same wolf guys

I watched Miraculous Ladybug and then an OC kinda happened. Obviously Ladybug is based on a Ladybird, Cat Noir on a Cat, so this dude is based off a Wolf. I’m gonna call him Wolf Hound.

Probably one or two years older than Ladybug and Cat. He was raised in Germany but his family recently moved to France, so his french is somewhat flawed at best.

His Kwami is called Byte, and his Miraculous is in the form of a bracelet. While he’s far more agile than normal humans, he’s no way near as agile as the other two, instead has his power in sheer strength.

He also has a crush on Cat Noir. Although he can obviously see he’s in love with Ladybug and therefore chooses to ignore his feelings for him and help him win Ladybug. 

He comes from a large family and has many younger siblings. He tends to be more of a ‘protector looking over his flock’ taking on the role of the older brother type in the team too. He’s hugely sarcastic and enjoys taking the piss, but at the end of the day he has a good heart and would only tease if he knew no one would be hurt by it.

He is very optimistic and supportive team player in his Wolf Hound form. In his normal form his name is Jesse Carver and tends to be quiet and a ‘lone wolf’.

Feel free to ask me any questions about him ;v;
More about him can be found [here].