side but ICly could be just as thick and muscular as the men, + their tusks are similar in length/girth. They did a good job with sexual dimorphism with the Zandalari, they made them similar enough to look like they came from the same race yet different enough to tell them apart.

 It’s pretty hella if I do say so myself. (Also gauges in game? im dying my dudes.)

Guys, there’s something you need to know. In French lots of words have the same pronounciation yet different meanings. One of my fav probably is the homonyms of “gay”.

There’s 2 of them:
Tu es gai” means “you’re joyful but “tu es gay” means “you’re gay. It is pronounced exactly the same but you will hear it differently depending on the context.
Still, the best part is “fais le guet” which means “keep watch but you can understand “fais le gay”/“act gay.

Now imagine your OTP being on some kind of infiltration mission, pursued by ennemies. Person A tells person B to “keep watch”. But because person B took it in the wrong way, he starts acting totally gay in the middle of battle, not understanding how it’d be useful but doing it anyway because person A told him to.


Based on a part in the official novel~

Just Sorey being upset not being able to show off his beautiful partner (ʘ‿ʘ )

Honestly I really wish Mikleo can be seen sometimes. idk i just feel a tinge of loneliness, especially if someone so close to me is basically invisible to the world. Even though we see each other at the same level but yet so different.

Now that TOZ anime is back i am begging to be fed MORE. HELLO GUYS!! 


Georgie has posted the full original photo of her new portrait by Rineke Dijkstra! Here are the two photos side by side; the first from 2010, the second from 2016! 



And he thinks Rinrin kitty looks adorably adorable in his cute hoodie. He’s gonna give him a big kiss in his chubby cheek~ ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Kisumi makes the cutest baby foxie ♡

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