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madegeeky replied to your video: No report card today, but here’s a video of Mina…

That puppy thing is the cutest fucking thing, how dare you spring that on a person with no warning.


For those who missed the tags in question:  #one of the guys told us today that because mina’s good with literally everybody  #and can go in with big dogs and little dogs and dogs who like to play rough and dogs who like to be chill  #sometimes they put her in with the new little puppies because she teaches them how to play  #MINA TEACHES THE PUPPIES HOW TO PLAY NICE YOU GUYS MY FUCKING HEART

Apparently she’s just so patient and gentle with them, and if they nip her she doesn’t snap she just corrects them, and she’ll lay down and let them crawl all over her AND I AM SCREAMING

I watched Miraculous Ladybug and then an OC kinda happened. Obviously Ladybug is based on a Ladybird, Cat Noir on a Cat, so this dude is based off a Wolf. I’m gonna call him Wolf Hound.

Probably one or two years older than Ladybug and Cat. He was raised in Germany but his family recently moved to France, so his french is somewhat flawed at best.

His Kwami is called Byte, and his Miraculous is in the form of a bracelet. While he’s far more agile than normal humans, he’s no way near as agile as the other two, instead has his power in sheer strength.

He also has a crush on Cat Noir. Although he can obviously see he’s in love with Ladybug and therefore chooses to ignore his feelings for him and help him win Ladybug. 

He comes from a large family and has many younger siblings. He tends to be more of a ‘protector looking over his flock’ taking on the role of the older brother type in the team too. He’s hugely sarcastic and enjoys taking the piss, but at the end of the day he has a good heart and would only tease if he knew no one would be hurt by it.

He is very optimistic and supportive team player in his Wolf Hound form. In his normal form his name is Jesse Carver and tends to be quiet and a ‘lone wolf’.

Feel free to ask me any questions about him ;v;
More about him can be found [here].

Roswolf - Roswell & Teen Wolf


Earnest & brave, the “hero,” a reluctant leader always looking to do the right thing. Would probably rather have a normal, human life than be involved in any of this. Gets obsessive tunnel vision when it comes to his love interest.


Orphan, loner, impulsive & aggressive. The tough, intimidating outsider who will tend to suggest violence before diplomacy. Right hand man to the leader, when they’re not busy butting heads. Terrible with emotions or asking for help, but fiercely loyal and loving to those they care about, and slowly open up more as the seasons go on. Betrayed by their loved ones in the past (for Michael, in a past life). The most invested of the group in their ‘supernatural’ history.


Confident beautiful queens of the school, know how to use their bodies to get what they want. Highly intelligent & caring, though they try not to show it. Their “psychic” powers allow them to sense people in danger.


(This I think is the weakest comparison) Blindly caught up in first love nearly as much as the hero, but eventually prove their independence once the Hero’s Big Secret forces them to break up. Their relationships seem to be doomed because of the supernatural’s effect on the hero, but they continue to love each other deeply.

Stiles/Maria & Alex

Stiles is an interesting mix of both Maria & Alex, the two “human sidekicks.”

Stiles/Maria: the “quirky one,” speak their mind with no brain-to-mouth filter. Initially suspicious/scared of the 'supernatural’ creatures, only diving in because of their best friends’ involvement. Spends half of season one repeatedly commenting on how the Loner scares them, but they bond when they both end up stuck in a car together for a while; the Loner forces the Quirky one to drive them around on a life-or-death mission, and snarking and sexual tension abounds.  

Also overly protective of their too-old car that’s always on the verge of breaking down. The Loner & the Quirky one make up probably the most popular ship of their respective fandoms.

Stiles/Alex: The socially awkward best friend, prone to rambling and wordplay. Had a decade-long crush on the Popular one despite the fact that she doesn’t seem to know (or care) he exists… until they’re let in on The Secret, at which point they become the Popular One’s trusted confidantes. Incredibly intelligent & loyal, and lies with ease to authority figures to protect The Secret. The One Who Figures Things Out.