same with the dates

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my first kiss was w/ a guy I didn't actually like, but because I was really into church and hopelessly in love with my best friend and we're the same sex, I squashed the feelings down and dated him instead. So I was with the guy and we were at a lock in at my church, and it was like 3 am and some people were KO'd so we went to a secluded place to get the good ol' Nintendo 64 and he kissed me. now I'm dating my best friend and the guy is an alcoholic and neither of us go to church anymore :)

that ending is the best

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There are rivers being formed with SB tears. They're @ TPTB asking for SB and the writers keeping giving them nods, but it's never enough. The musical episode they had Caitlin reference the supposed date with Barry where he took her back to her place, didn't peek at her goodies and went right back to the same spot got picked up and started dating Linda Park. It's clear now that WA got together that villains, AU's, the SF, maybe even the mirror world will separate them, but no LI. They're engaged

Lmfao, instead of asking more for their fave they keep asking for a crackship that makes zero sense canon wise and will NEVER happen., TRAGIC.

See the outrage over Iris assisting Julian performing a surgery on Caitlin in the stills for next week’s episode? Yet *crickets’ when she was easily replaced by Jesse & Henry back in S2. Nope what angered them was Iris BANDAGING Barry (as if you need a degree to be able to do that *rolls eyes*).

They wanna act like they are mad because “Iris isn’t a doctor” blah blah when really it boils down to BARRY. Same thing when they complain about no one being there for Caitlin when really what they mean is that BARRY isn’t there for Caitlin because Cisco & Julian are literally RIGHT THERE; Cisco has ALWAYS been there Caitlin but they don’t care & will keep complaining as long as it’s not Barry

They should just come out and say they are mad because Barry isn’t there for Caitlin like he’s there for Iris instead of this BS.

ANYWAYS, WestAllen are engaged

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So my crush got out of a really toxic and emotionally abusive relationship in February, and doesn't want to date anyone atm; and I don't blame her. But the thing is I really care for her, and I think she feels the same way. I would love to date her eventually, but I also don't want to wait for too long if nothing is going to happen, you know? What would you do in this situation?

You should wait a little more so she will feel better and her feelings develop more. It’s not like you’ll wait for years, it’s like few weeks :) And when you’ll see that she completely forgot about this relationship you can talk about yours. And you can make her forget about it faster by caring about her yk

In all my years I’ve never seen or heard any lesbian hate on rape victims or victims of sexual assault.  In fact a shit ton of lesbians ARE victims of rape and/or sexual assault.  How much of an asshole do you have to be to use victims to talk shit about lesbians who have never had sex with males and were fortunate enough to never be raped or assaulted?  

Once again, people showing their asses.  THAT’S why hating on ‘gold stars’ is lesbophobic, because it IS.

Rape is NOT sex.  Assault is NOT flirting or showing sexual interest.  They are NOT the same as women being attracted to males and choosing to engage in sexual activity with males.  It’s not even the same as women choosing to date/have sex with males because they were taught all their lives that’s what they’re supposed to do, so don’t be bitter and talk shit because some lesbians realized early they didn’t want males and refused the peer pressure, it ain’t their fault YOU gave in.

Leave lesbians the fuck alone, leave lesbians who managed to avoid sexual contact with males the fuck alone, and ESPECIALLY keep victims of assault/rape out your mouths and leave them the fuck alone and stop using them as justification for being lesbophobic.

First you assholes want to act like lesbianism is a shield against male violence, now this bullshit? What the fuck is wrong with y’all?


And I STILL will think you’re bi and not a lesbian at all if you talk shit about lesbians like this.  So there.


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Mama wants an otayuri. Where being possessive is not yurio's style -haha insert jj's voice- but when it comes to Beka he can't control it. Aka beka's D is only his. But also he doesn't notice that otabek might be in the same situation as well! -too cool to date each other- Hahaha -just get married-

srsly tho they should just get married already  ~500 words

He hates the knot that’s formed in his stomach, it’s making him antsy. He knows that a very unfriendly frown is forming on his face from it, but he can’t get himself to stop.

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I dedicate this picture to Edd Gould, creator of Eddsworld, and one of my biggest inspirations since i was young. He died on this same date, March 25, 2012. May he rest in piece and always be remembered.

Sorry i haven’t been able to post! Ive been busy with maps, other animations, my google plus has become really active and my deviantart account was finally fixed.

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Okay so I seen this girl online from the next town over, and she was just so goddamn pretty and I liked her face and online personality a lot, so after a few months of just silently pining I added her on tumblr and she liked me back and did the same, we've been on a few dates and I like her a lot and we're not putting labels on it yet, but we're hella gay together.

yes you go my gay bby

I’m sick of bisexual characters being called gay as soon as they enter a relationship with someone of the same gender and straight if they date someone of the opposite or different gender. Like??? No??? They’re still bisexual?

me: the stars are beautiful!

my date: yeah, i love the sky. it just lights up the entire world, and makes me think about what’s important, y'know?

me: you know who else is beautiful, lights up the entire world, and makes me think about what’s important?

me and my date at the same time: lance mcclain

guys I missed having canon victuuri feels and I am still rewatching the anime (probably will do until we get second season) and I just noticed something from the ending song

I am sorry if this has been done before but LOOK AT THIS

so we all know the ending song is instagram posts (and idk why I never thought about pausing to see what they have written under the pictures until now) 

so we have this one first and under it victor wrote this

Nakasu in Japan, where is that?

oh look it’s all the way in fukuoka! an hour drive away!

did he drive there alone? he couldn’t have gotten all the way there only to drink alone, take the train?

and trust me you wouldn’t want to take a train to another city alone when you have a Japanese friend to save you the trouble of getting lost 

so yeah why not take yuuri on date, that he doesn’t know is a date, yet 

(notice he is wearing the same shirt from the previous post) it’s already morning

oh time- 

flies so fast

when does time fly so fast? when you enjoy it and don’t want it to end

let’s take a look at how they look at each other again

and I can’t work out what yuuri is holding but I’d like to think its a stuffed poodle they won at an arcade or something


I have so many people in my inbox asking for how the bakushima asked Denki out it’s amazing - the answer is it was a disaster from start to end but what were you all even expecting we’re talking about Bakugou and Kirishima

Denki said yes anyway cause he’s a disaster too

  • anti: takes over October, kills jack, says it's our fault, scare master
  • me: <3
  • dark: doesn't let you finish your ice cream
  • me: too far man, too far

It’s a trap.