same with the wild and whatever movies

i’m watching Mean Girls on tv and they edited the line “you guys need anything? a condom, some snacks?” to NOT INCLUDE “a condom”

let me get this straight, conservative america. two “teenagers” (played by hot 20-something-year-olds, of course) can be pre-coital on a bed together, and you think TALKING ABOUT SAFE SEX is inappropriate?

Let me remind you this is the same movie that, in the next scene, showed Regina’s elementary-school-age younger sister watching Girls Gone Wild and mimicking how they flash their chests. This is not a child-appropriate movie. Regina’s mom is supposed to be the polar opposite of a responsible parent.

So you decide to edit out the one line that portrays a responsible, sex-positive parent expressing concern for their child’s sexual health? Pathetic.

anonymous asked:

Opinion on the wild Disney theories fans come up with? (I.e. that Frozen is connected to Tangled, all the Toy Story movies take place in the same universe, etc.)

I mean, whatever sparks people’s imaginations, but some of them don’t even make any sense (Andy’s mom is Jessie’s former owner? WHAT??)