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When Jensen agreed to go out to dinner with Misha, he wrongly assumed that Misha was a normal person. Despite everything Jensen’s seen of Misha - from the bizarre sweaters to the poetry written on napkins and then promptly thrown into the trash at the end of lunch some days - since he met him a couple months ago, he for some reason believed Misha would pick a regular restaurant for them to go out to eat.

As soon as they walked in though, Jensen thought, of course, and wondered how he could’ve ever believed Misha would take him somewhere that doesn’t have succulents planted directly into the bar counter.

“So, uh, have you been here before?” Jensen asks as they sit in clear plastic chairs across from each other.

“Nope,” Misha answers easily. “I’ve been meaning to try it.” He starts to open the menu in front of him but then closes it without even looking at it. He folds his arms over the table and looks intently at Jensen. “You’re more of a steak and potatoes guy, aren’t you?”

Jensen huffs a laugh and doesn’t look up from his menu. So far, he hasn’t recognized a single fucking dish on here. “That’s an easy assumption, I took you to a steakhouse last week.”

“And I enjoyed it immensely.”

Jensen lifts his eyes just enough to see Misha smiling at him. His own smile makes its way to his face as he turns his attention back to the menu. He doesn’t really know what he and Misha are doing exactly. They keep…asking each other out, he supposes. They’re building a friendship, but it’s not going the same way as Jensen’s other friendships. He’s used to sitting next to each other drinking beer at a bar, playing video games at home in the middle of an afternoon - not smiling at each other across the table at a fancy New Age restaurant.

As Jensen is deep in thought and not actually reading anything on the menu, the server comes up and greets them. She asks for their drink order, and Misha snatches the menu right out of Jensen’s hands.

Jensen blinks up at Misha, confused, then watches as he hands both closed menus to the server and says, “We’ll have the three least ordered items on the menu. And bring us whatever the bartender’s favorite drink is.”

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Training With and Dating Alex Danvers Would Include...

Requested by anon: Training with Alex and like at the same time dating if you know what I mean?

  • Just because you’re dating Alex doesn’t mean that she’ll go easy on you
  • Really intense fight sessions between you two because you’re both equally skilled
  • Alex thinks you look ridiculously hot when you’re fighting
  • She loves training with you because she can pin you down
  • Knife throwing with each other
  • While training she’ll use any excuse to get into your personal space (not that you’re complaining in the slightest)
  • Teaching each other new techniques to use
  • Doing yoga afterwards
    • She’ll say she hates it but in reality she’ll use any excuse to spend more time with you
  • Alex already has a reputation of being a badass and watching her train only confirms what you’ve heard
  • Giving each other words of encouragement during training
  • Knowing that you have the most badass agent and girlfriend by your side

On this day in music history: November 20, 1965 - “I Hear A Symphony” by The Supremes hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks, also peaking at #2 on the R&B singles chart on the same date. Written by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland, it is the sixth chart topping single for the legendary Motown vocal trio. From August of 1964 to June of 1965, The Supremes make history,  becoming the first American group to score five consecutive number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, with “Where Did Our Love Go?”, “Baby Love”, “Come See About Me”, “Stop! In The Name Of Love” and “Back In My Arms Again”. All written by the songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, they set about penning another chart topper for The Supremes. They come up with the song “Nothing But Heartaches”, which bares a great similarity to the previous single “Back In My Arms Again” (and The Four Tops’ recent smash “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”. The similarity is too close for many fans and radio DJ’s, when the record performs below expectations, stalling at #11 on the Hot 100 and peaking at #6 on the R&B chart in September of 1965. HDH and Motown are shaken by the relative “failure” of the song, and immediately make plans to regroup and put The Supremes back on top. Brian Holland comes up with the initial idea, which reminds his brother Eddie of “a symphony”, developing a concept around that and penning the lyrics, with Lamont Dozier helping complete the song. The basic track for “I Hear A Symphony” is recorded at Motown’s Studio A in Detroit on September 22, 1965 with The Funk Brothers providing the musical backing. Members of The Detroit Symphony adding strings to the track on September 28 - 29, 1965, and The Supremes overdub their vocals on September 30, 1965. Rush released on October 6, 1965, any question of the girls remaining in a slump are quickly answered. Entering the Hot 100 at #39 on October 30, 1965, it zips to the top of the chart just three weeks later.  Four days after “I Hear A Symphony” enters the charts, The Supremes perform the song on the syndicated talk show “The Mike Douglas Show”. The performance is later released on the DVD compilation “The Supremes - Reflections: The Definitive Performances 1964 - 1969” in 2006.


The Contessa, her job ruining both of Irene’s dates done, stalks off.

Irene: Wah! I don’t understand how trying to date three different people at the same exact time in the same exact place without telling any of them what’s going on could possibly have gone wrong!

Wei and Miles, on the other hand, appear to be deciding to form some kind of club together. A ‘Formerly Dated Irene Cobb’ club?

anonymous asked:

Seddm in your humble opinion, you think this is the darkest moment in Starco's history, because star and tom are very strong as a couple. I'm a starco fan, but I think that if Marco does not do the right things, it will only be a friend of star. forever

It is and it isn’t at the same time. Star is dating Tom and hasn’t shown  romantic attraction for Marco in a while (I’m quite sure she still does though, rules of TV narrative say so), but at the same time Marco fully knows that he likes Star now.
Star has little to no time for Marco (and Tom too!) lately, and their relationship has been rather one sided, and the unrequited crush Marco has make it hard for him to hang out with her, but at the same time Star has never trusted Marco this much, having him help her in changing Mewni, in being the only one aware about her new powers, and Marco could truly be useful to Star, helping her and saving her life, after his actions in The Battle For Mewni that, despite all his determination and good intentions, actually didn’t change the outcome at all.

So I’d say that it’s just a period of transition: a lot changed for Star and Marco and despite everything at the end of the day they always are together, helping eachother. I’m obviously biased & optimistic, but it’s not hard to see how this might lead - after some more hardships for sure - to a explosion of Starco.

Wyatt oleff dating a dancer headcanon💗

This is for the lovely @ayeitsananya 💝

  • You went on his Mom gala
  • And he saw you and fell in love with you
  • You didn’t noticed him at first
  • Cause you really liked his Mom’s work
  • He offered you a cup of coffee
  • And thats when you noticed him
  • “Hi im wyatt,i noticed you are alone and i decided to bring you some coffee ”
  • “Ha hm thanks im Y/N”
  • “Nice name ”
  • “Thanks”
  • He smoothly gave you his number while passing you the coffee
  • You were so happy
  • You called him the next day and you went on a date the same afternoon
  • You went at Starbucks
  • He freaking paid for you
  • You didn’t want tho
  • But anyway
  • He was amazed when he learned that you are a dancer
  • He loved it
  • Dancing together at his room
  • Even tho he cant dance
  • He really like it
  • Massaging you when you are in pain
  • Cuddling
  • He always comes to your competitions
  • Loves watching you dance
  • He thinks you are gorgeous
  • His friends loves it too
  • They are all amazed
  • Ok just imagine that:
  • Him playing piano while dancing
  • Couple goals
  • Admires you to death

I really hope you like it.

Thanks for the request

Lova ya 💝💝


unleashthemidnight  asked:

Found your blog through recommended. Followed because of content (dick) and to bookmark your fics that way so I could later find them and it was the time when not-meg anon started to happen for the first time, maybe even same date or next. So that was the first reason to stay, really big one (not trying to dig up those certain memories/emotions that you had but anyway). Stayed because I cared about you, and I still care. Other reasons are that you kept answering to stupid questions that I had ->

so you atleast tolerated me and those questions at the time and you were nice and still are. You are amazing artist, wonderful writer, you have so much personality and the humor that I can relate to. Also the content, the things you post and reblog, the obvious one next to you being you and you becoming friend to me. And there might be other stuff too but finding the english words is hard. I stayed because you stayed back then.

YOU ARE SO SO SWEET AND YOU JUST MADE MY DAY I JUST WANNA CRY A LOT AND HUG YOU SDHUJIFHSDJK. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!! Thank you for being here, it means the world to me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you <3

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anonymous asked:

This isn't really a question about being trans, but every time i've had a crush for a person, as soon as they've said the feeling's mutual my crush for them goes away. I've only dated one person, but the same thing happened with them and I tried to convince myself it was just me worrying about dating for the first time, but it keeps happening and I'm not sure why. I don't have a lot of evidence for this (like i said, only dated once) but it's too much for it to be coincidental.. Any ideas?

Ah this is a romantic orientation as far as I know! Losing feelings once they’re reciprocated but I can’t seem to find the name. 
I’d research the aromantic spectrum and try to find it if I were you, good luck -Matt

Dating Malfoy
  • Harry: Of course I'm not *dating* him. We just have sex sometimes.
  • Ron: Harry, you've been coming back late every night this month.
  • Harry: Okay, we have sex often.
  • Ron: So... only sex?
  • Harry: I mean we talk too— he's surprisingly funny you know. And we study together. And play a bit of quidditch. He even invited me to stay with him over the holidays so we can play together at the Manor!
  • Ron: But you're not...?
  • Harry: Dating? No way.
  • Ron:
  • Harry:
  • Ron:

I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,

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They say it’s your birthday 

It’s my birthday too, yeah

We’re gonna have a good time

Lance’s bday soon!!!

Klance week 2017 - Day Seven: Free Day